Tales of Hearts R (PSVita)


  • "Tales of..." on the go - Brand new Tales of adventure exclusively on the PlayStation Vita
  • Animated Story - Beautiful animated cut scenes convey the story of Kor and Kohaku throughout their journey
  • Aerial Battle System - The Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System enables play Artistic ers to blow an enemy away with the ?Break Attack? and to speedily catch up with it with ?Chase Link? that allows players to use ?Chase Dash? in real time
  • Artistic Design - Anime-style character designs by Mutsumi Inomata, who designed characters for many Tales of series titles


Bandai Namco

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Refurbished and Sealed, instructions available in gameplay

Product information ASIN B00N46SH98 Release date November 14, 2014

Another solid Tales of rpg.
The game has some very interesting and unique characters for the game. This one is really different from some of the other Tales of games. It's battle system and level system is kind of like a midway point between Xillia and Zestiria. I only started Zestria for a hour or so. I wanted to play the games in order of release. So, I got this Tales of Hearts R.

It doesn't have an English Dub like most game these days but it's still definitely worth getting. All of the text is in English.
I would recommend getting a PS TV like I did. That way you can see in on your TV. That's how I'm playing it. I use my PS4 controller. That way all the Vita touch features are still there. Though honestly, you can completely ignore those. They aren't that important.

Definitely a must have to any Tales of Fan.
A PS TV is currently only $40 and it will let you play most all other PS Vita games on your TV if you, like me, aren't a handheld console gamer.

Tales of Hearts R is a must own! If you are looking to find a great RPG for the vita then look no farther! This Tale does just about everything right,from the stunning graphics to the great Gameplay,excellent voice acting and grand story telling.You will spend countless hours enjoying this games story,excellent combat system and massive world to explore! I found myself stopping several times just to take in some of the games great scenery and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and combat. This games is so nicely done that it rightfully earns it's place among the vitas greatest RPGs,and though it isn't up to par with Persona 4 Golden or FFX HD Remastered it definetly gives them a good run for there money.I most certainly look forward to a sequel or a continuation into this series and I'm 100% positive you will too!

I haven't played a Tales of Game since Tales of Destiny the nostalgia is really quite something. This is still a fantastic game in it's own right and it gave my Vita some use for about a month.

Tales of games are always good and this is no exception. The characters and story are great.

Thank you so much :-)


as expected

great game still playing the after game with ex dungeon! the only thing i did not care for in this was there was no english voice acting but thats a very minor issue

Amazing! One of those hidden gems everyone jrpg fun must play!

Hello fellow customers!

This is my review in the game: Tales of Hearts R (NA) PS Vita.

After playing around 60 hours total in this wonderful game, I thought that this game was going to be just OK...

But! Nevertheless, it's a beautifully charming story/plot. The game features Japanese dubbed and English subbed. There is no English dubbed.

The Story (9.5/10)
This game has so much twisting situations that I had experienced in the game. (Spoiler Alert) Travelling the world and reclaiming shards for an innocent girl that had lost almost all of her emotions. Meeting different characters that either unexpectedly join your group or helps with your journey. Villains that can be sometimes forgiving and monsters that can be very cute. This game also features cut scenes that makes it feel like your watching an anime. The scenery of every town and city has some sort of theme in all of them. The environment is so vibrant that you'll feel immersed in it's cartoony colors.

The Gameplay (8/10)

When I encountered the first fighting scene, I thought it would be a turn-based Jrpg game but it turns out to be an action based game play. You can change characters to who you want to control throughout the fighting scene. The controls is a bit generic because it`s mostly mash-ups and repeat. Running from one area to faint a monster to another part of the area is a bit annoying. But doing special moves can help with that.

The Music (9/10)

The music in every parts of the world changes and most of them are epic! Some places I just let my character just stand while I listen to the music.

Overall (9/10)

I just love action JRPG games! That's it. I would give it a buy! if you can afford it...
This is my first Tales series game. And I enjoyed it! :)
This game might be hard to find as it was only Gamestop/Ebgames exclusive. If your lucky to find a new one, you'll be in luck.

Item was shipped very quickly and is same as the description would always recommend shopville Canada