50 Classic Games - Nintendo 3DS


  • Try your hand at Texas Hold'Em, Blackjack, and Roulette
  • Rediscover classic board and dice games like Farkle, Chess, and Mahjongg
  • Go fishing, play air hockey, take out enemy battleships, and throw darts
  • Solve tricky brainteasers, picture puzzles, and more


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Jump into the most exciting collection of 3D games ever! Now your favorite classic pastimes are bundled together - from action and sports challenges to casino games and puzzles! It's all right here, in 50 Classic Games for Nintendo 3DS! With new eye-popping graphics and interactive features, you'll get lost for hours in the wildly entertaining games that range from backgammon to brainteasers!

Product information ASIN B0069EB9BK Release date November 27, 2012

Great collection of games. All 50 games are available to play right away, which include:

Board Games: - Eight Queens - Addition - Backgammon - Craps - Kono - Mahjong - Mancala - Roulette - Chess - Checkers - Tic Tac Toe - Tic Tac Toe (3d) - Yahtzee - Farkle (Ten Thousand).

Card Games: - Blackjack - Freecell - Hearts - Klondike - Mau Mau - Omaha Hold Em' Poker - Texas Hold Em' Poker.

Action Games: - Air Hockey - Bubble Fire - Darts - Fisherman - Match 3 - Same - Shell Game - Slot Machine - Tennis - Tennis Training.

Puzzles: - 9 x 9 - Battle On The Sea - Corners - Crate - Magic Square - Matchsticks - Memo - Nim - Puzzle Pieces - Puzzle Strip - Puzzle Swap - Slide Puzzle 1 - Slide Puzzle 2 - Slide Puzzle 3 - Spot The Difference - Square Puzzle - Sudoku - Tangram - Towers Of Hanoi.

These are fun challenging games and a good variety. The reason I gave it only 3 stars is because unless I missed something in the instructions there is no way to keep track of your progress. I like having a record of what I played, score, level of difficulty, and speed when applicable. This does not provide that.

I really like this set of games. Nice selection of games & the computer doesn't cheat when you play against it. LOL If I lost this cartridge I would definitely buy it again.

This Game Is Almost Like 50 Classic Games On The Regular Nintendo Ds. (It Has Pretty Cool Graphics Too.) The should make a similar of Wheel Of Fortune on 50 Classic Games 3D On Nintendo 3Ds,

My Grandson loves his games! I got this for his Birthday and he tells me all the time about them!

For people to get bored very easy on any games or have to have different games to keep things interested,This is a nice game to have and no bored anymore

My husband loves this game. I would recommend it.

This game offers so many games for 3DS. I love puzzle games and this item has so many I might never play them all