Lighthouse: The Dark Being


  • DOS based program


Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Lighthouse PC game - requires emulator to run old DOS program.

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This game is a classic game, from the 90s, made by Sierra. This game is a point and click style gameplay, similar to games such as Myst. You start off in your apartment, and find out that your neighbor is in trouble. Upon arriving at his house, things start to happen, that force you to figure out what is going on. The main goal here is to defeat the 'dark being' and rescue the baby and your neighbor. Standard faire there.

This game mixes puzzle solving, point and click style, inventory management, collecting items, and learning all about what is going on in this world. You visit many locations in this game, from the Roost, submarine, temple, fortress, and Volcano. This game is hard, because not much is told to you, and you mostly figure it out along the way, and some of the puzzles are extremely hard, like one is the puzzle box "Pandora's box", and other locations have puzzles that don't look easy, and it will take some trial and error to figure out what you need to do.

The audio of this game is fantastic, and the visuals are alright, this is from the 90s, so this game has aged, and its okay, this retro classic title is amazing, fun, and hard at the same time. Game comes in 2 CDs, so you will switch back and forth from CD #1 and 2 from time to time. This game does work on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, you just need a special installer that lets you install this old title on modern machines.

i like it but you will have to go to sierra web site for the loader to make it work for XP and Vista. it worked better on my XP desktop. i don't recommend the DOSBox loader. it would not let me change disks. kept telling me to insert disk # 2. i put the disk in the drive and it hung up. Windows 7 AND 8 MAY BE BETTER. i'm going to wait till my XP blows up before i get a refurbished computer with Windows 7 installed from amazon. i'v heard Win 8 is not so good.

I loved the game when I first played it, many many years ago. I've searched for it for many years and found it hear. The only problem is the game runs in MS DOS. For anyone who doesn't know what it means let me break it down. It's alright if you don't know. MS DOS is a computers operating system, for example windows or apple. The problem running it on a newer PC is that it was mad for an older opertating system, so depending on how much work you want to go through.. It won't play... Which sucks. I suggest that they take the game and re write it for newer systems... But the game got to me fast it was cheap and it's nice to have as a keep sake.

only played this game once before, had borrowed from a friend, but I needed it in my collection, if you are familiar with the MYST series games this is just like those, puzzle filled world to explore

Excelent game! My son loves it! Hours of entertainment.

Great old game. Note: even though the description says plays in DVD it is actually a set of CD's

so my old computer died, tried it on my Mac but didn't work because this is an older game. I'm still waiting to get my computer fixed. I loved this game as a teen and I can't wait to play this again.

Bought this game a couple different times, but as windows evolved this would not work on newer versions of windows. A shame because the game is a blast!