Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma, Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Military Grade Metal Construction and Compact Layout - Green Switches


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  • Designed specifically for gaming, Razer Mechanical Switches actuate at an optimal distance, giving you speed and responsiveness like never before
  • The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma features individually programmable backlit keys with 16.8 million color options, all easily set through Razer Synapse
  • Constructed from military grade metal, the body of the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is both rugged and durable, ensuring you’ll enjoy stellar performance even during the most intense gaming sessions
  • Razer Mechanical Switches have consistently proven themselves to be the best for gaming, delivering both top-notch performance and reliable durability without compromise
  • With inter-device color synchronization, your Razer Chroma enabled Razer gaming weapons will always go together perfectly. System RequirementsPC or Mac with a free USB port, Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Mac OS X (v10.8 - 10.11)



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The all-new Razer Black Widow X Tournament Edition Chroma features individually programmable backlit keys along with dynamic lighting effects all set easily through Razer Synapse.

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Collapse all Summary Wireless Type Radio Frequency Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1 Other Technical Details Brand Razer Item model number RZ03-01770100-R3M1 Hardware Platform Laptop, PC Item Weight 2.09 pounds Product Dimensions 1.62 x 6.3 x 14.42 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 1.62 x 6.3 x 14.42 inches Color Compact RGB Manufacturer Razer Inc. ASIN B01CVOLFUG Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available March 12, 2016

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Model: Blackwidow X TE Chroma

Tenkeyless design allows more compact gaming setup
Military grade metal instead of plastic
Switches are elevated, no lower area
Easier to clean without lower area (dust trap)
Better looking fonts on keycaps
Satisfying typing

Lighting is not as bright as previous editions due to removal of lower platform
No stealth edition (gets pretty loud)
Chroma workshop is NOT available on TOURNAMENT EDITION chroma keyboards right now

Comparison: (Logitech G710+)
Razer switches are much more satisfying
Metal frame doesn't make noise when held like plastic G710+ frame
Chroma lights more interesting

I would recommend this keyboard for any gamers that are looking to get their first or second mechanical keyboard. The lights aren't as bright as the previous editions but are less distracting and are still as beautiful. Typing is very satisfying. If you already have a Blackwidow Chroma, I wouldn't say that these upgrades are significant enough to justify a full price purchase. A major difference is the build quality and the ease of access for cleaning the frame. Also, just a reminder, if you are using a tournament edition chroma keyboard, you will not be able to use the chroma workshop at this moment. However, the effects that are available in Synapse are still great.

After SO much hype about the Razer products-- I finally gave in and purchased The DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse AND The BlackWidow X gaming keyboard. The only really awesome aspect about these two products were the customization you can bestow on each of the devices. SUCH PRETTY LIGHTS!

The keyboard seems to be of a higher quality-- the only issue is the spacebar! It has this MAJOR lean to one side such that is sits crooked on it's mounting features. Annoying having to constantly re-adjust the spacebar during game time. I've never had this issue with any other keyboard, ever.

The mouse is the BIGGEST disappointment -- and I'm hoping it's a manufacturing defect in the unit I received. I reached out to the support via Amazon and the only help was "reinstall drivers". The issue isn't anything driver related, but I feel, it is the internal mechanics of the mouse itself. Holding down RMB doesn't consistently send RMB input-- instead I get a rapid fire effect where RMB is being pushed repeatedly over and over instead of just being held down. WTF!

Would love for RAZER to reach out and replace the gaming mouse at least.. whereas the keyboard is still functional and usable.

I got this keyboard to upgrade from an older Razer, also a tenkeyless, that did not have backlighting and to make it worse in low light, the letters were weird fonts and hard to read even in bright light. I am "mostly" a touch typist but need to glance at the keys to "home" myself for some words, and enjoy working in low light, so this keyboard was a nice improvement in that regard. I am a little miffed that the backlighting only shows the main key function, so all the shifted characters (! @ # etc.) are not lit up and are very thin lined paint hard to see in normal light without my glasses on, so invisible in dim rooms. This is a minor nit since I don't need the symbols much and can figure out well enough which ones are which. Still, would have been a nice premium feature for a premium-priced keyboard.

Speaking of premium, the construction is amazing. I say this with a caveat about their quality control/testing though. This is my second order, I had to return the first one as defective (verified by Razer support). I had two columns of keys typing each other, double characters. For example, the period key was typing both a period and a slash (as was the slash key). This was happening with 4 pairs of keys going roughly vertically up the keyboard. I am guessing some kind of short circuit on the PCB but I didn't open the case, simply returned it and re-ordered. I've tried all the other Cherry MX switches and the Razer Greens are my favorite, so what can I do? Take a chance that my first try was an anomaly. So far that appears to be the case.

And as long as I am typing a long-winded review, if you are a fan of old Razer keyboards, I notice a very different feel and sound from the new one even though they both supposedly have the same Razer Green switches. I do not know if this is due to slight differences in the case and keycap materials, or Razer has changed the Greens slightly, or what. Maybe a combination of all those. The force required and the actuation point seems to be exactly the same, this is only the audible sound and tactile feedback that I can tell is noticeably different. It's not "bad", just different (and a little louder). But I can't complain, the feel is wonderful and anyone who complains about the noise of a mechanical keyboard after intentionally buying one doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

Esoteric stuff: The quality of the "chroma" is the best I've seen in a keyboard so far. I have mine set to change through all the colors and the transitions are silky smooth compared to other colorful keyboards I've seen, and there are apparently infinite gradients between the colors. In other words, it doesn't just transition from blue to purple, there seem to be a large number of shades in between as it transitions. The Razer software has what appears to be a fully programmable chroma tool if you are inclined to animate the light show yourself, which I have not messed with yet. So far the default animations are sufficient for me.

The metal case is nice and hefty, the thing stays planted no matter how energetic I get with the keys. The extended function keys are nice but I wouldn't miss them if they weren't there. Only the Gaming mode (Fn+F10) would be missed. This toggles the Windows key to disable it and can be extended to include the Alt+TAB combo and others. When it's that easy to enable/disable on the fly, I tend to use it more often.

 Fantastic keyboard. Keys sound and work very well. The lighting is very appealing and I've gotten many compliments on how it looks. I paired it with the Mamba mouse from Razer and the software works pretty well between them. I was pleasantly surprised that when the software is loaded the Overwatch game automatically loads a profile to make keystrokes in game light up.

 So satisfying to touch, lovely sound & feel with these switches and being able to customise the lighting to anything you want is great! Best gaming keyboard I have had so far.

Bought that for my son . He is very happy.

Worth is I would buy it even if used work the the money

Formerly wrote a review about the non-chroma and chroma tournament edition. I copied and pasted and added/edited the differences.

A little biased, but considering I bought 3 of these keyboards now, they are my favorite to use.

- Small and tight layout, very stylish. I have more desk space now.
- Razer Synapse recognizes the device and you can customize your keys.
- The keys have a nice 'clicky' sound to them when typing.
- Comes with a cheap, but nice looking cover to stash in for transport if you are heading to a LAN party.
- RGB is really cool, customizeable features with the Razer Synapse program.

- The back portion of the keyboard, sits higher then a lower profile keyboard. Didn't make a difference for me, but for some people it might.
- No additional USB plugin. I had a Cosair K60 before this one before it died, and I found it really convenient to plug the mouse in the top of the keyboard.
- I'm used to the clicky sounds, but my wife has mentioned that she can hear my typing from the other room. That will be a consideration if you game late at night.
- No number pad. Although if you are considering this keyboard, you should know that already.
- A bit more expensive then the non-chroma ones, but you get what you pay for.

Este es mi primer teclado mecánico y mi experiencia es totalmente positiva!
Contando con Switches Verdes de Razer, la experiencia tanto en juegos como escribiendo es totalmente una delicia.
Totalmente RGB o como Razer lo llama "Chroma", Esta misma es compatible con muchos juegos como Overwatch, el teclado se pondrá del Color del Héroe, es increíble.
Ojo: Viene con Layout en Inglés, fuera hay muchos vídeos para configurarlo y utilizarlo al 100%.

Recomendado abajo de $2500 MXN

Exelente durabilidad, comodidad, respuesta impecable, acomodo de cable en 3 angulos diferentes para mayor comodidad y facil de llevar. ( solo tener cuidado con mesas de madera o delicadas ya que colocarlo como es de metal puede dañar la superficie, solo hay que tener cuidado con las esquinas )

Me encanta este teclado es compacto y muy facil de limpiar con una toallita de lysol cloro, o alchol isopropilico, lo unico malo es que aun cuando estoy escribiendo este review es que el software sigue siendo razer synapsis 2.0 y no el 3.0 pero eso no afecta su funcionalidad solo afecta que no puedes syncronisar tus demas prerifericos razer.

I adore this keyboard, only downfall is the noise. I have no issues with clicky keys, but those who live with me have issues with the noise. I love the lightening displays you can do with this keyboard and it has great response times. I also love the keyboard design, a little bit different then everyone else, and SUPER easy to clean!

I’ve had literally every Razer Mechanical keyboard, even the new Huntsman Elite, but I always found myself back with this keyboard. It’s metal chasis and small form factor allows for use on smaller desks, and is easily transportable.

I would have wished that they have included a keyboard case, like they do with their other tournament boards as it is a metal frame keyboard which means it is more prone to scratching if you do wish to transport this frequently.

In all, I’ve haven’t had any issues with this keyboard so far and has performed very well for the past few months that I’ve had it.

Purchasing and shipping was fantastic, as always. The keyboard is better than expected. The key action is exactly what I was looking for, the chroma options are brilliant and easy to configure, and the overall build quality is excellent. The metal base plate gives the keyboard fantastic stability and helps to brighten the lighting even more than it already is. If you like Cherry blues or greens you'll love this keyboard. Awesome job by the people at Razer!

So I bought this 6 months ago, it's built nice but the software is horrible, razer synapse 3.0 doesn't even support this keyboard, and when I asked support they said no one knows when it will be, so I sold it for a corsair keyboard (best decision ever). The razer keyboard's rgb is dull and delayed the key switches feel like they're gonna fall apart (same with the key caps) and that metal is a huge fingerprint magnet. Do not buy this overpriced garbage, just get a higher quality corsair keyboard for alot less.

I have many mechanical keyboard from corsair and I can say that I am really surprise about this one. The green switch are similar to cherry mx blue performance wise this is about the same than a cherry mx keyboard. I just love the rgb led way more than the corsair ones the colors are better and can be brighter and I really like the look of the blackwidow x with his metal construction. I recommend it.

Me encanto la sensacion de este teclado y el que no tuviera teclado numerico.
Auqnue a mi me ayuda que tenga disposicion ANSI muchos de ustedes deberian tener cuidado ya que no incluye acento ni ñ y tiene el enter alargado.

I have a feeling that this keyboard was not brand new...

The box was sealed and looked new, but after I took out the keyboard, the logo flap in the front didn't have a plastic protector (the backside did), and it has quite a handful of scratches.

The keyboard is great otherwise! Highly recommend. I'm spoiled by MX blue switches, and the green switches, while a little different, felt right at home.

el chroma es espectacular y el teclado responde a la perfeccion el unico problema es que cuando abro el programa controlador me cambia automaticamente el idioma de entrada a ingles y si lo regreso a español lo cambia todas las veces

I like to play games a lot and I owned many different keyboards and mice, but this one is really something else. The weight, I don't know other gamers but this keyboard's weight is so heavy, feels so stable. Very smooth surface, clicking sounds better than Blackwidow chorma a bit. And the light just great, pretty nice improvement. I was a logitech fan everything I use are from logitech, but now I will go for this one for sure.