Mobile Game Controller [Upgrade Version] Mobile Gaming Trigger for PUBG/Fortnite/Rules of Survival Gaming Grip and Gaming Joysticks for 4.5-6.5inch Android iOS Phone


  • 【4-IN-1 MOBILE GAME CONTROLLER】: The gaming controller combines wih Gamepad, Gaming Trigger , Phone Cooling Fan and Emergency Charging Bank as one. More than 200,000 tests and improvements have resulted in multiple functional integrations
  • 【POWER BANK】: Built-in 2000 mAh capacity battery, the mobile controller can charge the phone while cooling the phone. Don't worry about running out of battery when you enjoy the game
  • 【COOLING】: It has a powerful heat-dissipating function, which can prevent the phone from overheating for a long time by opening the cooling fan and prolong the service life of the phone and battery
  • 【Simple Operation】With the Mobile Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations.
  • 【Supported Devices】:Designed for games on iPhone and android, PUβG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale,Critical Ops.suitable for all models of 4-6.5-inch iPhone / Android phones.



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PUBG Mobile Controller PUBG

With the Mobile Game Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations.the simultaneous operation of these actions will greatly increase the success of the game.

Playing with 4 fingers

Moving when firing

Improve game experience, to help you be the pro on your game.

Mobile Game Controller

Power Bank

Mobile Gaming Joysticks

fire button

1.Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery,

safe and efficient charging,No worry your mobile phone no enough electricity volume while playing

2.Please use USB cable to charge when the battery of game controller is running low. It means normal charging status when the power indicator of game controller is blinking; similarly, the indicators will be long bright once the battery has been charged completely, USB cable could be removed

With the Built-in cooling fan,

No longer to worry about your cell phone overheating after long time playing games.

It can reduce the phenomenon of device heating in the process of gaming to protect your cell phone.

Packing List:

Mobile Game Controller*1

Charging Cable*1

Silicone pad*2

User Manual*1

Packing Case*1

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Gaming Joysticks

Shoot Aim


  • Supported Games

Fortnite mobile game/ PUβG mobile/ Rules of Survival/ KnivesOut/ CrossFire/ Terminator 2 Judgment Day/ Survivor Royale as long as the game allows customize and drag the keys

  • Work for 4.5-6.5in Phone

Such as iPoneXS/XS MAX/XR/X/8/7/7plus/6s/6splus/6/6plus/5s/5c/5, SamsungS9/S8/S8+/Note8, Nexus5X/6P, LGG5G6V20, Lumia950, Lumia950XL, HuaweiP10/P9/P9Plus, OnePlus2/3, NokiaN1, HTC10,GALAXY as long as the phone which length is within 6.5 inches

Operating Instruction

1. Enter the game main interface, and click the "setting" button;

2. Enter the "setting panel", choose "controller setting" and then click "custom panel"

3. Enlarge the "shooting" button size and move to the top left of screen, move the "aim" key to the top right of screen or adjust as personal preference;

4. Install the Mobile Game Controller, adjust the conductive sillicone head to the "shooting" and "aim" key;

5. Press the metal trigger can achieve shooting;

6. When the phone is of over-temperature, press the switch button on the back side;

7. Please use matched charging cable to charge cellphone needed. One end for phone, the other end-USB port for the output port of mobile controller

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Product information Product Dimensions 3.94 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches Item Weight 7.1 ounces ASIN B07KF1MTRP

 Built very well, easy to use.
Excellent product!
Very responsive, With a nice click to it.
The perfect sensitivity with a nice grip to match!

I've used every product either for myself or friends and they've worked great!

 Very good! Grip feels great, that battery lasts forever, and the fan is strong and quiet. Simple and effective design. Does feel cheap but is surprisingly well made and durable. I toss it into my bag and I don't worry if it will break. It does take time to get used to the triggers and adjusting your HUD settings. Be patient and play against bots to figure it out. This controller will really up your game. I never play a match without it!

Ok so I’ve been using mobile gaming triggers for about a year. I have some really cheap ones that I use all the time and the work 100% of the time. Cheap but reliable.

I’ve had a few sets that didn’t work 100% too.

This product is really nice. The cooling fan really works awesome to keep the phone cool. I don’t see it so much as a phone battery charger though. It wouldn’t work well for that. Would wear the battery down in the controller very fast.

The trigger mechanism works 100% of the time so far. I just got a 16 kill solo win pubg mobile.

If you have an iPhone the only issue is wearing headphones while playing. Where the port is it just lines up in a bad spot and makes it very uncomfortable to play. So I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones and it’s perfect.

I think we’ll worth the price. Great build quality. Now we will see how long the batter holds up and the fan. I’ll update if it breaks.

before this controller..I'm really having troubles to play I'm feeling happy...the controller is lovely design and built in fan include..So,no need to worry about overheating and feel more comfortable than playing with no controller...anyway..I satisfy for buying it..

This is really easy to use and I love the little fan built into the controller, it helps cool my phone while playing my games.

This product is very easy to use. I was able to hold my phone comfortably while playing games and even for just watching videos. I am not a big gamer but this handheld device makes me want to start! It has a great battery life and the fan seems like it does a really good job of cooling my phone down.

The controller is a great buy if you play mobile shooting games. It takes some getting used to if you have been playing without a controller.
I tried a different type of controller that a buddy had, and the shooting buttons were under the controller. This one is so much more comfortable in your hands. It fills really close to an xbox style controller. I did like that his controller came with a plug with different adapters for each phone to be able to charge your phone from the controller.
Overall so far I would recommend this controller to anyone Interested in one. The price is great and the controller does what it is supposed to.

Fits perfectly on my phone and in my hand! The fan is amazing, I was amazed at how much it actually cools the phone during us and the added benefit of it being a portable charger is really awesome. If your phone is USB type C or an iPhone you will need an additional cord to use the charging function (it comes with a USB to micro USB stubby cord). Also wish I knew there was a bigger battery option available, but I didn't even read that it was a portable charger until I saw the sizing on the box label, so my mistake. Looks pretty well made and feels solid in my hands, I have a thin case for my phone but still have to remove my case to use it (this is the only thing bad about it I can see, but few ever work with the case still on)

I bought this product for my brother and he loves it. It takes a bit of getting used to initially but eventually it's easier and fun to use and play. It's a great product!