Skylanders Giants Legendary Ignitor , Legendary Slam Bam , Legendary Jet-Vac


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Skylanders Giants Legendary 3-pack: Ignitor, Slam Bam, and Jet-Vac

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Now to start off I'd like to say that my brother is a huge collector of skylanders. I knew that he wanted something different than standard skylander packs. So I decided to buy this one from amazon since I have no access to a Toys R Us (I live in Japan). He loves playing with it and loves the golden design.

*Different and cool Design-Gold and Blue Scheme
*A Bit Higher Stats than the normal forms
*Legendary Slambam is my favorite skylander, he's beaten 4/7 giants in battle mode!
*Whenever you upgrade these legendary skylanders (through Persephone), when you get to the 2 upgrade paths the legendary skylanders can change paths at any time! Regular skylanders are limited to choosing one path and sticking with that one path forever, legendarys can change at any time!

*I heard that Toys R' Us sells this for $25...if you have a Toys R' Us nearby look there but if you have no access (like me) or just don't want to search around purchase here!
*The codes that *should* work on skylanders cloud patrol don't work. When I go to type them in it comes out with "this code is not associated with this skylander". I made sure to enter it correctly, any legendary won't work.

-Accu Rating: 4.1/5 stars

great deal and works as it should, added them to the skylanders army i have going here XD

Get 3 amazing characters, plus their legendary skins!
I saw legndary Ignitor back when it was new, but I didn't play skylanders but I thought he was amazing. I didn't want to get into the game cause I knew the figures could get pricey but finally i decided to play.

So that is what made me come here, wanted to find him online and then I saw this pack, had a bunch of characters I liked.
I got it for the same normal price the stores use to sell them and couldn't be happier.

the grand kids love the game

I purchased these and other Skylander figures for my husband and grandson (not sure which one has the most fun), to go along with others I have bought. They have a lot of fun with this game. Each character plays a different role in the game.

My grandson thinks they are the greatest

My son had been wanting skylanders giants for a while. He specifically requested this three pack but they no longer sold it in toys r us. Naturally I went to amazon to look and there it was. It arrived in perfect condition; just if I had gotten it off the store shelf. My son loves it.

Bought them as gifts for my nephews and they loved them. I would recommend as a good starter collection. It never ends with just one!

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