Mickey's Dangerous Chase


  • Battle your way through five, three-part stages of
  • action. Battle a variety of foes, including flying
  • squirrels and snowballs. Find bonuses and power-ups
  • hidden in boxes in locales like a shopping center,
  • mountaintop or business district



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Big Bad Pete is always trying to give Mickey grief, and this time he's done it by stealing a special present that Mickey bought for Minnie Mouse. Play your way through five sprawling levels each comprised of three challenges to get the present back. You can play as either Mickey or Minnie as you fight for the present! Locations include a lake, mountaintop, shopping center, and the woods, and obstacles include flying squirrels, snowballs, prairie dogs, snakes, and spiders. Special bonuses and power-ups include invulnerability, extra lives, and energy boosts. Pick up and toss boxes you find along the way to discover the bonuses and also toss them to help defeat the bosses. Face off against Big Bad Pete in the end, and if you manage to whack him with enough boxes you'll get Minnie's gift back and win the game.

Product information ASIN B000035XB8

If you are considering buying this game I highy encourage you to do so. Capcom and disney really did a good job bringing a classic cartoon to life in this vivid, wildly challenging, side scroller. You can play as either mickey or minnie but there isn't any difference at all except for the gender.

There are 5 total stages in this game each one representing a distinctive landscape. for example in stage 3 you find yourself jumping over spikes in a pararie hole with attacking weasels and flying birds that want nothing more than to kill you. But at the same time you have to time everything you do in order to avoid the pit holes, booby traps, undefiable blobs shooting at you, etc..)

This game is a lot different than your usual gameboy games because it brings a very good level of challenge to each stage. You'll find yourself sweating and intensely avoiding obstacles as you slowly work your way through all of the games levels in the unlimited continue like fashion. However I will warn you to become frustrated because there are at least two points in the game where you will be screwed over due to a combination of great design, level flaws, and general shortcomings. Despite a few design flaws this game has great controls and smooth scrollng which many games struggle with.

This game is definetly above average and as a gameboy platformer it is definetly worth checking out.

It's simple platforming, but it's better than many platformers on GameBoy and offers a significant amount of challenge (probably too much for younger players). It also involves picking up and throwing blocks at enemies, very similar to the NES Chip N Dale games.

The music is good, the variety of levels is good, and the only complaints I have are a few blind jumps and a very unforgiving and trial-and-error based level near the end.

Still, I've put in around 15 hours speedrunning this game. It took me over an hour to finish the first time, but now my best time is 12:32, one second behind the record.

Super fun game! The price is way more than worth it! I got it on time in great condition!

Ruff shape for $10 wasn't to happy with the quality for that price. The lable was scribble on with ink and you could bearly see the picture on the game due to the washout of the picture and ink pen scribbles pretty disappointed...the game did work after a few attempts.

In 1994, I was four years old playing this game on my dad's gameboy under a lamp. I would play it whenever my dad would let me I love the snot out of it, of course it was too hard for me at the age of four. I played it and beat it when my dad gave my brother and I his Gameboy collection. This is a VERY good platformer for the gameboy. And one of the the few licensed character games I could full heartily recommend on the gameboy to anyone.