Primal Rage


  • Six fighters
  • varied backgrounds
  • prehistoric arena-style fighting; vicious attacks
  • two-player action


Brand: Midway

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Cartridge Only If the normal fighting games have got you a little bored, you'll appreciate the fresh perspective of an arena battle starring dinosaurs. You can choose from six prehistoric beasts as you square off against a slew of scaly foes. As in the arcade game of the same name, you can take your pick from such vicious fighters as Armadon, Blizzard, Chaos, Diablo, Sauron, and Talon. Each has his own special attacks and maneuvers, and the dinosaur to win two out of three fights advances to the next round. Lots of hidden goodies and bonuses lie within, and if you can defeat all of your counterparts, you'll become the true king of the dinosaurs. Play alone, or challenge a friend to a battle with the use of a link cable.

Product information ASIN B00002SW4C

Very fun game.

Game was completely unplayable. Some kind of blue liquid all over the contacts so it wouldn't read.


Great seller, Item was just like the description!

The Gameboy port of Primal Rage is pretty good.Sure,it's not as good as the arcade or the other home versions of course,but it still holds up nice.The gameplay is simple and easy to control,since there are only two buttons to use.The graphics and sound are also decent in this port.Each character has got two attacks,four specials and one finishing move.There are six characters total.Unfortunatly,Vertigo has been removed in this version.Probally due to memory limitations.Overall,Primal Rage is a good old school fighting game,and this Gameboy port is worthy to be a part of your Gameboy collection.

This is an OLD game. I have fond memories of this one! Basically, it's a rather simple fighting game with "gods" (Read: Monsters) battling it out for world supremecy. I guess the hook is in the characters, which kind of gets lost on the small screen. If you're looking for a more modern fighting game, and have a GameBoy Color, try Street Fighter Alpha. But if you only have an original GameBoy, or just like moster/dinosaur/ailen type things, check it out!

Perfect game love it thanks