LICHIFIT Soft Sweat-Proof Silicone Eye Mask Cover Controller Handle Protective Case for Oculus Quest VR Headset and Controller


  • Eye mask cover for Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headest and protective case cover for Oculus Quest Controller.
  • Made of silicone material, sweat-proof, light leak-proof, skin-friendly and soft without pricking the face
  • Easy to use, easy to replace and install
  • Considerate design of eye mask cover fits most faces
  • The items protect your equipment from shocks and bumps and extend service life.



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Color:eye mask cover+controller cover,black

3 Colors for choice: Black, Red, Blue
2 model for choice: Eye Mask Cover, Eye Mask Cover+2 Controller protective case
Material: Silicone
Compatible with: Oculus Quest VR headset and controller
Packaging includes:
1x Eye mask cover
2 x Controller protective case (PCS)

Product information Color:eye mask cover+controller cover,black Package Dimensions 7.48 x 5.2 x 1.26 inches Item Weight 2.82 ounces ASIN B07WZZ11B3

This thing is cheap, blocks out light comming into the mask, keeps your headset from getting stinky, and grips your face better without feeling uncomfortable. It checks all the boxes!

This is great!! A must have to protect the foam headpiece from sweat, easy to wash after use The grip on the controllers is great so you dont drop the controller. Fits Oculus quest perfectly. Great buy!

the only thing worth getting from this are the hand grips. the VR mask covering does not fair well, on my Oculus it is flimsy, and does not fit securely it also keeps the sensor activated so the unit dies if not plugged in. final thoughts, grips great, mask is useless.

It’s cheap, and does what it promises. What you don’t take into account, though, is how it can cause your oculus to slide down your face if you sweat while wearing it. It also isn’t the greatest fit; it could have been made to better fit the oculus. It slips right on, therefore it slips right off. Keeps your oculus quite clean, though. You get what you pay for.

great on my oculus quest fit perfect

Works great easy to clean

So good. If you are into having a non-soggy face mask, this is a good way to go.

Liked it for the price.

This is a soft rubber COVER that fits over the existing foam padding but it is a bad fit and covers the sensor window enough to keep the oculus on all the time which drains the battery. Don't recommend this. Also took 10 days to arrive but it was quicker than the estimated date which was 30th Nov even though i ordered it on the 5th. Don't waste your money.

This is a good buy, it completely stops sweat dead in its tracks from being soaked up by the original face protector. The silicone barrier is great for repelling sweat and blocking out light. Also easy to clean, when it's get grimmy, just whip it off and wash with a touch of soap, dry with a cloth and you're ready to game again. Only issue I had would be the fitment. When your face gets a little sweaty and sticks to the silicone mask it can pull the protective silicone off from its fixtures on the original protective layer that Oculus provide. No big deal but would of liked to see a more secure fit of the silicone onto the original face protection from Oculus. Certainly not a valid reason to hold back from buying one though!

The material is very soft and comfortable on the face - seems to leave less marks when worn for a hour. The piece around the nose blocks out more light giving you a more immersive experience. It is not 5* as the design does not hug the goggle and therefore can slip out of place when putting the headset on.

The controller covers do a good job but the eye mask cover ,whilst stopping any perspiration being absorbed into eye mask, disappointingly ,causes a seal and that in turn causes the lenses and my glasses to fog up after a short while. So really not worth buying. (The eye mask extension piece is fitted).

Not perfect but if you put it on right does the job very well. Cannot imagine playing games which are more physically demanding without it, especially boxing.
THE CHEAPEST SELLER I'd found on Amazon or eBay at the time of purchase. Arrived very fast. Cheers.

Works well.

I’ve only given 4 stars because of the fit on the existing eyepiece. Despite the poor fit and the fact it has a tendency to slip off when removing, it does cut out all light pollution, is easy to clean and was great value for money.

Super easy to clean, they fit well and overall work great for workout sessions.

Very good and essencial acessory for the quest

Good for the money

This was a gift for Christmas which they have been wanting for a while

Es basicamente lo que necesitaba para mis Quest, antes todo el sudor lo absorbía la esponja facial, ahora le pasas un paño y listo. Mucho más higiénico.

El único problema que he tenido es que la parte que tapa la nariz y evita que entre la luz, en mi caso me aplastaba la nariz. He optado por recortarlo, aunque queda un poco feo.

Pensaba que era una pieza de silicona con la misma forma y volumen que la pieza original y no se trata de una lamina o funda de 1 mm de espesor que recubre la pieza original, no proporciona ninguna ventaja, solo que se te pega a la piel y hace que. se te muevan menos las gafas eso si, a cambio de sudar mas i tener la piel pegada a la silicona, no es lo que buscaba.

la maschera si adatta perfettamente al Quest nella parte superire, solo la parte inferiore che copre il naso ha un bordo troppo sottile e non si aggancia bene, per questo do 4 stelle e non 5. Ottima per evitare di sporcare la spugna del visore con sudore o trucco

Una de las esquinas del protector facial donde sujeta por la parte de arriba ha venido rota, y no lo cambio porque tendría que devolver los protectores de los touch y esos están bien.