One Piece Unlimited World Red: Day 1 Edition - PlayStation 3


  • Original Story: New scenario designed by Eiichiro Oda.
  • Co-Op: Fishing, bug catching, battling, cooking, mining, battling, exploring.
  • Epic Fights: Latest episodes + famous boss battles.
  • Playable Characters: 9 from the Straw hat crew.
  • New Characters: Pato and big boss "Red" designed by Eiichiro Oda.


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Platform:PlayStation 3  |  Edition:Day 1

The latest installment in the One Piece Unlimited series - releasing for the 1st time in the Americas. Unlimited World Red is an action adventure game with multiplayer co-op and a game-exclusive scenario designed by series creator Eiichiro Oda.

Product information Platform:PlayStation 3  |  Edition:Day 1 ASIN B00K2O4O5G Release date July 8, 2014

As a huge One Piece fan, I'm really glad I sprung for the Day One edition while it was on sale! (It's even cheaper now as I write this review than it was when I bought it last week ; ;) At first, I was worried the game was going to get stale, like many anime-inspired titles. After reading a somewhat negative review on another site, I was on the fence about the game, but so far I don't have any regrets. The game is very pleasing to the eye and you'll even get bonus costumes if you buy the Day One edition! I was surprised to find out that the costumes had special in-game effects as well, making them more than just eye candy!

Gameplay-wise, it reminds me of a cross between Batman: Arkham City, Monster Hunter, and Zelda. The way Luffy flings himself around town and the flow of combat both remind me of the recent Batman games whereas the mission based structure, resource gathering element, and even some of the boss fights remind me of Monster Hunter. If you're a fan of any of these franchises, you'll probably enjoy the game even if you don't know much about One Piece, but if you're a fan, you'll enjoy it even more! The environments look great and you get to visit some locales and encounter characters that haven't been featured in the other One Piece games we've gotten.

Another very appealing aspect is that the characters all feel useful in their own right. There are unique map actions that are specific to each character, but you can only bring 3 with you at a time, so it makes team building an important element. Everyone is fun to use in combat and they feel unique, but even the weaker characters might excel at things like healing the team or being better at fishing/catching bugs/ etc. Using things you find called "custom words" and "item words," you can customize your characters further and give buffs to themselves or teach them new techniques.

I'd recommend this game to any OP fan. I waited to buy it while it was on sale, but I wouldn't regret paying full price.

It's an alright game. It's full of fan service (no Franky Radical Beam, though) and all the characters you know and love, but the game's not that great. It's sort of like Dynasty Warriors where you fight a bunch of generic goons and then fight the boss at the end of the level.

The story's silly, the little tanuki creates villains (if you've played Animal Crossing, the same leaves that Tom Nook uses) so you'll fight Blackbeard, Whitebeard, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, Akainu, you name it.

There's also a mode where you go to the Dressrosa Arena and fight either hoards of generic enemies or other characters in One Piece, allowing you to unlock characters from Boa Hancock to Buggy to Shanks. Again, the fan service is great, but it's pretty boring.

If you're a fan of One Piece and Dynasty Warriors, this is the game for you. If not, you can skip it.

best game ever. im buying a ps4 so i can get the newer one pic game. the controls and play style is completely different giving you a feel of playing ussop or luffy that fits really well. i could go on forever but the split screen doesn't even bother m because of how well the game is made. i have never been in such deep delta waves from playing a game. it's like im fully into the game using all my brain. i do meditate daily and have more delta waves and can stay conscious through it but this game puts me in the grand line world. absolute ten out of ten. only complaint is i cant play as myself which is a stupid complaint anyways. its like a polished j stars with a better fighting system. my e key sticks and i took the time to write this. the best anime game I've played ever and i own almost all dbz games and a few naruto ones aswell.

This is probably the best One Piece game out there.
Let's be realistic, people who buy manga/anime-based games are already fans, or at least familiar with the series. They're often not the best 'games' of their respective genre, but we still greatly appreciate it.
It's an action adventure game that feels a bit like monster hunter and a lot like dynasty warriors, with crafting and mini-games on top.
Game Flow:
Story Mode: Your base is a Town. You will return here after every story mission or side quest. You can expand this town with all sorts of shops and other establishments, many which help your characters develop. Only Luffy is playable in the exploration of the Town, while for the most part you have freedom of choosing your party composition in Missions and Quests among your Straw Hat crew. In the pause menu during most missions, you can press Start on the second controller to begin split-screen Co-op instantly. In the story missions (and sidequests) you will be able to explore some of the iconic settings in the world of One Piece such as Punk Hazard, Alabasta, Enies Lobby, Fishman Island, Skypiea, etc and meet many familiar faces on the way. Plenty of mini-games to be found in this mode as well.

Colosseum Mode: Very straightforward, climb your way to the top by beating opponents. In this mode you will unlock and be able to use other Non-Straw Hat characters as well. Try out each character as they play very differently. Doing the Quests in Colosseum modes also give you great rewards in Story Mode, so it may be worth playing Colosseum first to get a better start in the Story Mode.

Like Dynasty Warriors, but with a slight twist. A list of commands will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen and if you properly execute all of the moves you will go into Rush mode basically a badass powerup mode, once it expires a new randomized list of commands will be available for you to do. I love this a lot because it keeps the action fresh compared to Dynasty Warriors where you tend to have the habit to just use the same 2 combos over and over.

The story is not canon of course, and it serves its purpose as a recollection of past events / encounters for Straw Hats. Plenty of cool cut-scenes and dialogue throughout. It's like watching another One Piece movie.

Great One Piece game!

Fun game, its own story and has the straw hats facing old enemies. Each character has a special thing they can do in the field like Chopper can dig in specific spots, being Luffy in town has him swinging around on top of houses, the only the thing the game lacks is combos, there aren't many moves to do. You also help build the town your staying, like building a pharmacy to get healing items, you use money and items you gather from the levels. When entering a level you get to choose three star hats and there is co op but only local. There is another mode where you battle in the coliseum in the Dressrosa ark, this one is fun because you can be characters outside the straw hats like Law or Whitebeard , you basically fight waves of enemies and occasionally a boss or two.

Eiichiro Oda fans will love the graphics of the game, and the One Piece characters are lovingly shown with each character having their own abilities. This family are all One piece fans, and the game keeps us all busy and has good playability. The game is fun and creative, music is engaging, storyline is nice, and building the resources to equip myself took some skill. I would have taken off half a star because egotistically I would have loved if it was way longer, but I gave it 5 stars because the Challenge mode did give the game more time. Very nice buy!

It's got a really fun world to it, taking villains from past arcs and placing them in their respected worlds, all while getting to play any one of the Straw Hats. Each character has their own move set and specialized abilities which helps establish a clear difference between each crew member's play style.

However, the combat does get a little tedious over time, and there are a few issues with hitboxes and combos. These can be a bit of a nuisance but ultimately doesn't ruin the game.

He jugado pocos juegos de One Piece, entre ellos Burning Blood y Pirate Warriors, pero este ha sido mi favorito hasta la fecha.

Not the best anime related video game i have play