Battletoads in Ragnorak's World


  • Multiple levels
  • fight hordes of enemies
  • large number of punishing moves
  • ride a speed bike
  • fight as a giant toad


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You're a battle toad & you're mad! The evil dark queen kidnapped both your friends & the best looking girl in the star cluster. Strap on your blaster power up your toadster and get down to the dark planet. Watch out !! She's real mad and you're gonna need all your fighting skills to defeat her - the battletoad butt the big bad boot & the nuclear knuckles.

Product information ASIN B00002ST15

Fast shipment! Outstanding lable condition! Plays great and the pins are super clean!

It's a great game, a classic and battletoads are freaking awesome. Get this classic game if you own a gameboy!!!


I just watched a Longplay of this game on Youtube, I had the original game on the NES. After watching I can say this is very much an "abridged" version of the classic Battletoads instead of a true remake. There are many levels that were cut from the original.