Age of Empires Collector's Edition - PC


  • 11 New Units: Including the Huns' Tarkan, the Korean War Wagon and Turtle Ship, plus the Aztecs' Plumed Archer 26 New Technologies: One for each civilization, including Chinese Rocketry and British Yeoman
  • New Game Types: Experience new challenges with `Wonder Race', `Defend the Wonder' and `King of the Hill' Real World Maps: Based on geographical locations such as Britain, France, and Italy
  • Command Allied Computer Players: Use chat commands to order allies to attack, tribute resources, and build an economy or military Smart Villagers: Villagers work smarter, build walls more intelligently, and gather resources automatically after constructing a drop-off building.
  • Farms Automatically Replant: Queue farms so they replant after being harvested Battering Rams: Units can garrison inside Battering Rams for protection, or to increase the Ram's speed when attacking foes.



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This special edition single DVD-ROM package includes both Age of Empires plus the Age of Empires Rise of Rome Expansion pack AND Age of Empires II with Ages of Empires II The Conquerors Expansion Pack.

Age of Empires - Gold Edition

How will you rule the world? Conquer enemy civilizations? Discover the world’s secrets? Accumulate wealth? As the guiding spirit of a Stone Age tribe, follow one of these paths to build the greatest civilization on earth.

Experience all the conflict, intrigue, greed, and power as you create the most feared and celebrated civilization in history, The Roman Empire. Created by the developers of the award-winning real-time strategy game, Age of Empires, The Rise of Rome lets you play an active role in directing the ascension of the infamous Roman Empire.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium 166 or higher processor
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 680 MB of available hard-disk
  • Quad-speed or faster DVD-ROM drive
  • Super VGA monitor supporting 800 x 600 resolution
  • 16 MB Graphics card, DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • Windows compatible sound card, DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • 28.8 modem or higher (recommended) for Internet play

Product information ASIN B00004ZB2I Release date November 2, 2000

Edited, I did have problems with this game after I put it on a newer computer with a newer graphics card, but this addition to my post is to tell you how to get past the graphics problems.

First right click the program in the start menu / programs or as I did, I made a desktop shortcut and right click it there. You will see troubleshoot compatibility and click that in the menu, it will fix it to work and then click test to run it. It will also ask if you want to save the configuration but it never does for me. I love the game though and better than buying an old xp unit to run it on.

Hope that helps someone.

Well I finally got it. I say this because it was supposed to be delivered on the 3rd, and now it is the 7th, no fault to the seller though. This is Amazon's blunder with the help of USPS.

I love this game. I used to play it for hours on end in about 2001 up.

I also have the Age of Empires 3 collection.

My two collection bit the dust, just too much moving around and all.

If you want to find some really cool tricks then check out [...]

I can't have enough pros for this game and seems to work on windows 10 and 8.1 after installing directplay.

It runs beautifully.

Thank you.

This is one of the best strategy war games around, as it is of course a classic. It is a ton of fun, even though you will find yourself playing mainly just the conquerors edition because it is simply the best. The only problem with these games are that they are not designed for the newer operating systems. You will find some trouble making the game run completely smooth, as it was specifically designed for older operating systems. All around still a great game and well worth the $7. Packaging was good and shipping was just on time!

My kids all love this, and one decided his friend couldn't live without it, so we got it for him as a birthday present. They actually play this at school, under the supervision of one of their tech teachers, when they're done with assignments, on several computers together, and have a blast. Not the most historically accurate game you've ever seen, but enough to make it a double benefit---great game play, and they even learn something useful from it! Not just history, but strategic planning, much like chess in some ways, and cooperation. Great value.

Age of Empires never gets boring. The game has a very nice feel to it. There are lots of map types, good variety of units and civilizations, and the community for it is very established. Take a look at and you will see thousands of contributions including custom scenarios, utilities, and mods and it will be pretty obvious. If you want to play multiplier, check out GameRanger or Voobly. For a 14-year old title, I am very impressed. For AoE2, be sure to get the Forgotten Empires unofficial expansion. It adds a few more civilizations and nice features including custom video resolutions.

This classic ancient-history strategy game--along with its expansion, and its sequel, and its sequel's expansion--is just as fun now as it was when it was first released. At this price, with all four classic renditions on one disc, you can't go wrong. But this review isn't just about why you should buy this game. It's also about one technical glitch you should know about. This game doesn't appear to work with the graphics in newer, Windows-based machines. For example, I have Vista. This game won't work until I do the following: Click the Window logo in the bottom left-hand corner; in the search box, type "Device Manager"; once in Device Manager, disable the graphics thingy under "Display adapters"; restart the computer. Once I do that, the computer restarts and the graphics look a little funky. But when I play the game, it works--and it looks just as great as it did 10+ years ago. Not much of an inconvenience, and totally worth it.

Plays just the way I remember. It installs just fine on Windows 10 & 7 if you install it right, what I found is with W10 it must be installed in all in the same folder in “windows program files” or it will scatter all over the C drive you may have to create a folder for it but it should work fine. With W7 I had to create a folder because it wouldn’t do so itself. Have fun and play well.

I just ordered this set but I'm a previous owner of both games and expansions, my discs either stopped working or were lost while moving. The amount of hours I spent playing Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is insane. Never before I touched a game that was so addicting. I was new to the whole RTS genre, and still to this day I haven't played a game that matches up to it. StarCraft is a definite contender, but it's a different type of RTS. Age of Empires III has nothing on the past games, music included. It's a shame the online servers were taken down, but there are still ways to play these classic games online, google is your friend!

At less than $10 for two games and two great expansions you are getting not hours, you're getting days, weeks and months of playtime. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion took everything that made Age of Kings great and made it even better, there's no other way to put it.

I'm serious when I say I did better in some of my history classes thanks to the campaign mode where you re-live the stories of El Cid, Joan of Arc and others. You can also add a lot of user-created maps and features which include the popular Tower-Defense genre, additional adventures, different sprites/characters and even more game modes.

Interested in checking out how the series started? Try the originals included in the bundle. You can see which things changed drastically in the sequel and those that kept on going. The style changed quite a bit and so did the general feel of the game, but you can still play the originals just fine, albeit with a few outdated features compared to the sequel (villagers don't automatically gather resources, although that was added in The Conquerors.

Simply put, love RTS? Want a classic bundle for a low price? Get this. The Age of Empires II + Expansion bundle actually costs more than this one!

It's good. It is a shame that Steam's HD Edition multiplayer is different to the normal edition multiplayer. But I have computers at home which aren't good enough to run the Steam version - I use them for friend gaming parties for old classic RTS games.

As expected.

Wasn't expecting it to be cellophane sealed. Favourite game as a kid and still a firm favourite now. Wololo!

Classic games all together

Awesome game. Brand new unpacked copy. I am even thinking of keeping it sealed forever :D
JK. Will install it just after submitting this review.

Excellent service and product, got mine early which was a nice shock. I would recommend to others :)

I love this game

Perfect package for old timers. It works with windows 10. The Conquerors however does not work unless you are looking for patches. The nice thing is that with this DVD edition, once installed you don't need the disc anymore (except for the campaigns of course).

Ho acquistato questo prodotto per regalarlo. I tempi di spedizioni sono stati quelli previsti al momento dell'acquisto.Confezione intatta e gioco perfettamente funzionante.

Tutto come descritto. Gioco espansione x Pc.. Ottimo. Imballo e tempi di consegna. Attenzione non è il gioco bensì l'espansione del gioco

Always liked it

Ottimo acquisto

My childhood has been restored. Love this game.

Un ottima versione da collezione che racchiude i primi due capitoli e le relative espansioni di una saga veramente imperdibile per gli amanti del genere.

unico neo, quando è arrivato il dvd ballava all'interno della custodia, cioè non era fissato. Per il resto il gioco funziona senza nemmeno un graffio, per fortuna