ROCCAT RAIVO 2mm High-Velocity Ergonomic Gaming Mousepad, Midnight Black


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  • Micro-Granular Speed Surface for ultra-fast gliding with mega-precise control
  • Integrated Flex-Support Plate for max stability with the longest play comfort
  • Ergonomic Battle-Shield shape with wrist cut-out for top combat effectiveness
  • Non-slip rubber backing for worry-free warfare during even the most hectic battles
  • Dirt-resistant coating for tracking interference protection; easy to clean
  • Micro-Granular Speed Surface -for ultra-fast gliding with mega-precise control
  • Integrated Flex-Support Plate-for max stability with the longest play comfort



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Color:Midnight Black

Unleashing the battle-ready ROCCAT Raivo - high-velocity gaming mouse pad. The Raivo comes complete with three optimized layers - for perfect combat-precision. With a non-slip rubber back, an integrated support plate, and an innovative micro-granular surface, your ROCCAT mouse will glide over the Raivo like an eagle - super slick. Available in three kickass colors: stealth black, lightning blue and midnight black. The micro-dots on the granular Raivo surface are designed with laser precision to be extra small. The result? An impossibly smooth and slick surface that your mouse will glide over without restriction, and ultra-precise tracking that will have you take your prey down in record time. The innovative Raivo surface works a treat with both laser and optical mice. Featured in the Raivo is an integrated flex-support plate, making the mouse pad stable, durable and ideal for any desk or table. Since the plate is semi-flexible, it ensures the pad will never warp or lose its shape. At the same time, it is solid enough to sit in perfect harmony on whatever surface you put it in. The Raivo features an ingenious, Ergonomic Battle Shield Shape, so that your wrist will sit in the optimum position for avoiding muscle strain or fatigue - ideal for lengthy battles. It also perfectly complements the super slick Raivo surface, so that you can track with relative ease - not having to stress about your sleeve clashing with the mouse pad. Thanks to its grip-hard traction orbs, the rubber backing on the Raivo will ensure your mouse pad will stay exactly where you put it - and simply won't budge an inch. What does this mean? You can maintain unbroken concentration during hectic gaming sessions, because your mouse pad won't move around and let you down.

Product information Color:Midnight Black

Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand ROCCAT Item model number ROC-13-302 Hardware Platform PC Operating System Windows Vista;Windows XP;Mac;Linux Item Weight 3.2 ounces Product Dimensions 13.77 x 10.62 x 0.78 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 13.77 x 10.62 x 0.78 inches Color Midnight Black Manufacturer Roccat ASIN B00AMFGP16 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available February 9, 2013

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Great surface, it’s fast with a very smooth glide which is what I was looking for

Great pad. Keeps up with my mouse.

Had this mouse pad almost a year, purchased march 2014. I'm a heavy fps player and this pad is still looking like its brand new. Its kinda like a textured plastic surface. My roccat none xtd mouse works great on this pad!

I want to start out this review by saying that I am an extremely high sensitivity gamer (15.6" 720p screen, 1600DPI, 2 inch mouse movement from one side of the screen to the other). This review may not be applicable to most people.
The mouse glides heaps, much more than other mousepads I've used in the past. It is a firm mousepad, not near as hard as something like aluminum, but retaines it's shape unlike cloth mousepads. It can be bent to some degree, but not too much. The packing material was fairly good (for what you can expect from a mousepad).
+ It glides amazingly
+ not metal, no paint to scratch off
+ looks amazing
+ grippy bottom
+ awesome tracking
+ good ergonomics (cutout is in a good place)
- lack of control over mouse, because it is so glidey
- It's almost the size of my keyboard (my desk is small, may not be issue for some people)
- when trying it, most of my friends didn't like it
Other Thoughts:
If I was a more "normal" gamer (less ridiculous sensitivity), I would either settle for that steelseries QCK (is that what it's called?) or the roccat taito. In the same scenario, with a bigger budget, I would get the hiro3D from roccat as well, (high precision, high velocity). However for my use case, this one works perfectly.

Fast action, superb quality, and well designed pad. A must have for any gamer!


I really like this mouse mat, The material its made out of is incredibly solid, and will never skip a beat with your mouse's DPI. If your a precision gamer, this is the way to go.

too big...

I bought this just over 4 months ago to replace a Roccat Sota mat which had warped. I've waited this long to see if it suffers the same warping problems, but so far it's stayed nice and flat.
The mat is quite thin, around 2mm, so doesn't suffer from the 'cut your wrists' syndrome that the Sota had and the plastic surface is nice and smooth and seems very resilient. There is no sign of the pattern wearing, even after 4 months of fairly heavy (4-6 hrs a day) gaming use. I've used this mat with a Perrix MX2000 (my everyday mouse) and also a R.A.T MMO and a Logitech G600 with no problems at all, although these are all laser mice, so I'm not sure how well it would work with optical mice.

It loses one star because the 'Non-slip rubber backing' isn't non-slip in any way, shape or form. In fact this mat can move/twist quite a distance in the course of a hectic gaming session.
Personally I cured this by buying a small roll of thin rubber grip-mat from my local pound shop and gluing it to the back.

Overall a very good mouse mat and now it doesn't move about I can't see me replacing it for a good long while.

This mouse mat has good build quality and it definitely sticks to the desk as advertised. It's also very thin so the wrist can move unimpeded.
My one issue is that the mouse occasionally skips or jitters when moving across a section of the pattern (Stealth Black) even though it says that my mouse (Roccat Kone XTD) has been tested on the back of the package. I've never noticed this when playing a game but it still happens often enough to notice during everyday tasks.

Sticks to my wood vaneer desk perfectly, great size, looks brilliant and after 4 or 5 months it seems pretty durable too!

Looks feals great!!

Great item and price thanks!

Very big nice and smoth for my new roccat tyon, would definately recommend

Fast Good Cheap

Ich wollte eigentlich das Aluminium Pad von Roccat kaufen, doch mir gefiel dieses Design besser und irgendwie ging ich davon aus das es auch aus Aluminium wäre - aber - es ist trotzdem ein super Mauspad, die Maus gleitet wie auf Wolken und ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen.

Dennoch werde ich nächstesmal das andere Ausprobieren, falls das Ravio jemals kaputt geht ;)

Da mein Roccat Sota sich nach Jahren der Benutzung in eine Kuppel verformt hatte, musste Ersatz beschafft werden. Mit dem Raivo habe ich einen beinahe ebenbürtigen Ersatz gefunden. Die Oberfläche des Sota gefiel mir noch ein bisschen besser, sie war noch schneller und leiser. In wie weit dies an der langen Benutzung lag, kann ich natürlich nicht sagen.
Meine Maus (Sharkoon Drakonia) arbeitet völlig problemlos auf dem Pad.

+ Die Oberfläche ist sehr gleitfähig
+ Das Pad ist ziemlich leise
+ Recht flach, bleibt bisher trotzdem steif genug
+ Deutlich robuster als Stoff, einfach zu reinigen
+ Ansprechende, zurückhaltende Optik

o Noch ausreichende Größe für mid-sense, könnte ein wenig größer sein, für highsense völlig ausreichend
o Preis/Leistung noch ok, 30€ wäre meine absolute Schmerzgrenze gewesen.

- Sieht gut aus,
- rutscht nicht,
- ist angenehm flach,
- überbrückt Unebenheiten auf dem Tisch (sofern vorhanden), da es nicht flexibel ist und
- hat eine klasse Oberfläche; leicht rauh, aber trotzdem gleitet die Maus sehr gut.
- Nichts.

Sono soddisfatto di questo modello. Uno di quei precedenti (morbido) tendeva ad arrotolarsi sui margini. Questo, invece, è rigido, abbastanza sottile; il mouse su di esso ha una scorrevolezza fluida. La polvere non si attacca, una volta in settimana ci passo un panno con detersivo, sciacquo e asciugo.

Roccat ist und bleibt hier einfach der Spitzenreiter!
Mich überzeugte nicht nur das Design sondern auch die Konstante Qualität die man bei diesem Produkt hat.

Wer also bereit ist etwas mehr Geld für das Mauspad zu zahlen, darf sich hier über eine richtige Wohltat für seine Maus aber auch für die Optik freuen.

per chi va giochi di simulazione aerea o vuole una scorrevolezza senza pari senza ricorrere a costosissimi pad in alluminio è una buona soluzione!


testato fino a 16000 dpi
scorrevolezza pazzesca
grandi dimensioni
ti attacca con buona aderenza su ogni scrivania


funziona egregiamente solo con alte sensibilità dpi dai 3000 in su.
può risultare ai + addirittura troppo scorrevole.

Dünn, flexibel und trotzdem eine harte präzise reagierende Oberfläche zu einem unterdurchschnittlichen Preis. Eine gute Maus gleitet für manch Einsatzzweck deutlich zu leichtgänglig über dieses großzügig dimensionierte Pad. Für anspruchsvolle Spieler ist es aber spitze.

Verarbeitung ist top, Gefühl und Gleitfähigkeit sind klasse, aber leider gibt es auf dem Pad durch die Abbildung kleine Deadzones, auf denen die Maus nicht reagiert... Hätte mir deswegen gerne eine Version ohne irgendetwas darauf gewünscht, dann gäbe es locker 5 Sterne.