TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (Super High Power)


  • Small, Light-weight, TV remote looks like a cell phone.
  • Turn OFF or ON any TV up to 110 meters away!
  • Includes all GEN7 TV-B-Gone Power codes for North America and Europe, covering well over 95% of all TVs in the world!
  • One model for all countries! Easily switch between the most common TV models.
  • Includes a small and powerful rechargeable battery.



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The TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (Super High Power) is a marvel to behold!

TV-B-Gone Pro SHP is a tool for the true TV-B-Gone professional, a model citizen that ensures the safety of themselves and the people all around them, everywhere they go in the world. The TV-B-Gone professional makes the world a better place for everyone!

Here are just some of the features of the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP:

  • Super High Power?turn off TVs up to 100 meters away!
  • Includes all Gen7 TV-B-Gone POWER codes for North America and Europe, covering well over 90% of all TVs in the world!
  • As easy to use as the TV-B-Gone key chain!
  • Touch activated switch!
  • Easily switched between North American and European TV databases!
  • Small, light-weight, looks like a smart phone!
  • 8 Infra-Red emitters for a strong signal!
  • With small powerful non-removable rechargeable battery (comes with USB charge cable)
  • A Great Gift Idea!!

TV-B-Gone Pro SHP works the same way the TV-B-Gone key chain works, but it is way more powerful because it has more emitters and uses a bigger battery. Instead of the batman-like key chain, it comes in a lightweight case that looks like a smart phone. It is easy to trigger whenever you desire with the switch on its front. A dim visible light lets you know when the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP is transmitting (Stealth-Mode is available with double-click activation). Like the TV-B-Gone key chain, TV-B-Gone Pro SHP has Instant Reactivation Feature so that you can turn off many TVs in quick succession.

4.63" (height) x 2.5" (width) x 0.5" (depth)
11.75cm (height) x 6.35cm (width) x 1.27cm (depth)

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