Elevator Action


  • Recover stolen computer disks
  • sneak around using elevators and escalators
  • avoid a variety of enemies
  • large number of weapons
  • try to stay alive


Brand: SPIG

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Cartridge Only International intrigue Behind The Lines. The Man: Super Agent # 17 (code name 'Otto'). The Mission; Retrieve disks containing valuable information from a criminal organization. The means: infiltrate their top-security defense building. Use the elevators and escalators to sneak around quickly. Avoid the alarm sensors. Muzzle the guard dogs. Disassemble the robots. Explore hundreds of secret rooms. Find and steal the disks. Destroy enemy agents. Use the most powerful weapons and jumping techniquesa and one more alive.

Product information ASIN B000035XAJ

Works great!

This was one of my favorite arcade games when I was in high school. I was shocked to see that after nearly 20 years that it was available for Game Boy. I bought this one for myself, sure that my 10 year old son would not care for it. This is the type of game in which the player clears levels. Each level gets more difficult. There isn't anything complicated about the way this game progresses. In this game the player plays a thief who is trying to pick up what I believe are floppy disks. The setting is a cross-section of a building of many floors with rows of doors on each floor and escalators on either end of each floor. The elevator is in the center of the building. Armed security people can come out of the doors at any time and shoot at the thief, who can then duck or jump over the bullets (and shoot back of course.) The player can also shoot out the lights to temporarily make the room dark to aid in sneaking off to a safer area. One funny way to get rid of the people chasing the player is to make them get squashed underneath the elevator. Once all the disks are picked up, the player advances to the next level, which will contain more security people and eventually dogs. This game is good for people of all ages because the first two or three levels are easy (but still fun), making it good for younger players, while the more advanced levels are very challenging. I was certain my son would not like this game, but he loved it. In fact, it was his favorite game for a while. In no time at all, he could advance to a level past what I could reach. I highly recommend this game for an adult who misses the older arcade games, or for a youth who is tired of the modern-style adventure games.