World Cup Soccer


  • a variety of national teams
  • compete in World Cup
  • quick gameplay
  • special moves like bicycle kicks
  • cartoonish player design


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Cartridge Only WORLD CUP shrinks the world's most popular sport for the Game Boy. To start, you will have to choose which national team you want to control. Some of the teams aren't very competitive (like Cameroon and Japan), but traditional powerhouses like Brazil, Argentina, and Germany are tough to beat. After choosing a team, you will have to make your way through 12 other teams for a chance at the World Cup. While on the field, the emphasis is on quick action with passes, shots, and bicycle kicks. Now you can really get into the spirit of soccer with WORLD CUP.

Product information ASIN B000035XE0

The cover of the game looks horrible, but the gameplay itself is awesome and plays just like the NES Nintendo World Cup. The game is a blast and I love the fact you can knockout players and do superkick moves. The play control is great, It is easy to score and overall the game progresses quickly. The game has several different soccer fields to play on normal field, rocky field, ice field, and sandy field which adds to the replay value. There is a wide variety of teams around the world to play and just like in real life USA pretty much sucks at soccer. It is fun seeing each team with different designs like hats for the Italians, slanted eyes for the Japanese, Frazzle haired brazil and Argentinians. The animated characters are interesting just like River City Ransom overly blocky characters. This game is great on the portable platform and the password feature really enhances the reply value to the game.

Simple put this game is a winner and is fun to play. If you are looking for a strict soccer simulation game this is not the game for you, it is more geared to younger audiences. The game is simple to pickup and play and has a fast learning curve. The game is great for young and old players alike. I love the slide tackling and shoulder tackles more like USA Football than soccer. It is fun to kill the whole opposing team except for the opposing goalie. The challenge feels just right and it gets harder as you progress until the final game. I would rate this a 4 1/2 to 5 star game if only Nintendo would have used a different cover for the game it would have sold more.

Gameplay: 8/10
Play Control: 8/10
Story/Originality: 6/10
Challenge: 7/10 (Depends which team you pick)
Replay Value: 10/10

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It came with out a book like it looks in the advertisement very disappointed and no case too dont get fooled

Cartouche de jeu inutilisable , trop âgée pour être utilisé, je ne dépasse pas le menu, dommage pour la nostalgie