Redragon M652-BA Wireless Gaming Mouse and Mouse Pad Set, 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse with 2400 DPI and Mouse Pad Combo for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, MacBook


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  • ▼ WIRELESS MOUSE AND MOUSE PAD SET. Comes with an M652 wireless optical mouse with nano receiver and a suitable size mouse pad for your daily use. Saving your time in searching for a mouse and mouse pad separately out of millions on the market.
  • ▼ 5 ADJUSTABLE DPI & 2 POLLING RATE: DPI 800,1200,1600,2000,2400 can be easily changed by order to meet your needs. 2 level polling rate: 125Hz and 250Hz can be switched depending on your activity. USB Nano receiver can be stored in the back of the mouse, allowing ease of storage when not used. No any driver is required, just plug and play.
  • ▼ ACCURATE AND LAG-FREE MOUSE: M652 mouse can not only provide a reliable wireless connection but also an accurate tracking. Allowing you to move your gaming mouse freely without interference within 10m. More flexible for games or work.
  • ▼ULTRA-SMOOTH MOUSE PAD. High-quality fine mesh cloth allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. Experience silky-smooth feel and maximum comfort while you surf the web, work in the office or play your favorite games.
  • ▼ PREMIUM DESIGN: Waterproof Surface, Anti-slip Rubber Base. The waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drinks or other accidents. Heavy duty anti-slip rubber backing keeps it secure in one place



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1. The Back and Forward Buttons are not available for Mac OS because the system itself is a closed one, not open to the public, but the other function can be used normally.

2. No any software is required.

Package Included:

1 X Wireless Mouse (Battery is not included)

1 X USB Receiver

1 x Mouse Pad

1 X User Manual

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Product information Color:Black-1 Mouse+Mouse Pad Package Dimensions 15.8 x 3.3 x 1.9 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces Manufacturer Redragon ASIN B07KC847WC Item model number M652-BA

The mouse seems solidly made and I'm sure it will last for a long time. But the left and right mouse buttons have "sweet spots" and if you don't press on those very small sweet spots the button clicks but nothing happens on your computer screen. As you can imagine, when gaming this is very aggravating to say the least and has resulted in me getting "killed" in combat games several times. I click on a mouse button in the heat of battle and nothing happens. I have to quickly click 2-3 more times while sliding my finger around the mouse button to find the sweet spot. Because of this, I'd guess 3/4 of the buttons are "dead zones" and only about 1/4 of each button results in whatever it is I'm trying to do actually happening. Very disappointed in this mouse. **UPDATE** The vendor read my original review within 24 hours of my posting it and sent a new a new replacement mouse at no charge to me. I therefore upgraded from 2 to 5 stars. Excellent product and customer support.

I am very happy with this mouse. After trying a couple different (non-dongle) bluetooth mice, just to find out they just don't function as well as ones with the dongle, I have finally found one I can be happy with. I am not a gamer, but this mouse works great - with the adjustable DPI and Polling rate - for everything I can throw at it. Everyday use, AutoCAD, surfing, etc.

Update: Mouse doesn't last. The wheel no longer does what it is supposed to. If I track up/down it will bounce around back and forth not following the path I am putting it on.

I would NO LONGER recommend this mouse as I am sure there are others that will last longer than a year.

Got this mouse because I wanted something that was decent enough for a casual gamer but wasn't as expensive as some of the other gaming mice on Amazon. It's pretty good overall, feels great in your palm, except the left and buttons are a little further apart than I like them to be, a little stretched, I don't have small hands. I'm going to give myself some more time to adjust to this new mouse. I like that it has some weight to it and gives it a more durable feeling to it. The weight shouldn't be a problem because you shouldn't be picking up your mouse when you use it, rather you should click the dpi button to get faster movement. There's plenty of DPI settings to choose from that will fit your style. Also, the lights can be turned off by flipping the switch to ECO mode.

After a more expensive gaming mouse failed on me, I decided to just get a cheaper mouse that's "good enough". I saw this mouse as a recommended item and for the price I took the chance. Let me say I'm glad I did. So far, it performs just the same, if not better, than the $100+ mice I've bought in the past.

The quality doesn't feel cheap, but it doesn't feel premium either. I had a Tsing wireless mouse that was about the same price and that one felt cheaply made, but this one feels like it cost about $40-50.

My only concern I can see is that over time the material will wear out quicker than premium mice. I was playing a game for about 2 hours and can see the left mouse button smooth out, but I don't think it'll affect performance. I also wish the sides of the mouse was rubber instead of meshed plastic. Hell, if this thing lasts for only a year I'd still be satisfied considering the price of it.

I really want to like this mouse. The feature set seems great, but maybe I just got a defective unit?

I've used this mouse as my primary gaming and daily driver for about a week or so now. Right out of the box, I was impressed but over time I've started to notice some quirks that make it less than stellar.

The mouse seems to have a tough time picking up very fine/slow movements and maybe even has some kind of acceleration applied in the hardware (I do not use Windows or in-game mouse acceleration but it feels like its still there). In theory, a little acceleration is actually good for aiming in shooters, but its definitely something you'd need to adjust to. It could just be in my mind or a quirk of the wireless connection though.

Also if you use a laptop, depending on where your laptops wifi/bluetooth transmitter is it seems to lose connection every now and then. It re-establishes it automatically but obviously in a gaming-oriented mouse this can be a problem. I imagine a usb extension cable would help but it kind of defeats the point of a wireless mouse!

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be using this mouse for gaming since if a disconnection happens at the wrong moment it means I'll lose.

I purchased the wireless mouse on July 16th. The estimated deliver date was August 6 to August 27. But I was surprised that the package arrived a week early. The mouse came in excellent condition as it was packed in a secured hard plastic box. I started playing with the mouse immediately. The size of mouse is just right and makes comfortable while holding it to play. It works very smoothly. The mouse has 5 DPI levels, which is a very nice feature. You can adjust the mouse’s sensitivity by press the DPI switch button to speed up or slow down the pointer speed. I’m very happy with the product.

I got this mouse purely on the basis of value and the fact it is wireless. I use it both for general use and for gaming. The mouse feels good in the hand, but the grips on the side where your thumb rests leaves a little to be desired - but it feels good for the price.
Size-wise on the moderate sized front - big hands may find this mouse uncomfortable.
There are indeed 5 speed settings that can be scrolled through, and the side buttons are good but may be too high up if you have big hands.
The mouse wheel feels a bit cheap but that's ok, although mine has a minor problem whereby it moves slightly side to side and can begin to rub against the mouse itself, but I don't mind.
The mouse can be turned through eco-mode - the lighting is of, or "on" where it is lit up.
The mouse can either have a 125hz or 250hz polling rate - which is decent enough for gaming and general stuff - but would recommend using the 250hz mode for if you have a 144hz monitor as it can feel jittery otherwise. This can be turned on by holding down the middle mouse button and right mouse button together for 5 seconds.
The mouse mat is a pretty standard mouse mat, not much to add to that.

Overall, this is a good mouse for the price - there are arguably better on the market but this certainly gives the bang for your buck.

See title. A modest looking mouse for a relative pittance. Why spend a £100+ for a pro level TeckNet mouse if you're not a pro level gamer? Sometimes you have to say "this'll do". I do not regret my purchase, the only one stopping me from attaining pro status is myself. Don't blame your equipment. (Unless it's actually broken)
If you have big hands however you may have the occasional issue if you're going hardcore mode, it is not unusual to see cramping. Eco mode makes me feel at ease when I'm not gaming as well so it's all good in the hood. Cheers.

I like how smooth and light it is. I would like more lights.

Amazing product for its value, nice rubberised feel on the top nice light design and a nice plastic grip on the side

Over all can’t complain about the quality for the low price

Totally happy with my purchase. Had it a few months now and it's still going strong! :o)

Loved the packaging the mouse is great, it has a nice sleek design but the a light on the middle mouse button keeps flashing but over all I love it, I recommend it to anyone.

I bought this mouse just over 3 months ago and now and I'm having problem with its connectivity. Disappointing

It feels nice and for the price it's hard to beat. However, so far, batteries seem to die really quickly, even on Eco mode. I'll try a different battery charger to confirm that it is the mouse and not the batteries (We have 4 of these mice in the office). My mouse had an issue where it was stuck auto-scrolling to the right. However, I switched from a USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 port and that seems to have fixed it. Very odd.

-Mouse looks really cool. Amazing sleek presentation.
-Solid build. Buttons click well. Scroll wheel is silent.

-Most mice have felt natural to me out of the box. This is not one of those mice. There's a slight curve on the left side of the mouse which is not ergonomic. It feels like it would have been more comfortable if this curve was not there or if the angle of the curve was more pronounced.
-The sensor feels jerky. Moving my cursor or gliding my mouse on the mouse pad does not feel smooth. Changing DPIs does not help.

I will try to use it for a week and update this review if my experience changes.
Verdict and summary: Weird shape. Flaky sensor. Would not buy again. It feels like a wannabe copy of the Logitech G703.

I bought this mouse for my son as it had good ratings, looked "cool" and was affordable. He used this with his MacBook Pro laptop and it worked well right out of the box. He did not attempt to use all of the buttons and it was mostly wanted for the great cosmetic look. I have absolutely no problems with the way it worked. The problem was the smell of the mouse, my son and I are very sensitive to different scents. It smelled like it was just soldered and thrown in a box and the scent did not dissipate. The company refunded me as it was strange for this to happen. I tried another one. Same problem. Since my son gets migraines so we had to return it.

Nach dem Empfang der Maus und des Mauspads möchte ich eine Weile darüber sprechen. Ich bin zufrieden mit der Wireless-Maus, die sehr empfindlich ist und eine Reichweite von weniger als 10 Metern hat. Die Form der Maus ist ergonomisch und für mich ideal zum Lernen. Das Mauspad ist glatt und funktioniert problemlos. Der Weg ist auch sehr ordentlich. Ich bin zufrieden! Ich habe schon mal einen Redgron gekauft. Jetzt habe ich einen ganzen Redragon Werkzeug. Ich habe beschlossen, Redragon zu kaufen.

Ich hab mir diese Maus als kabellose Ersatzmaus für die Arbeit gekauft und sehr zufrieden damit.
Positive Punkte:
- sie bietet ein relativ schlichtes Design im Vergleich zu anderen Mäusen in dieser Preisklasse auf Amazon
- liegt gut in der Hand (Rechtshänder-Maus)
- gleitet gut über verschiedenste Mauspads

Negative Punkte:
- Es dauert ein paar Tage bis der chemische Geruch verschwindet. Dieser legt sich auch auf die Hände.
- Vorwärts und Rückwarts Button sind wackelig
- Die Rasterung des Mausrads ist schwammig
- Die Softtouch Oberfläche zieht Schmutz und Fingerabdrücke nahezu an
- sehr leicht (Vor- und Nachteil) und klappert ein bisschen

Zusammenfassend muss ich sagen, auch wenn die Maus ein paar Macken hat, für diesen Preis ist sie echt top. Ich würde nun nicht meine Gaming-Maus daheim gegen sie austauschen aber wer eine günstige wireless Maus sucht ist mit dieser gut beraten. Größter Kritikpunk ist wie schon erwähnt der starke chemische Geruch, welcher sich bald verflüchtigt.

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no os gastéis 50 pavos en un ratón, no merece la pena, vengo de un logitech,también tuve uno hp y otro tacens y menos el hp que era malo pero malo de verdad, los demás estaban de bien igual que este pero mas CAROS, lo unico la forma que cada ratón es distinta , este es un ratón grande te abarca toda la mano, se adapta muy bien,el plástico de arriba es muy suave, tiene dos botones laterales como se ve en las imágenes, y un selector de dpi, la rueda se desliza muy bien , de tacto rugoso y de goma

Primarily I used this mouse for gaming. I also have the m711 from Red Dragon (Which is basically the wired version) but the cord was getting annoying.

The M652 worked pretty great for the price. I've only used the same AA batteries since owning it, it will shut off when not using it for a certain amount of time. Clicking will turn it back on pretty quickly.

If you're going to use it for gaming it's important to turn the polling rate up, albeit it doesn't go up much, it makes a difference.

While this is definitely a great mouse, I had to switch back to my M711 because the M652 doesn't pick up very fine movements. I'd say it's definitely suitable for MOBAs and 3rd Person Shooters, etc.
If you're playing anything that requires fine movement like Rainbow Six or CS:GO, then this isn't the mouse for you if you really want to go wireless.

If you're expecting anything more than a pile of potential crap if you spend less than 20$ on a wireless gaming mouse then you're lying to yourself. Just needed this as a desktop mouse not even for gaming so I could reduce cables at work, have since went to a Logitech G203 wired mouse just because of the experience I have had with this one.

Claims to have very low power draw (usually used on Eco mode) but the single AA dies within a week or so (mouse even turns itself off during inactivity which is annoying, considering any AA powered Logi mouse lasts over a year with similar features), and gets very jumpy sometimes regardless of receiver position or battery levels.

Do not buy this mouse as your main gear, spend a little more to get something different.

When it does work (which is seldom), the mouse performs fine, but again if I can't trust it then what is the point?