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Hatsune Miku, the world's most famous digital singer, returns in an all-new rhythm video game featuring the best new music and classic tracks reborn. Tap, hold, and flick to the beat as you play through 40 addicting songs and four expansive difficulty settings that will keep you coming back for more. Hatsune Miku - the world's most famous digital singer, returns in an all-new rhythm video game featuring the best new music and classic tracks reborn. Tap, hold, and flick to the beat as you play through 40 addicting songs and four expansive difficulty settings that will keep you coming back for more.

Product information Style:Playstation Vita ASIN B00JSSP35C Release date November 18, 2014

...don't fix it, and fortunately, Sega has continued a winning formula with the 2nd installment of Project Diva F. Chances are, if you're thinking about buying this game, you know what to expect, but after putting in a few hours day one with the game, here are some observations.

The core gameplay is intact from the first Project Diva F with just a few modifications. New features include the addition of "double stars" (which require the tapping of both directional sticks to clear) and "linked stars", where a single star target moves along a path, and the target must be hit at several points along the path.

Other minor tweaks to the game include small changes in the Diva room (the head-petting game is still there with a few small modifications; the characters seem to get annoyed somewhat more easily this time around). There are also more items to buy in the shop, such as skins to customize the look of the game.

If you've tracked down an import copy of Project Diva 2nd for the PSP, many of the songs which are unlockable early in the game will be familiar, including "Melt", "Packaged", and "Clover Club". I really like all of those songs, so that is a plus, but there are a number of other songs on the setlist which are recycled from earlier Project Diva installments. If this really bothers you, then you should probably deduct one star from the game's rating.

One major change from the first Project Diva F game is the difficulty levels. The overall difficulty of the "Easy" and "Normal" levels seems significantly ramped up from the previous games. I'd say a 4-star difficulty song in normal mode this time around would be equivalent to a 5 or 6 star song in hard mode in the previous game. For instance, there are some weird button sequences that show up in normal mode that wouldn't have appeared until the hard difficulty level in the previous game. Interestingly, hard mode seemed pretty similar to the previous game. Extreme mode seems all over the place. I was able to clear "Melt" on extreme mode (7.5 stars) on the first try with no real difficulty, but Levan Polka (9 stars) in extreme mode was blisteringly hard!

As with the previous game in the series, there is no shortage of content with plenty of songs to unlock, and a plethora of modules, gadgets, and skins to collect. Also, if you have save data from the first game you can import it; diva points won't carry over, but items/modules unlocked in the first game will carry over.

In addition, you can now use multiple assist/challenge options during a song. Some of the familiar options return (continue once if song energy hits zero, eliminate double targets, etc.), but there are some new challenge items to keep even the most veteran players coming back. For example, you can choose to make all of the notes "nano-sized" (which is more challenging than it sounds!), speed up the notes, or have the notes to come from random directions. Stack a couple of those and you could make for some extreme challenges!

I'd say if you are new to the series, you might consider picking up the first Project Diva F first, but if you've already played that game, then there is no reason not to have its sequel in your game library. Now it's time to quit writing and get back to the game!

For a while, I've been wanting a physical Project Diva game for my vita. Sega of America finally made this dream possible with F 2nd. Boy am I happy owning this game. F 2nd has some of the best songs from previous PD games, only this time, they look better. It's my favorite so far in the series. The only thing that could make this game better, is if they included The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku as a playable song.

If I had to say anything negative about the game, it would be that the videos look too good. Seriously, they distract the crap out of me sometimes. I'm all tryin' to hit some notes, then all of a sudden you got this crazy sword fight happening in the background. I don't really think that's a bad thing though.

Buy the game if you own a vita. You must. It's just that friggin' good. Well you don't have to, but I highly recommend it, especially if you've played any of the previous games. If you're new to the series, then give it a shot. It could grow on ya.

Great game, on my Seiki 43 inch tv, @ 1080p, it looks fantastic, characters have plenty of custumes, and songs are more challenging than ever. Also has plenty of fanservice for those that want it, and plenty of other game options as well, including visiting your characters own room, and petting them. Only con I can think the game has is the implementation of DLC. While it adds more content to the game, some of it is abit overpriced, especially for some clothing that I think should have been part of the game(such as the swimsuits). You'll easily be spending $20-50 bucks on dlc alone. Though buying the songs for $2.99 is most definitely worth it. Beyond that though I have no complaints, and I play this game daily on my aging PS3.

I am glad that after the success of Project diva F's debut in America that the sequel was localized as well. The game is rhythm game that involves Vocaloid songs if you didn't know, and this game improves all that the original project diva f had to offer. The resolution on the vita has been cleared up and the game no longer looks blurry. The song selection is also quite varied with additional songs available as dlc. Old data from the other game can be transfered over so you can still use the old costumes from the other game!

The only complaint I have is segas decision to divide the edit song (custom song) database. Apparently now the japanese edit songs are impossible to play now on the North America versions of the game due to the addition of more characters being available to write into songs to accommodate english words. That means we miss out on all the creative videos that other people have created around the world! I would have rather had them not make this change p I probably would have imported the game instead if I knew about it because edit songs can really make this game more interesting. It's still fun if you don't care about that though. The base game is still addicting.

Miku's return has been awesome and I highly recommend this as a rhythm game fan despite its lackluster edit songs.

Really, really great rhythm game. If you've played any other game in the Project Diva series then you know exactly what to expect.

I liked the soundtrack way more than Project Diva F on the Vita and PS3, although if you've played all of the other PD games then you might be a little disappointed to learn that a lot of the songs in F 2nd are taken from the earlier PSP entries in the series. Still, there's enough content and great songs to make the game a worthwhile purchase.

My only complaint with the game were the added star note sequences, which can be frustrating if you havent already heard the song and know which speed they're going to appear at. It's a little hard to explain, but if you watch a gameplay video on YouTube or something you'll get what I mean. They don't make the game any less enjoyable though, so they're not really a big deal.

If you like rhythm games, catchy tunes and a lot of content, I can't recommend this game enough.

Purchased for my granddaughter and she is very pleased with the game. Delivery was very prompt.

Great game. Just be careful, you cannot download any of the DLC as it is an american cartridge.

Very enjoyable game!! Perfect for vocaloid fans or even rhythm fans looking for something different!!! :)

Thx for the game and for fast delivery

Lives up to the first Hatsune Miku with new tweaks. Vocaloids sings just as well as JPOP artist. Songs are varied from humourous, catchy to dark.

Different BPM....from slow to insane fast. The game really challenges you unless it you are not a first timer with rhythm based games.

Great way to get into rhythm based games.

The songs are as good, IMO I prefer them over the first F. Difficulty has been ramped up.

UI and overall game is sharper. If you compared this version and the previous version on the vita. The first one is a bit blurry if you notice. Here is has sharper contrast and visuals and downloadable free skins are nice.

Comes with an AR card....no need to print it out like the first one.

Most useful for playing during a break from grinding in other games.

This is a sequel to 2013's Project Diva F. The rhythm game is mostly unchanged from PDF1, it's still super colorful and demands every ounce of your attention. The game is tough but rewards practice, and anyone with average reflexes should be able to improve enough to get a good amount of gameplay. "Extreme" difficulty mode will still be beyond most people's reach though.

If you are unfamiliar with Vocaloid culture, it evolved from a software package that synthesized a human singing voice, allowing songwriters to write and record songs without the need for vocal talent. The anime-style mascots for the various "voice banks" gained a cult following, and are now considered stars in their own right in Japan. The music is essentially crowdsourced; songwriters post their creations online, and the most popular get licensed for CDs, concerts, and video games. This meritocracy ensures that the music is fresh and varied.

The song list for this game is a solid collection of 40 old and new Vocaloid hits. The majority feature Hatsune Miku on vocals, but fans of Luka will be pleased to know she has four solo songs in this game, that's twice as many as last time! Each song has an cute and elaborate video that plays in the background, and will no doubt distract you.

There are more songs on the way via paid DLC, which I have mixed feelings about, as they could have easily packaged these with the game. However, there's still more content before DLC in this game than PDF1, so I'll let it slide.

They've made the system for unlocking items, such as costumes, accessories and gifts, more interesting. Each song has a list of challenges, for example "complete this song 5 times" or "score a cumulative 393 note combo". Completing a challenge unlocks one item in the store, and reveals more challenges. This is a good way of providing an incentive for playing after all the songs have been unlocked. Completing all the challenges and collecting all the "titles" will probably take the average person 100s of hours.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in rhythm games, Vocaloids or J-pop.

Que añadir, sí, soy un fan de Hatsune Miku y por lo tanto no puedo ser objetivo, pero es innegable que el juego cumple con su función, tiene canciones clásicas, quizás no las mejores, que se encuentran en el título anterior o el posterior, y por eso 4 y no 5 estrellas, también porque las canciones buenas están en DLCs que no puedes comprar ya que el juego no es de tu región, pero funciona y como juego de ritmo es muy bueno.

Hice mi pedido el 2 de julio y el producto me llegó el 15, un día antes de lo estipulado. Si bien estaba un poco temeroso sobre cómo i-parcel enviaría los artículos, todo llegó bien empacado y protegido.

Sobre el juego, está excelente y a un precio bastante accesible a comparación de las cantidades que manejan las tiendas en México.

Sin duda me quedo con una muy buena experiencia comprando en Amazon México

Really fun game. Has 40 songs available on easy,normal,hard,and extreme. I was wondering this before I got the game so I'm just going to state this now: The vocaloid's voice will stay the same even if you change the character.

I loved this game, but it's going to be a tough sell as a gift to anyone who isn't a: familiar to the franchaise, b: very into rhythm games, c: open minded, or d: an annoying weeabo. The variation in tracks is unbelievable, I keep coming back to this series because I can play some kind of catchy jpop-post-punk track followed by a polka. I also love that it really is a rhythm game first, the learning curve can feel steep, but it's a lot of fun once you learn to use the shape buttons and the dpad together.

My big annoyance is that you must have a low latency screen, and not use HDMI output for sound if you want buttons and sounds to line up perfectly. Rocksmith players will know my pain on this issue.

If you love rhythm games and don't mind the dancing anime bebe's in your living room, be sure to check this game out!

Was expecting better as a great fan of Vocaloid and the project Diva series, i have yet to finish it but most of the songs available failed to catch my interest and gameplay wise it has become way more difficult than past PD titles in the past.

Me gusto el juego es bastante difícil solo viene en ingles pero no requieres de saber mucho ingles para jugar el único detalle es que no es la versión que incluye una carta de colección pero cuenta con Cross-save así que puedes mantener tu avance en e PS3 y Vita.

The shipping was pretty quick, and as for the game, I love it. I played the first Project Diva game, and Mirai DX but this is my favourite vocaloid game. I still wish downloading Edit Play maps were easier but I'm just lazy haha.

Arrived super fast and works fine! Good game just like expected!

El producto excelente y el envio rapido, llego antes de lo esperado muy buen servicio ademas este juego esta genial :-)