Driver: Renegade - Nintendo 3DS


  • Features -
  • New York City cityscape, racing visual effects, menus, cinematics, and more-in stereoscopic 3D
  • Utilize the new accelerometer on the Nintendo 3DS system to control Tanner's car and dodge, jump, and attack opponents
  • Drive fast, take risks, and stop crime to fill the Rage bar; activating the Rage bar will provide boost and ensure devastating attacks
  • Challenge yourself in the immersive story mode and rule the city streets in the exciting challenge tracks


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Tanner is back and full of rage in the new Driver Renegade for the Nintendo 3DS. Driver Renegade takes place between the stories of Driver 1 and Driver 2. After years of undercover work for the NYPD, John Tanner leaves his badge and takes protection under Senator Ballard to take care of crime in his own way. As a renegade, Tanner cleans up the New York streets and punishes those that oppose him. Driver Renegade brings non- stop 3D car chases to the Nintendo 3DS system.

Product information ASIN B004RLGQ56 Release date September 6, 2011

This game, as I recently discovered, is basically a port of a Nintendo DS game called COP The Recruit. However, that game has a story mode where you work your way up as a new cop in New York City battling crime and whatnot. All of that is gone as Ubisoft simply recycled the game engine to make a Driver game on 3DS and they, in my opinion, really rushed it out as a launch title that really feels slapped together.

Drive Renegade does a very lackluster job, only letting you drive around (you can't go on foot anymore, and amazingly all pedestrians are gone from the world even though the DS game had people walking around everywhere). This wouldn't be so terrible if Driver Renegade had fun driving missions, improved car handling, and improved crashing into vehicles. Sadly, it does not; the same clunky "ram stuff until it explodes" physics are here and if you are in the middle of a group racing for the finish line, often you feel as though your car is just pushing against a brick wall instead of against other vehicles.

It's just not a satisfying game to play but I will admit that the Career mode offers some okay missions to do that will at least unlock some better car designs and the licensed soundtrack (only in Career mode) has some decent songs, some being lifted out of the PS3 Driver San Francisco. The 3D does look quite good in this game and if you find this for fairly cheap, it may be a decent way to get some race time in on your 3DS with the visuals being above what you'd expect on the platform and with a solid framerate.

Check out Driver San Francisco if you want a recent Driver game that feels like it got a lot of attention to the gameplay and driving mechanics, though. That game turned out great, actually.

Where to start? The graphics are good and the city while abandoned does have some cross traffic. The sounds are good. The rest isnt so hot. Let me start with the comic book story it is written very badly and in it you play a maniac who loves to kill people any way he can. He also loves to cuss and at other drivers while he is driving. This game made me wince every time he uttered a curse word. The missions have two difficulty levels the super super easy and the hard. Why not in between? Laziness would be my guess. Also be aware that the cars they use are fictional and that kind of takes the fun out of this. I was expecting to unlock real life cars. There are 20 missions in the main game and could be completed in about 2 to 3 hours on easy mode. The only way to unlock other cars is thru hard mode in missions.

The campaign mode is a lot more interesting but not by much. Instead of having difficulty settings you get none just race from point a to point b with 4 other cars. You can use the cars you have unlocked in the game. Some of the cars are detailed but a lot of them are just not that interesting to look at. The cars can only have one color either all blue,yellow or whatever color is available. No decals on the side no customization of any kind. I am really not sure why traffic is on the road when a computer car hits oncoming traffic it blows up the car it hit! Hunh? You hit oncoming traffic and you get knocked around. I did get some enjoyment out of this game mostly because its just so bad on so many levels it cracked me up. I paid $10 for this game and I really wouldnt pay more then $20 for it. It is a just a medium racing game. I think the safer bet if your looking for a racer is Ridge Racer the graphics are better the cars are more detailed and the tracks look better then the dull city that is driver. I did try and use the 3d and it really didnt seem to make the game look better.

Okay, so it's not really fair to compare a game like this to Nintendo's golden racing series. I was looking for a 3DS game on the cheap, though, and figured a racer would be a safe bet. Unfortunately, I didn't get to read Nintendo Power's review of this game or even know how this game really worked until after I began to play it. I kinda regret that...

Let's just begin with the story...
Being that this is an M-rated game, it's no surprise that there will indeed be stuff like cursing or sexual content lurking around the game's story. However, more often than not is the plot bombarded with bunches of cliches that you'd find in a LOT of other "edgy" games or movies. You have your typical corniness, generic male sex appeal through means of stuff like prostitution, and characters that we really can't applaud for. I'm fine with sex and cursing in video games, but only when they're done in a realistic manner. Here, the characters curse an overly excessive amount of times, and the sexual references are downright cringe-worthy, if not cliched.
Speaking of characters, DEAR GOD. Tanner has got to be my most hated protagonist in video game history. He's a full-on punk with an unlikable attitude. I suppose I can understand Tanner's means to kill people, but there are a couple times where he mocks them after doing so. He was even going to save an enemy he interrogated from exploding in the car, but when it was too late, he said "...Should've talked faster". Am I supposed to root for this guy?
Another despicable character is Megan. I swear, the first time you see her, she strips for somebody and turns out to be a prostitute. Greeeeaaat. They sure tried to make this a MAN's game, hm? Slap on the typical sexual activity with Megan and Tanner later in the plot and you've got yourself another cliche and character who's hard to root for at all.

Anyway, I suppose that's enough of ranting on the story. After all, the meat of a game is always the GAMEPLAY, one thing many developers forget about emphasizing.

At first glance, this seems like it would be an arcade-style racing game for the 3DS. Well, it turns out that's less than half the equation. You see, while the arcade-style racing control is there, it's butchered by missions where you have to attack other cars and/or race in places that severely overstay their welcome. There are, believe it or not, more missions in the game's Career mode than there are missions in the main Story campaign!

So what exactly is the fatal crime committed here? Why do I dislike the game's focus on killing enemy drivers? BECAUSE OF HOW YOU DO SO! You don't get weapons to use or anything. Your only means of attack, I swear to God, is ramming your car by the sides. And it doesn't take down your enemies in one hit, oh of course not! You have to do this MULTIPLE times, and each time you try, you're bound to slow down in some way, shape, or form, and have no choice but to let the enemy flee! Catching up to enemy drivers is a total DRAG, because there's no being able to judge if you're good for ramming him or not, and if you ram too late or early, the enemy escapes! This is why many of the missions take such a long time to complete and feel like total chores.

This ruins what would otherwise be a darn fine portable driving game, and it pains me to realize that the game should have just been that.

I'm a fan of driving games
The ability to drive through streets at will is ok however constant pop-up kill the graphical experience and controlling can be difficult at times
Fans of chase games might like this however it disappoints when compared to the first title launched on the PS1

good product

Not to good

Excellent quality and delivery time.