Wave Race


  • Three vehicles
  • variety of courses
  • two modes of play
  • variety of power-ups
  • variety of power-ups


Brand: SPIG

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WAVE RACE lets you get on three different kinds of jet skis and try to beat the competition. After you have chosen a ride, use the Practice mode to get accustomed to the controls and play mechanics. When you are ready to compete, you can challenge a variety of courses in the Circuit, where you will have to finish in the top three to earn points. If you earn enough points, you can move on to the next Circuit. When you have mastered all of the courses, you can challenge a friend to a race via a link cable. For the ultimate in racing excitement, use a four-player adapter and see who is the true master of WAVE RACE.

Product information ASIN B00004TMYB

The shiping was fast and the product was functional as described.
The lable was intact and the game plays amazing!

Great old school game!