DeadEyeVR Integrated Rift S Headphones - Rift S Specific Headphones That Conveniently Attach to the Oculus Rift S Headset


  • Purpose Built: Integrated Rift S Headphones are specialty headphones designed to wrap around the Rift S headset
  • Tangle free: Headphones are attached to the Rift S head-strap so they stay out of your way
  • Easy: Headphones are attached right next to your ears so they're accessible when you take the headset on and off
  • To install: Plug the headphones into the headset, feed the headphone wire into the oculus cable clip, route the long headphone wire through the head strap velcro in the back, and lastly use a velcro tie to attach the long earphone to the side of the headset.
  • Contains 1 Pair of Integrated Headphones, 2 velcro strips



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DeadEyeVR Integrated Rift S Headphones allow you to easily attach headphones to your Rift S. The headphones route around the back of your headset so they do not dangle and get in your way. They stay attached to your headset so you they are easy to use when you take your headset on and off.

Product information ASIN B08287GMWF

I have to say that this item is overpriced specially taking into account the low resolution and how it affects frame rates even on a top performance computer. I bought this item specifically for flight simulator but the resolution is to low and it affect performance. Also, there are not many games to play with this device and the fact that it has an annoying cable makes it even worst.

Easy to set up and a great quality experience. I have never had tracking issues or problems with the screen inside the headset. My only problem is having to unplug and plug back in the headset display port and usb cables every time I start my computer or after I have closed the oculus app. Not a huge problem, but I do hope they solve the issue. Not having to fiddle with sensors every time I use the device has made this 100% worth it to upgrade from the oculus rift to the Rift S.

One of The best PC linked VR headset. I am not using any external sensors and don't feel I am losing performance. The cost May seem high but well worth it for serious Gamer.

This is a real crappy pair of earbuds. They don't fit into my ears at all and they don't provide multiple sized rubber inserts. Completely useless!

Audio quality wasn’t awesome but way better than the stock “earphones” in the headset. Didn’t come with different sizes for different ear holes but if other in-ear headphones fit you then you shouldn’t have trouble. Great for 360 degree games where directional sound is needed.

Overall I find these integrated headphones to be well made and produced pretty good sound quality. I don't blast sound at 100 percent so distortion is very minimal. The wire lengths are slightly longer than needed but the included straps take care of the additional length. All in all a good purchase for the price.

Work great. Very happy. Easy to install great sound

Honestly if you just need earbuds then it's ok. But the Mic is horrible. I know it was 10 bucks, but the mic is so bad why did they even include it? You have to nearly put it against your lips in order to be heard. Ear buds are fine though