Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, Gaming Mouse Pad, Gaming Headset Combo All in 1 PC Gamer Bundle for Windows PC – (Black)


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  • RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard: with Wrist Support, 7 different RGB Lighting modes & effects, 4 backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed, Ergonomic designed keyboard with 114 quiet keys, 25 keys without conflict, 10 Dedicated Multimedia keys plus 12 additional FN+ Multimedia keys, WIN key can be disabled for gaming. Non-slip, splash-proof, adjustable keyboard feet for the perfect tip angle, Wired 6ft high-speed USB cable
  • Red Backlit Gaming Mouse; Ergonomic Redragon Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI (user adjustable), 3600 FPS, 30G ACC super-fast game engine, 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8), long-lasting smooth Teflon pads. 6 buttons, 5 user programmable Buttons through Software. 6 ft high-speed USB cable with 3mm diameter high-strength braided fiber cable
  • Large Gaming Mouse Pad: Redragon Gaming Mouse Mat Waterproof, Silk-processed cloth surface ensures smooth, ultra-precise mouse movements. Underside is made of anti-slip natural processed foam rubber offering great flexibility, adjusting to different surfaces. Stitched Edges prevent damage and curling
  • Lightweight Redragon Gaming Headset with Microphone: Stereo headset with 103dB sensitivity and 40mm directional drivers delivering extreme audio precision. Ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming sessions through Noise Reducing Closed Ear Cups using Soft Comfortable Signature Memory Foam with highly adjustable headband for perfect fit. 6 ft durable high-quality cable with 3.5mm plug incl. 3.5mm Y-adapter. Works also with PC, Laptop, Tablet, PS4, Xbox One
  • PC Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Package Contents: Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard, M601 Gaming Mouse, Gaming Mouse Pad, H101 Gaming Headset and user manual



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Product information Color:Black Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Headset Mousepad Set Product Dimensions 5.04 x 19.29 x 8.82 inches Item Weight 2.2 pounds Manufacturer Redragon ASIN B06ZYMQYCW Item model number Combo S101-BA

Headset mic stopped working after a few weeks of using it. I popped it open and fiddled with the wires and got an extra day out of them. They are just cheap thin wires that won't last long.
The keyboard has comfortably raised buttons and good feel. It is a little bulky but I don't mide that. I don't like the functions of the backlights though. Every time I restart, it goes back to flashing like crazy and I have to manually hit the buttons to make it slow back down to my intended function.
The mouse and pad are great. I just wish the mouse had four side buttons instead of two but I like the feel of it and how it handles.

Overall, can't forgive the broken mic and seizure inducing strobe lighting on the keyboard. Reason for the four stars.

I bought this for my 11 yo bc he has been wanting to try the PC style of gaming with his PS4 and a regular smart tv & not a monitor or actual computer. In our case this bundle has been pretty amazing the first few hours. He is adapting to play Fortnite and loves the red dragon bundle with the red and black. Everything has been very useful. The PS4 knew automatically the keyboard and mouse were hooked up and most of the controls were shown on the game display just as they would with a PS4 controller. The only thing we can’t figure out is how to change the lights bc he doesn’t like the rainbow lol. But the feel and features of the keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad are very impressive for the price. I am so glad I didn’t pay more for another “brand name” set or for that matter, buying individually. Amazon 1, best buy 0! Great buy. Completely recommend.

So I've been building a gaming setup at home. I have bought and upgraded a Dell Inspiron 7577 (same as G5's now) over the past year, including buying a 120Hz LED panel upgrade (see review). I recently bought a MSI 32" curved gaming monitor and now wanted to complete the setup with a wired keyboard and mouse.

I'm a casual gamer and didn't really want to spend a lot for a setup. Originally, I was looking at keyboards alone for about $100 but then I decided to see if I could find a combo for cheap but well rated. I found this set and jumped at the chance. It was quite a bit cheaper than I had expected to pay but it also included a headset. Initial impressions were very positive. Product was packaged in a great box with each part individually segmented. No issues with damage, very nice product packaging, definitely not a fly by night company with made in china generic box packaging.

So my comments are related to the cost that I paid. I'm not going to expect the world of what I got b/c I know I didn't pay much at all. Keyboard is pretty nice feel. It of course is not mechanical with the clicking but though I would like that I was not willing to spend for it. Graphics are pretty classy and go with the red dragon I have for the MSI gaming monitor. The one major miss is there is no software for the keyboard and whatever customizations you set are lost the minute you reboot. LIke if you want a red keyboard all the time, you have to set it every time you start your computer, your laptop up.

Mouse is similarly good. Default resolution is much higher than my normal office mouse so I had to adjust so that I could move the mouse at a speed I was used to. The headphones also look pretty understated but the sound quality is definitely meh. Again, I'm fine with everything. I have a gamer setup for when I occassionally want to play games. It is not bad with the branding and graphics whereas there were many keyboards/mice that looked cheap or had horrid fonts/graphics. Can't speak to reliability and performance but will add that after a few months of gaming.

This bundle is the best 39$ I’ve spent in who knows how long. The mouse is made well and looks like it won’t be having buttons or side grips falling off like others I’ve had in the past. The headset quality is great, and they keyboard is cool too. Did I mention the free mousepad that’s waterproof? Thanks challengerusa

This was a gift for my son's birthday, it came just in time to get it wrapped for his party, he was happy to receive this gift and I was extremely happy Amazon got it to us on time, the packaging was perfect, my son hooked it up after his party, he loves the mouse and keyboard and mouse pad, the headset is a bit on the smaller side he says so I don't think he'll be using that much but he has another one, he had a great party and I thank my Amazon for getting his gifts here on time

The keyboard responds really well and has very nice appearance.
The head set works really well with good sound quality and I like the fact I can use it on my cell phone as well.
I have not tried out the microphone as of yet, so can't give any info as yet.
NOW, we come to the mouse. In order to get all the programing for the mouse after searching the web I finally contacted the company about the software and they gave me a link to download it.
Here is why I gave it ONE STAR! After downloading it, they said to use WIN.RAR to open it. Ok fine, but the kicker is that in order to open it with WIN.RAR you have to purchase it for $22.00. NOT! It should not cost me to get the software. I did notice that if you purchase the REDRAGRON CENTROPHORUS MOUSE separate you get the software for free.
So, I guess I have a mouse that is useless!
Will get in touch with AMAZON and see if I can return for a refund!
They probably will not, but it is worth a try!

A little hesitant to order this without any reviews, but glad I did. Shipping was quick and packaging was good.

I like that it's not a slimline keyboard with those little pressure switches, not entirely sure about the internals but its got keys like a regular keyboard. The keys are a little louder than those super slim keyboards, but much quieter than regular ones. The lighting effects are really cool.

I bought the higher end mouse prior to buying this package and i love that one. I haven't used the one that came with the set, but im sure it will be awesome.

Not as good as my Beats wireless studios but it will get the job done.

HUGE! love it, buying another one. big enough for my mouse, iphone, and a drink. be careful, i know.

I was originally looking for a headset and came across this. It was great value and I did want a keyboard and mouse.
The keyboard and mouse are great, just as pictured and have great response. The mouse has the button to turn up the pointer speed as well as the page forward and back buttons. The keyboard is comfortable and the lights are a cool feature. As for the headphone, which is really the only thing I wanted from the start are terrible. Cheap build quality, not very comfortable, the mic is average and the sound it produces is sub par.
You get great products for what you pay for but if your looking for a decent headset, look elsewhere

had a few different ones but this the best yet.

This product is just a crap.. don't buy this......
Keyboard is made of cheap material and RGB on it is just CHEAP. It is not at all comfortable for Gaming. And it's look 1) is just disgusting. Ps:- Just don't go for picture.
2) Headphone is also made up of some cheap material and it has no bass also sound quality is very poor also it is very uncomfortable for a long time.
3) Mouse is somewhat good but not very comfortable for gaming also It has only one light no RGB.
The only thing which was good was mouse pad.

And at last, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN THIS PRODUCT they will ship you with a replacement . WHO WANT THAT ??

Awesome price & items ($59.99 - Older version/8 Multimedia keys)! I use it everyday & for gaming!
I love the lit up keyboard as it's hard to see keys when playing in the dark, I use RED for colour.
The rubber on the bottom of the mousepad really grips my desktop. I didn't even remember reading that the keyboard is spill resistant (awesome bonus, I keep my drinks on the floor outside my desk legs so I don't kick it over as I did twice in the past). The mouse pad is holding up in perfect shape, with no edge fraying. I scrub the top surface once a month and still looks brand new!
I only started using the headset a few months ago (due to COVID-19). This way I can listen to music at volume 10-12 out of 100 instead of at 6 out of 100 with pc speakers while playing ETS2, ATS & rF. The head & ear pads are nice and soft, good sound quality & blocking out pc fans & other sounds. I don't use the boom mic as I do my pc gaming from 12am-4am and others in the house prefer to sleep. The long chord is great reaching from my pc tower to my sitting tilted back at 110 degrees in my GT Racing gaming chair with OMP 4 cam racing harness.
I use the mouse in 2,400 dpi with all 8 weights installed, compared to my Wireless HP mouse at 2,000 dpi which also feels a lot lighter without weights.
I'm left handed, I don't use the 2 side keys on the mouse (as I never had any in the past) as I have a tendency of placing my pointing finger on the left mouse button. I use my left hands middle finger & thumb to grip and move the mouse around with - I sometimes end up pushing in one of the 2 side buttons & when surfing nothing happens. So, I release my grip and voila...solved!
Only 1 Tiny Complaint...
- the red led on the mouse, I read somewhere on the internet that there is only 1 LED inside? (angled light part by the 2 buttons never lit up since using it).
But...I LOVE IT!!!

~The headset is comfortable, lightweight, and crystal clear - mic is great, speakers could use a small boost but I'm very slightly hearing impaired so that's on me.
~keyboard is virtually silent when typing, very lightweight, small enough to fit on my compact corner desk (which was a pleasant surprise as most gaming boards are too wide), yet not too small to be comfortable!
~the mouse is great, easy to program buttons, fits nicely in my hand, the gritty powder-ish finish (like very fine sandpaper?) is fantastic for gaming - zero sweaty slippage even in full-on battle ;-) the weights were perfect out of the box, and the design is incredibly sharp to look at..
~the mousepad was surprising too - very smooth, thick enough to be substantial, no slippage at all, and really great looking.

It's a great combo and I love everything but the keyboard came broken.. the left shift key does not work which really makes me mad when I play. The mouse is good but even with the weights it's too light. The mouse pad is awesome and the headset is not noise canceling and feels like its cheap quality. ( The headset does not come with a dongle so you need to ports one for the mic and one for the sound).

quick review :

mouse - awesome, great feel, one click dpi change is great too, but i never use it.

Keyboard - i love it, great feel, doesnt feel cheap. media buttons all work, the LED has multi functions (pulse, solid, off, carousel, rainbow), multi color (green, purple, lime, cyan,white, dark blue, red, rainbow)

headset - speakers, mic does not. really didnt want to return the product because the microphone didnt work. sound quality of the speakers was great though.

2/3 for this price was a great deal regardless. definitely reccomend the other two pieces. and the headsets sound quality was actually great.

First off, you have to know that this is not some $200 keyboard, mouse and headset for $60, but it most definitely worth more than $60. The keyboard is pretty cool how the lights change and cycle. The keys feel solid when typing. The mouse is responsive and comfortable, and having the back and forward buttons are super handy. The headset is less than stellar, but, they work well, sound is clear and mic is good. If you're looking for pounding bass, spend a little more, but if you're just using for gaming, these will do the job well.
My son uses this package for his online gaming, hooked up to his Xbox One and he says it works great. He claims that his level of play has actually gone up since making the switch from using the standard controller to the keyboard/mouse combo, I'll let that speak for itself to those that it's useful to.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for cost effective combo pack.

I have grown to adjust to the use of the keyboard. The buttons are a bit taunt, but it is well designed, colourful, easy to use. The mouse pad and mouse are nice to use together, the pad being larger than normal. The addition of the headset is essential for games or listening to music. I am really glad that I bought Red Dragon, and specifically this 3 combination. The headset plays well with my PS4. The keyboard is USB, which is crucial to being modern. I recommend this bundle, which I got before the price jack. 50 bucks well spent.

I'm not a gamer, just a girl that likes colours on the keyboard. It has a nice feel to it, the colours are awesome. I love the mouse, especially the "back" button on the left side of it, wouldn't live without it. I would say if you're a light gamer that would be a perfect product. I'm sure the heavy gamers know everything about computers and would be able to decide on their own, but this one is just fine. I like this bundle a lot.

Took a week to find drivers and it still doesn't work. I have 3 keys not working as well as some keys do weird things like restart my Pc, the 3 key did that!! That was the keyboard, otherwise it is an amazing set. Fast nice sized mouse, Headset is good clear sound not a ton of base once again drivers were all but obscure, mouse pad is thick well made, a great set by a great name and well worth the $50 for the 3 pieces even with a defective keyboard, which in all honesty was probably the delivery company who delivered the box outs9ide to the house three over from me in a snowstorm, so that the cardboard was paste and it wasn't second boxed like amazon does, they shipped electronics in the original box and the delivery guys left it outside, in my town I was very lucky to have gotten as it wasn't even delivered to me either but my neighbor! I would recommend the set but not sure if it is seller or delivery company I wouldn't recommend?

First, this keyboard is very nice to type on. Love the backlighting once you figure out to keep it from flashing (FN + home are your best friend). I agree with another review that the wrist guard is way too short as I'm using this to replace an old microsoft digital mulimedia board (which had a detachable wrist guard.) This keyboard is a bit smaller than that one is actually what I was looking for anyway. Will just get some taking used to. Haven't used the mouse yet as looking for a new laptop and the headphones are okay. I bought this for the price, the gaming keyboard and mouse. So so far, pretty good. It's the wrist guard which brings it down just a notch.

I have used this now for 9 months now. When I first bought for my first budget PC build, I didn't want to spend too much on Mouse and Keyboard so I bought this for time bring and this gaming set fit perfect for my PC budget build. I was going for a Red and Black theme for my pc, so this was a plus. I decide to to get this set as it only cost $50 CAD (the cheapest for what yiu can get on Amazon CA at that time) and came Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Mousepad and Gaming headset.

Knowing this was the cheapest set Amazon offered and comparing all prices with other brands and set, I was really not expecting much from this Red Dragon gaming set. I had bought it with the intention of replacing it the future, but now I feel like there is no need to replace it. Though contrary to my expectation, surprisingly this turned out 10x better.

Mouse - This is an amazing mouse it has one click DPI change which is great and the mouse feels really smooth. Even though its plastic material, it feels great and has a nice glossy matte touch finish. 5/5

Keyboard - This has to be the main reason I got bought this. This literally had the LED multi functions (pulse, solid, off, carousel, rainbow), multi color (green, purple, lime, cyan,white, dark blue, red, rainbow), which I really wanted for my build. The material is plastic, but typing and button feels great. Though its on the quite side, not that I'm complaining. 5/5

Headset - Headset worked okay at first. Sound was nothing great and I didn't expect much from it based on other reviews. My headphone broke and stop working enirely after about 3-4 months. The meterial of the headphone was cheap light plastic with glossy finish. Though in my opinion I just think of as an add on gift. And this is the only reason I put 4 stars. 2/5

Mouse Pad - Nothing much to say, this is a nice little add on gift that works perfectly fine as it should with no complaints. Mouse feels smooth as butter on this gaming pad, and the giant Red Dragon red and black logo looks awesome. 5/5

Overall, for this price was a great deal- no its an amazing deal! Disregarding the crappy headphone, this still is a steal even when just regarding the gaming mouse, keyboard and the mouse pad.

Reccomendation - Yes, you should definently get it, amazing value for the buck.

Overall rating- 4.5/5

Very good product, the keyboard is nice with lots of options for the RGB lights. Everything is plug n play and doesn't feel cheap. The mouse has only 1 color but with breathing effect. The mouse pad is HUGE and very good looking. The headset has double jack, but it comes with an adaptor to a single one. Got it today, and I just tested it (except the headset) and it works well. Mouse even has adjustable weight, which is a nice extra feature

Everything works. Plug and play, no software required. The keyboard changes colour by holding "FN" for function and arrow keys, insert, delete, page up, page down, home and end. They are preset colours and patterns. The mouses sensitivity is changed through Window's mouse settings. The headphones we didn't try because leather sucks lol.