Durgod Hades 68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 65% Layout - Cherry Profile - NKRO - USB Type C - Aluminium Chassis (Gateron Black, White PBT)


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  • ✅ 【RGB Backlit 】: 16.8 Million Color combinations , multiple backlit mode ( Radar, Ripple, Wave, Nebula , Waves, Gradient, Breathing, Star , Laser, Snake and race light mode), no drivers needed. Plug & Play small form factor keyboard
  • ✅ The Durgod Hades 68 keys Features a Sturdy Aluminium case and Double Shot Translucent Shinethru Keycaps ; Ansi US International Layout
  • ✅ Supports DURGOD Hera Engine software : ( Upgrade your keyboard firmware on the go and set up complex macros or rebind keys as you wish) and customize lighting effects
  • ✅ Two Different Cables : Type C To Type C USB Cable-3.3FT (1M) and Type-C to type-A USB cable 5.9FT/ (1.8M) ; Logo Sticker and keypuller included.
  • ✅ Compatibility with Mac and Windows: Compatible with Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS (Might need to remap some key through the software) ; The keyboard is adapted for all environment, Home & Office use.


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Size:Gateron Black  |  Color:White PBT

Tenkeyless(TKL) 65% keyboard design, simple, elegant and compact size, save more space for your mouse and provides extra flexibility for your keyboard positioning.

100% anti-ghosting, N-key rollover, windows key disabled in game mode, perfect gaming and typing keyboard.

This keyboard adds many functions that you can access via FN2 + combination key (eg. Shortcut to media key).

Function Key:

FN2+3:Previous Track
FN2+4:Next Track
FN2+5:Volume Up
FN2+6:Volume Down

FN2+12:Switch Customize Profile [MR Mode: The Profile could only be customized through Durgod Zeus Engine software, but can we swapped on the keyboard.]


FN+Left WIN:Windows Key Lock



DURGOD Hades 68 mechanical keyboard

User Guide

Type C To Type C Cable-3.3FT/1M

Type C To Type A Cable (USB Cable)5.9FT/1.8M

Dust Cover

Key cap Puller


. 50,000,000 actuation on key switch

. Keyboard dimension: approx 310*105.8*39MM(12.2*4.1*1.5 Inch)

  •  Keyboard weight: approx 0.837KG (1.98 LB)
  • All the keys except FN Key are programmable.
  • Independant macro editor
  • Independent profile editor.
  • Windows key lock function programming.

Product information Size:Gateron Black  |  Color:White PBT Product Dimensions 12.2 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches Item Weight 1.98 pounds Manufacturer Durgod ASIN B08J86H2QV Item model number Hades68

I've been waiting a long time to pick up (or build) a new keyboard. Nothing out there really caught my eye until I saw a review for the Hades 68 on BadseedTech. This board's build quality is impeccable, the Gateron Red switches I chose are are perfectly smooth, and the stabilizers are a 10/10. I was worried about the layout, but my hands immediately adapted. Also the RGB is just stunning even with my non-shine-through keycaps.

The Hades Compiler software (which says it is in Beta) is the only thing I can really knock. Customizing keys is easy, but trying to tweak colors left me baffled. I'm hoping it gets better in future updates. For now, I'm sticking to the preset color modes.

Finally, I actually considered keeping the stock thicc ABS keycaps that came on the board. They were really nice for ABS, so don't hesitate if that's holding you up. I put them on another board for a friend.

Jump on this hype train before it leaves the station and is sold out. Totally worth it imo.

If you want a TL;DR, buy this keyboard. You won't find one better. Trust me on this, I've bought a lot of production small form-factor keyboards. This is the one to get.

So, you're looking for a compact production keyboard and you've landed on Durgod. I don't know how you got here, but you're here, that's what's important. You can stop looking, this is the one.

This keyboard is fantastic. The switches feel smooth and precise, the body is rock solid, and the stabilizers are the best I can find on a keyboard without building one myself. Right out of the box this thing feels like a keyboard enthusiast designed and quality checked every single one. You can plug it in and start typing without any modifications to how the body comes.

The board does have companion software, which can be a drawback. I know a lot of people here don't want to have to download something that isn't QMK to customize their keyboard, but rest assured that the Hera Compiler is pretty decent, and very intuitive. Everything on the keyboard is customizable to suit what you want, from lighting to key assignments. You can also record macros and set three different profiles. Want one profile in ANSI and the other in DVORAK? Go for it! Once you've got things set up the way you want, remember that you're using a compiler. You download the settings to the board and then if you don't want Hera on your computer anymore, remove it! No need everything is saved on the PCB.

One thing I do have to mention is that all old reviews of this board (from 5 star to 1 star) all mention ABS laser-etched keycaps. This is different now, they have revised their board and moved to PBT double shot shine-thru keycaps. They also include a layer of dampening foam under the plate to keep any ping from typing minimal.

Trust me when I say that HK Gaming and Durgod know what they're doing on this model. They are constantly listening to criticism and looking for ways to improve their next revision. We've gone from ABS keycaps to double shot, and apparently they are planning for a hot swap revision as well as Bluetooth. These were initially planned for 2020 but due to COVID-19 who knows? Maybe 2021?

If you're on the fence about this or a Ducky One 2 SF, I have both. Get this. It's better in every way and the switch options are much more diverse. If you NEED Bluetooth, come back maybe this time next year and they might have gotten that feature added, or get a Keychron or Kemove. For anything else, get this. Your money is being spent right, and the manufacturer cares a lot about their products.

The main issue right now is that they are almost always sold out! Pay your money and get in line when a restock date gets announced. It's worth it.

Lamenting every other dream board I had my eye on being sold out, I jumped right on this like the shallow American consumer that I am and...I've never owned a better board!!! Never having been a clicky switch person before, I took the plunge & went with the Kailh Box Whites out of curiosity / interest in the hype. They're awesome! For some reason they don't make my nose turn up like Cherry Blues do.

-Built soooo strong.
-You can't beat the price point compared to full aluminum rivals out there like the Tada 68.
-RGB is so good (I'm a big fan of the "Twinkle" effect accessible via the software).
-Stabilizers are out of this world.
-Key assignments and LEDs fully programmable in the software.

-Everyone's dogging the keycaps but I think they're fine, even coming from doubleshot PBTs on my old board. (Admittedly I don't really have a keycap palette, though.)
-I found the Hera software to be a little rough--it's technically still in beta mode, but once you get it down (especially the macros), you really can do anything you want as far as programming. So not even really that much of a negative.
-The included cables admittedly are pretty terrible. But you can...just buy other cables? It's USB-C so, yeah. Kind of everywhere now.

I love this keyboard, the body is aluminum and it's heavy, solid and with a pretty nice finish in matte black which I really like.

It uses a removable USB type c cable which makes it really easy to use your own custom cable or replace the stock one if you ever break it.

The keycaps included are abs laser engraved but they have a nice texture to them, they definitely feel better quality than the ones that brands like Razer or Corsair use in their keyboards, even the top of the line ones like the corsair k95.

The best part of this nice little keyboard is the switch selection. Listen to me, Cherry MX might have the marketing, but there are better options out there nowadays!, Gateron is smoother and kailh Box switches feel way better than their Cherry MX counterparts (I love the kailh Box Whites in my keyboard, they feel and sound much better than my old Cherry MX blues that my k70 MK2 had)

The software this keyboard uses can be a bit challenging to use the first time, but you'll find very quickly that it's very powerful and complete.

Only negative thing I could think of the keyboard is the indicator lights on top, but is not really a problem per se, I just think they're rather useless since at a normal use angle they are completely covered by the keycaps themselves, so I found them to be useless.

Looking forward for more keyboards from this company, the Hades 68 is really solid and worth your hard earned cash.

For anyone wondering about the keycaps on my picture they are the cotton candy set from Matrixkeyboards.

Best 65% sized keyboard in my opinion (at least for my requirements). Chose this over the Ducky One2 SF as wanted to try the Gateron Brown Silent switches which feel great. The metal base feels ok, better than the plastic on Ducky keyboards but I felt the metal base on my Pok3r felt more solid and higher quality. Keycaps are ABS and felt terrible, especially if you are used to PBT. They had a matt texture which shines very fast, they feel and look like those on a Drevo Calibur V2 - 4 stars overall because of this. As a result, I swapped them out for PBT keycaps from Razer (Green), and the arrow keys off a Ducky One2 Mini - difficult to find a replacement set of keycaps though (used UK left shift for the right shift so slightly smaller but unnoticeable, no replacement FN keys). Based on this, I would recommend the Ducky One2 SF to most people who are ok with Cherry MX, did not care for a metal base and wanted quality keycaps, i.e. better overall package for the price. However, I would recommend the Durgod Hades 68 for the enthusiasts who want a metal base, specific switches that were not Cherry, and do not mind upgrading keycaps, i.e. more expensive overall but very specific for a requirement. Final points to note - great for both work and gaming due to the additional keys above a 60% form factor, wrist rest for 60% form factor fits fine (see photos), and very good RGB lighting and software.

See size comparison against an Anne Pro 2 60% keyboard, and Glorious PC Gaming Race Compact wrist rest. Changed out the keycaps again for Green PBT, very difficult to find a shift key that fits!

I was looking round for a small form factor keyboard to replace my razer blackwidow elite, i was fed up with the huge size and clicky keys. After watching many reviews i settled on this and i am delighted. The keyboard is the perfect size and the aluminium case is sturdy and feels high quality. The software is fine and obviosuly can be improved in the future, im not that into macros anyway so it doesnt affect me. But the crown jewel are the switches, i opted fot the gateron yellow switches and the are smooooooth, such a satisfying sound and feel. The keys with stablizers e.g. space bar, back space feel so nice its unreal. Ive seen people complain about the keycaps, ive just ordered a set of pbt keycaps but ive never had quality keycaps so they feel fine to me. It's tricky finding a set because the right shift is 1.75u which is standard but check out tai-hao keycaps and theres many options with 1.75u shift keys. I only have the razer blackwidow to compare to, but this was cheaper, the switches are nicer and theres a much more premium feel to this board. One thing to note, the usb c slot on the back is small so a custom cable would be trial and error which is annoying, a big design flaw there as custom cables are common in the keyboard enthusiast world. Overall though i am very impressed with this board and hopefully it can serve me for a few years, i would hghly recommend it to anyone looking for a small keyboard.

I have used Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 for some years, but never really warmed to it: it took up too much space on the desk, the keys were placed contrary to my muscle memory, the keycap letters started to fade quite quickly. A move to a 65% layout (no function keys, with arrow keys retained) decluttered the desk and reduced hand movement when reaching for the mouse. An added benefit: the Enter key is right above the Up and Down arrow keys, and next to the PgUp, PgDown keys, which is convenient for scrolling and selection. On the other hand, the End key is accessible only via a key combo. Not an issue in principle, as the keyboard is programmable.

The utility for key programming is rather spartan but functional. It allows to define several profiles, each with four layers switched by the Fn1 and Fn2 keys and its own per-key lighting schemes. Macros are also supported.

I opted for Gateron Silent Brown keys, which turned out to be great for general use, and are sufficiently silent so as not to wake up anyone when I am typing away in the middle of the night. PBT keycaps with their slightly rough texture feel great on touch too. With its aluminium chassis the keyboard is heavier than its size suggests.

I bought this silent Cherry Red MX version to replace my slightly larger Cherry Blue MX switched work keyboard. My work keyboard was too loud especially while on work calls and needing to type whilst talking. I bought this after watching some YouTube reviews.


- Outstanding build quality
- Small, compact size for more desk space
- USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB 2.0 connection (with 2 cables supplied)
- Plug and play on Windows 10 (no drivers disc required)
- Very quiet Cherry Red switches
- Arrow keys


- No Bluetooth

This is the best mechanical keyboard I have owned. I have owned a few, including my full size HyperX gaming rig keyboard. I’m tempted to buy another of these for my gaming rig too. An excellent product.

I've ordered multiple versions of this keyboard by this point. Gateron Yellows, Gateron Reds and a Cherry Silent Red version. The Gateron Yellow had a lot of scratchy keys and keys with more spring ping, but great stabilizers. The gateron red had more consistent keys, one or two with spring ping.. but the stabs weren't lubed enough, resulting in spacebar rattle. Don't forget that these stabilizers are manually lubed by someone, so you might find that whoever done the lubing for your stabilizers might have done a half-assed job. This means it's kind of a lottery buying this keyboard. I like the Gateron Reds the most but the spacebar rattle is quite annoying, so I'm gonna return it and buy another one and hope for the best...

Oh and don't buy the cherry silent reds, the entire keyboard makes metallic noises with every downpress and uppress of a key. Even touching the side of the keyboard. This is consistent with another review I saw on YouTube with the Cherry Silent Reds.