Touch Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2, Anti-Throw Handle Sleeve Oculus Quest 2 Accessories with Nylon Adjustable Wrist Knuckle Strap(Black)


  • Unique Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2: The adjustable wrist knuckle strap adopts the same material as the Apple Watch Nylon Band. The double-layer nylon weave has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. Soft, breathable, lightweight, and easily adjustable.
  • Premium Material Cover: The grip cover was made of high-quality TPU plastic, non-slip, durable, and comfortable.
  • Perfect Match: Specially designed upgrade version for Oculus Quest 2 ensures 100% matching. Unlike the early version launched when Oculus Quest 2 was released, all of them were only suitable with the Quest but not the Quest 2.
  • Easy to Install & Remove: The touch controller and the anti-throw handle sleeve are firmly fixed by a velcro strap. The handle sleeve is tied with a three-position adjustable and fixed, and the tightness is adjusted according to the size of each person's own palm.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: The product package does NOT INCLUDE the touch controllers! 18-month product warranty and 24x7 hrs friendly customer service.



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Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Controller Grip Accessories Anti-Throw Handle Sleeve with Adjustable Hand Strap(Black)

Product information Color:Black ASIN B08P2NLNS1

These are great grips. I was worried about my younger kids playing with the controllers and drop/throwing when playing. These grips keep the controller in hands and comfortable. My only concern it the wear of the velcro but it’s too early to tell.

I love these sleeves. It’s gives your hands time to relax while playing, instead of gripping the controller the whole time. Plus, when it comes to games like Echo VR, my throwing is a LOT more accurate, leading to improved gameplay and performance on my part.

Very awesome upgrade to my Quest 2. The covers are fairly thick and the hole for the original Quest 2 lanyard is super tight if you want the slider to fit thru but that isn’t a huge deal. You’ll have to remove them in order to replace the batteries in the controllers but they seem to last long enough it’s not a big issue. Made them much more comfortable to use without worrying about them slipping out of your hand. Overall, great recommendation!

They are a big improvement over the slick plastic on the controllers. For those who have action games or get sweaty hands they are must. Fits tight as they should so they don't move or slide out, plus have a velco retaining strap so they can't ever fall off. Additionally they have an adjustable hand strap that keeps the controllers on your hands. This is awesome if you need to adjust the goggles because they stay on your hands instead of shoving the controller in a pocket or setting down. The instructions images aren't too good and took a bit to figure it out. Just find one online and look at it and it becomes obvious.

These do exactly what they say they will. The instructions are not that good, but I figured it out and its not all that difficult The materials are sturdy and they work very well once you get used to the feel. Pain in the A$$ to replace batteries since you have to remove it, but thats really a minor complaint. I think these would-be better priced at 9.99 though.. Not sure the benefits are worth 20 USD

Theseis a great grips. They make using the Quest 2 100% better, as the controllers are attached to your hands so you don’t have to grip onto them. Unfortunately, the instructions to assemble them are absolutely terrible. There are no words, just tiny photos that are impossible to see. You are on your own trying to figure it out, and it isn’t easy, but worth the effort once you do.

Excellent! Now I can work out without worrying about throwing my controllers across the room. It was a little tricky to thread the wrist loops through, but considering I will probs never take these things off the controllers, I don't mind! They fit nice and snuggly around the controllers, which is definitely what you want. Great value for the price.

Solid protection and improved grip, slightly wonky to set up and could use instructions. Had to go off the pictures on the item for set-up but overall not bad. Placement of some of the holes are a little uncomfortable but could just be a need to get used to it.