Nintendo Handheld Console 3DS XL


  • Nintendo 3DS XL allows you to play your entire 3DS and DS library
  • Wherever you go, take 3D gaming with you
  • Enjoy Nintendo's exciting franchises, including Mario, The Legend of Zelda and PokÃmon
  • Keep your kids safe with the customisable parental controls
  • Updated version available - Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo New 3DS XL



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Wow, what to say.
First of all, I purchased the console just after Nintendo announced they would be localizing SMT IV in PAL territories, and it seemed like the right time to upgrade.
My one came bundled with Mario Kart 7, It's not my cup of tea, but it'll do.

First off, if you've played a regular 3DS, one of the first things you'll notice are the screens. They're BIG! Not as clear as the standard 3DS admittedly, but comfy enough to play the console on a bus/or on a desk. The console is a lot more comfy to hold than the regular 3DS and has a nice matte plastic finish.

I'd recommend picking this up over the regular 3DS, but I have my issues with the console.
The displays aren't crystal clear like on the regular 3DS and some games can appear quite blurry (even when downscaled).

My other issue is the region locking applied to the device, I mentioned above that I bought this when Shin Megami Tensei IV was announced to be localized for Europe/PAL (This was before Index went under and was bought by SEGA). It appears that at this time, the game will not make it's way to Europe/PAL territories, as is the case with a few other NTSC games.
The eshop is nice, but the UK prices are super high compared to the US/Canadian marketplace and there's a lot less games. This won't bother most users, but if you like RPG's/JRPG's perhaps you should look at the cost of importing an NTSC 3DS instead.

I've since imported an NTSC XL, and I'm loving it, the cheap games, the offers on the eshop, and SMT IV again. My UK Console has almost been put to sleep, untouched. It would go if not for a few 3DS games that I already own.

I have had my 3ds for over a year and was very pleased with it, although there were a few areas that I felt could be improved, these included:

The Buttons under the lower screen - the ones on the 3DS didn't feel easy to find and I wasn't always sure that I had pressed it.
When I needed the stylus it was a bit of a search for it at the back behind the screen.
The non-screen parts picked up fingerprints so easily - being a bit of a freak about keeping things shiny always used to keep a cleaning cloth handy.
Battery life concerns meant I always felt the need to bring the charger with me.

Well my white 3DS XL arrived while I was at work and i've just finished doing the system transfer from my 3DS and here are my initial impressions.
If you are also doing a system transfer you will lose the pre-installed game as part of the process - don't panic - the transfer process merges the eShop accounts on the original 3DS and on the new 3DS XL - just goto the eShop once complete and scroll to settings (far left of choices) and choose your downloads - the pre-installed game will be at the top of the list for you to redownload :)

The 3DS XL is a big improvement on a great original. I simply love the white colour - it looks really classy - and dare I say it looks amazaing, and doesn't seem to pick up fingerprints at all, something that happens across all 3DS XL models due to a change in finish, well done Nintendo.
The larger screen size, even in menu's is a revelation, with the 3D effects more noticable :)
The sylus now sits on the right side of the unit, is really easy to find, both due to the change in position from the original 3DS and with the redesign of the stylus itself.
The buttons under the lower creen are now proper individual buttons, the improvement here is immense, each is much easier to identify and you always know you have pressed it - working just like a keyboard button.
I can't comment on the battery life from my experience, but all the online reviews and nintendo scources agree that the larger battery, despite the larger screen sizes, means that the XL lasts longer than the 3DS :)

I am really, really pleased that I made the choice to upgrade, and anyone else who's sitting on the fence weighing up the options, all I can say is you won't be dissapointed if you choose the XL, and if your a newcomer to Nintendos 3D world what are you waiting for. Nintendo have really impressed me with this, and although you it doesn't come with a mains adaptor, everything mentions this, so just remember to purchase one at the same time you buy a 3DS XL :) its certainly not a deal breaker.

Absolutely brilliant console. Bought this to replace my older metallic red 3DS of which I was having trouble seeing the screens due to failing sight. The bigger screens are just fantastic, easier to see, and in my opinion the 3D is a lot better and clearer than the smaller model. The battery life is significantly extended and the new design, not so much of a fingerprint magnet. No power adapter? This is because Nintendo might expect you to already have one from a previous model which I did. So glad I havent got another one sitting around doing nothing. For all the people griping about the lack of an adapter then Do Your Research first! And besides it keeps costs down and is only about £7 if you havent got one. Hardly a bank breaker!
The most amazing games too! Zelda, Ocarina of time, Mario, Pilotwings and Starfox are all really good with amazing graphics.
My only negatives is that the plastic is a bit flimsy on the back and on the white version, which I have, it tends to pick up print and stains easily if you place it on top of a magazine or similar.
All in All, truly satisfied and cant wait for some new games! Hope this helps, Happy gaming!

I'm a PC gamer, but I grew up with mostly Nintendo consoles and handhelds with my last being the N64, so I bought this in an attempt to relive those great memories and the 3DS XL did not disappoint.

I was suprised by the 3D it adds a lot to the experience in my opinion, and after not being impressed by 3D at the cinema and being left with slightly sore eyes I was rightly concerned about how the 3D would fair here. Suprisngly though, at no point have I ever felt any sort of strain on my eyes whilst using the 3DS, even over extended periods of time.

As for the games, they're excellent and they've done a good job for re-kindling my passion for gaming. They aren't as graphically impressive as console and PC games, but they're a heck of a lot more fun. You get the feeling that focus is on fun game play rather than a series of mechanics to nickle and dime you for every penny through endless DLC and microtransactions.

The games don't feel like they're just watered down versions of their console counter parts either, which is the feeling that I got when using a PSP in the past.

Bought this at a brilliant price back on 21 August 2013 and it's still in pristine condition. I take this with me for my flights all the time especially to Hong Kong (12-13 hours flights) and I never get bored of it. Such a wide range of games available and they are a good change to the JRPG's on PS and the FPS and Racing games on the Xbox (although I still love them).

The quality has improved significantly and the customisation of the console is much better. Lighting is better and the screens are huge. Never realised until I matched it up to my regular ds and ds lite

i'm so glad i finally got one of these :0) i've been playing on my son's since christmas 2011 and so already knew my way round this 3ds, so i decided to treat myself for my 33rd birthday and get one. i have to say that streetpass is such a fun part of it and being able to download games via eshop is such a good feature.
i have to admit that i actually didn't realise that this whole ds was bigger, i thought it was just the top screen that was bigger, but i'd not seen them next to each other anywhere, so i was quite shocked when i pulled a larger ds out of a smaller box!
really very happy with it, but although i did get this white one to replace my white ds lite {which has gone to live with my mother in law} i have got a pink, glittery cover on it!

Brought this over buying the New 3DS, slightly regret it now but from playing on this for a few months it has been great. the console its self isn't as heavy as what you would imagine for the size and the large screen makes playing games all that more immersive. It might be worth buying a case or cover for it because both the corners of mine have identical scratches, maybe from transporting it around in just my bag.

I had a choice between this 3ds xl or a standard blue one for which i planned to buy with Pokemon Y, but since this one came with Mario Kart 7 which is a great game for a 1/6 of its average price, I'm glad I chose this model. The white colour is absolutely gorgeous and I now feel that it is better than the blue version as that one was only Blue on the Flap of the 3DS XL.

I must say it is a huge jump from the DSi as it has a better camera, many mini games like Faceraiders and AR games and it even has a better store: The Nintendo Eshop.

The best thing of all is the 3D, especially on newer games like Pokemon Y. It looks absolutely AWESOME and its a whole new gaming experience for me.

With so many new games coming out I don't think I will ever be bored of this great Console.

Definitely a great gift for Christmas.

I love my Nintendo DS and have many games but the screen was badly scratched so I thought I would go XL and I am not disappointed. The XL is heavier but is still comfortable to handle and so far the games I have tried look good on the larger screen. I haven't had the opportunity to use 3D much but the console has a pre-loaded Mario game and there are a few 'playing cards' which when used with the camera have a 3d effect and I did spend a couple of hours trying these out. The graphics were excellent and I particularly enjoyed the ? card which allows you to pose your Mii and take photos, great fun.

Well what can i say, i had this 3ds for 2 years i had fun with it however after using it for 2 years you just get bored of it like any of other electronic device.
Seeing as there is a new 3ds xl out not there is no point buying this now.

My boyfriend purchased this and loves it. He has been glued to it ever since it arrived and showed me the 3D feature which is really cool. He was a little worried about buying a "used" console but it was obvious that it really hadn't been used more than once as it still had the original seals on the packaging.

Excellent all round.
my Daughter loves this console.
It does what it says.
worth the money too.
I will like to add that the device had a black screen after a short while, but that Amazon were wonderful, with a speedy no quibble, replacement!
We have had No problems since.

At the time I bought it, this was a good deal. Mario Kart is terrific, the 3DS itself is smooth to the touch and feels sturdy. Mine has been roughed up a bit now but still only a few minor scratches and still looks good. Much, much better than the regular 3ds for its size. Pokemon and Zelda look great on it.

my son loves this handheld with plenty of functions and built in game. This was a good purchase at a good price.

My son loves this the only disappointing thing is that you have to buy the charger separately.