Castlevania Legends


  • Five stages plus a bonus
  • variety of environments
  • large number of enemies
  • loads of weapons
  • password save


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A full moon rises on Castlevania Legends the first GameBoy title since 1991 in the wildly popular vampire hunting series. The feminine twist to this entry has pony-tailed Sonja Belmont cracking her whip on all sorts of things that go bump in the night. Hardly a Y chromosome is in sight as Sonja the sister of longtime Castlevania hero Simon Belmont searches a gloomy castle for Count Dracula himself.

Product information ASIN B00002ST18

Konami's first and only female vampire hunter to fight again evil. I love this game, I recommend for Game-Boy collectors.

You play as a chick. Okay, that's the absolute best part of the game. And if playing as chicks isn't your thing, then this game has no redeeming qualities. The play-control is rather sluggish and the jumping, though more controllable, is too short. The game just seems too shallow. I hope Sonia returns in a game that can do her justice, after all, she IS the very first Belmont (according to Konami) generation-wise. ... or at least she was before she was declared non-canon. At least the music is good ... sort of. I mean it's not terrible. It's kind of catchy and does not make me want to rip my eardrums out ... or turn the volume off which would probably be a much better idea.

After doing some research, I can tell you that Sonia Belmont will almost definitely not make a return ever or at least as long as IGA is in charge. She's been stripped from the official time line.

I got a chance to play this a few years back, and to be honest, I didnt like it. I felt the gameplay to be VERY SLUGGISH, and just outright boring.
I am not a HUGE fan of the Castlevania series, but I did LOVE SOTN. I thought that was a GREAT PS1 game. I felt Legends to be very shallow in most parts, but the game was not all that bad. I just wish that the programmers could of spent more time making the gameplay more exciting, but instead they didnt. Get this game if you are a fan of the series, but if you are not, then dont bother wastening your 20 bucks.

Castlevania legends is again a very good game like all of its predesesors. I recommend it a lot!

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By far the best castlevania games for the original game boy! This is a rare relic but if you can get your hands on one then I totally suggest it!! Totally awesome game.