UniKeep Game Case for Nintendo 3DS Cartridges - Holds 40 Games (Retro Black)


  • SECURELY AND SAFELY HOLDS GAME CARTRIDGES IN FOAM - the foam is precisely cut out to fit fit games for the Nintendo 3DS
  • HOLDS UP TO 40 GAMES - SLOTS TO HOLD GAMES ARE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CASE (games and memory cards are not included)
  • CASE SNAPS SHUT AND IS COMPLETELY ENCLOSED - the case has a latch to securely close the case so that there is no danger of losing a game cartridge
  • RETRO DESIGN IS PRINTED DIRECTLY ONTO THE CASE - the durable UniKeep case will last for years



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The UniKeep cartridge game case for the Nintendo 3DS is perfect for your Nintendo 3DS game collection. The attractive, digitally printed design sets this game case apart from the rest. Small enough to fit in a bag or easily fit in a tight space on a shelf. The protective case has enough space for 40 game cartridges. High-quality foam safely and securely holds game cartridges in place. Fully enclosed and snap locking ensures the games are secure in any situation.

Product information ASIN B07J19XF9K

Most game cases for 3DS or Switch games are little plastic clamshells of some type with hard plastic "pages" that the game carts plug into. What at first seems like a convenient and secure system of organization quickly becomes an annoyance when trying to swap games and having to fight with the case to get the games out and put back in.

Enter the UniKeep case, about the size of a magazine, and slightly thicker than a DVD case, it holds up to 40 Nintendo DS and 3DS games (20 per side) in rows of slots cut into soft foam. It is a snug enough fit to hold all of the games securely, but there is an indent on the side of each slot easily get your finger under each one and pop it out when you want to play a game with ease.

The outer case is solid plastic (think a jumbo DVD case, but slightly thicker) and there is no better way to store a large collection safely and securely while keeping it easy to swap games on a whim. It is a great way to display everything you have and keep track of all the game cards, which are easy to lose track of otherwise. Been well pleased with this product and would highly recommend to anyone who has followed the DS and 3DS handheld scene for many years and has amassed a large collection of game cards.

Great case. Perfect for holding games. My complaint would be with the exterior. The lack of cover variety is disappointing and the spine doesn’t reflect the cases content. It just generically says “Video Games” while I would prefer ones that say “DS” or “3DS” on the spine. I have a lot of DS and 3DS games and I needed four of these cases to hold them all, it’s just disappointing they all look the same.

Quarantine means a lot of indoor time, indoor time means a lot of games being played, a lot of games floating around means an expensive mess. This is a nice solution to that mess. I bought 3, 2 gba cases and the 3ds/ds case. They are all well designed, sturdy, and this one does it's job very well. The gba cases had a bad plastic smell, but I'm not sure if that was me getting a bad batch or something. This one was fine. We had smaller 3ds cases but they kept being misplaced, it's harder to misplace a case this big and it fits all the games. Very good!

After a week of waiting for the awful chemical smell to wear off I finally gave up and threw it away. Seriously, dont buy this, the smell is awful. Twenty dollars down the drain.

Works great. Much better on some of my more delicate cartridges than the hard plastic I'd been using previously. Great form factor for putting on a shelf, too. I think I might buy another and one for Switch games, too.
Now, if only they made a similar solution for the older Gameboy systems . . .

I love these game cases I bought this one for my 3DS / DS games as well as the case for Switch games. My daughter and I can easily see what games we have while keeping them organized.

I absolutely love it! Fits the games perfectly!

Like this because you can hold a large number of game cartridges in one, slim case. Very easy to store the games for easy access to them.