Mionix AVIOR 7000 Ergonomic Ambidextrous Laser Gaming Mouse


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  • Ergonomic Ambidextrous design perfectly suited for palm or claw grip
  • Up to 16.8 Million LED color options for endless customization options
  • 128 kb built-in memory saves button programming and macros
  • Powerful 32bit ARM processor 72mhz
  • 7000 DPI gaming optical sensor



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Color:Black 2013  |  Style:Model 7000

9 fully programmable buttons

Product information Color:Black 2013  |  Style:Model 7000

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Collapse all Summary Wireless Type 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11a, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency Other Technical Details Brand Mionix Item model number AVIOR-7000 Hardware Platform PC Item Weight 5.3 ounces Product Dimensions 4.88 x 2.54 x 3.66 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 4.88 x 2.54 x 3.66 inches Color Black 2013 Processor Count 1 Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM Voltage 1.5 Volts Manufacturer Mionix ASIN B00HGKOD9G Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available December 22, 2013

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Coming from a Wireless Razer Mamba, this thing was a BIG improvement. It has such great, precise, immediate control, and feels amazing on my SteelSeries cloth mouse pad!

Its shape suites my mouse grip style really well. I generally keep my thumb, pinky, and ring finger dragging on opposite sides of the mouse pad, and use them to move it around. I find this gives me some pretty good precision. I'm a man, and I'd say I have medium to smallish hands for a guy.

Also, at first, I was worried about the forward and back buttons being on both sides, and accidentally clicking on them. But you can disable these buttons on whichever side you want.

had this for a little over a month so far. Mouse itself is grippy, lightweight, and tracks accurately. I set liftoff distance to lowest and am able to re-position mouse without messing up the cursor. I have had laser mice for the past 5+ years, and always thought they were better. This optical sensor seems smoother and more consistent. I got it for cs:go and have only minor gripes (only with software).

does not show or indicate dpi whatsoever. You can set only three dpi stages per profile, but the software does not say your current stage, what the default stage is, and worst of all, you are locked to only those in your profiles (you can update the profiles in the software). Hopefully an update will fix this. I liked how my 5ish year old razer lachesis has the on screen dpi indicator when i change dpi levels in game. Minor factor, since once you have a level set you dont need to mess with it.
other con: the software is not as refined as razers. For profiles, you can do next or previous, no skipping to a specific profile (im used to 1---2--3, this will go 1-2-3-4-5-6-1).

comfortable, light, consistent, rgb if thats your thing. does macros. This is a sleeper mouse since it doesnt look crazy awesome, but it performs extremely well.

Im currently on the fence if i should buy another one of these to use at work. My old laser mouse seems odd after using this. even at the same dpi, this seems slower than my razer. Ideally Id like to get used to only one type of mouse and build that muscle memory rather than dealing with many dpi. Im at my work computer more than my desktop at home, so i guess im glad this is a more affordable mouse.

Bought this Avior 7000 in June 2014. Still using it today (September 2015).
It has performed up to expectations since day one. Only few times, during initial setup, I experienced issues with lift-off distance(LOD). I had to tinker the setting by applying larger then shorter LOD, until the lowest setting(slider to furthest left). This requires the software, but once you have set all the settings you want (lighting color, dpi values for each dpi step, button bindings), you don't ever have to load the software again unless you want to make some changes. I use a microfiber cloth pad, and the LOD feels near optimal, considerably less than the thickness of a compact disc.
Lately, the mousewheel(mouse3) click button is finicky. Often it would not register, then it would only work if pressed with more force. The clicks work fine, as they are mechanical switches, but the mouse wheel's switch seems to be something different, unfortunately.
I play lots of csgo and an action-mmo, Tera. I do feel handicapped in cs when mousewheel-click(mouse3) does not properly work, as I can not reliably bind any function to it.
I wish companies would provide more info on the components that make up their mouse. Such as the switch for the mousewheel click. I would have preferred a mechanical switch.

I still enjoy using this mouse for its accuracy and most of its functions. The breathing-light effect is my favorite (you have the option to disable both wheel and logo lighting together, or turning the light on for only the wheel or only the logo).

Update 3/17/2017: I have since moved on to the castor and roccat kpm. I use avior with the laptop, the wheel-click still sucks and doesnt work, but scroll is fine. I'm glad the software is there, have mouse3 binded to a button on the right side. I also debraided the cable, a tedious task.

I purchased this from Amazon warehouse as a 'used' item so this came at a reduced cost. Nevertheless the item is of excellent quality (Mionix build quality that is) and works perfectly well. The box it arrived in was a little bashed up and the mouse has usage marks underneath but its nothing terrible. Considering I paid considerably less than the retail price (mint condition) for this i'm more than happy.

The mouse itself is responsive and has a nice feel/texture in the hand. It has a definite quality that other mice don't. First impressions are very good. This is my second 'mionix' mouse to date (other mouse is a Mionix Castor I use for my home PC) and it too is great.

The Mionix Aviour 7000 oozes quality and in my opinion, looks great and feels great and got lots of features! Whats not to like?

Software: easy to use, comprehensive and quite self explanatory (you need to download this as it is not provided in the box).

Why the three stars?

The comfort/ergonomics for my hand.
To give you an idea of my hand size, I wear mens "small" golf gloves for a snug fit.
The reason it's uncomfortable is that I like to rest the base of my palm on the mouse mat and the way my palm "falls off" the mouse is quite flat.
On the Avior 7000, Because the palm rest section falls off a little late, I feel that it presses against my palm forcing me to "float" both my writs and the base of my palm during use Thus causing discomfort. This could possibly be resolved with a palm rest (but not tested). I really like this mouse not the for the comfort issues, I would have kept it!

My Current mouse is now The Zowie FK2 (my current comfy - same height as Avior, but an earlier fall off for the palm giving you a feeling of more support) and very simplistic mouse which I'm fairly happy with - I just wish it was more like the Avior for features, style and quality).

This mouse have the best sensor I've used so far.
The braided cable is absolutely awesome, it doesn't increase friction between the cable and your surface, unlike most rubber cable out there.
This mouse's shape and size is awesome for palm and claw grip users.
Side buttons are really easy to reach, and to click.
The rubber on the mouse provides really good grip.

This mouse is slightly too big for my hand, and for fingertip users like me.
The mouse clicks are quite hard to click.
The scroll wheel is quite sticky.
Palm users might accidentally hit the side buttons (right side if you are right handed), tho you can just unbind it.

I developed a thing for low profile, claw grip mice when I got a Razor Lachesis, which lasted for about 8 years. I was actually looking for a new Lachesis, but the only sellers wanted ridiculous prices for it. So I sought an alternative. Prior to that I've used Saitek, Logitech, MS, etc...

This mouse might be the best I've used, so it was worth what I paid for it.

Seven months of use:

Build quality - Everything works and does so very well
Response - As stated, 7k dpi is overkill, even for small movement users like me, but it's there. My old lachesis had more steps in the dpi on the fly options, going from slow to progressively faster, whereas this only has speed modes that are predefined by you in the mionix control panel. This is probably the only negative, and tbh, in 7 months of usage it hasn't bothered me in the slightest.

I suppose that's all you can review.

This mouse is ambidextrous, with side buttons on both sides of the mouse, so it is suitable for both left and right-hand users. I would recommend it to people with small hands for palm/claw, and for medium-large hands for claw/fingertip.

- Awesome optical sensor (3310)
- Awesome rubber coating
- No sensor rattle
- Ambidextrous design with two side buttons on both sides
- DPI Buttons
- Small hands (palm/claw), med-large (claw/fingertip)
- Weighs roughly 104g without the cable
- RGB Lighting
- Braided cable (isn’t too thick or stiff)
- Programmable buttons
- DPI / Polling / LOD options
- Surface calibration

- Scroll wheel click is quite tough
- I had an issue with the Mouse1 button registering as double click (was able to fix)
- Some people complain about accidently hitting the side buttons that they don’t use
- Requires update to latest firmware for best performance

I have had this mouse for 19 months now and it still works fine. After about a year I developed a double click issue with the mouse1 Omron switch. I was able to fix this using a tutorial but it required me to open the mouse which voids your warranty. Omron are generally high quality so this was probably an anomaly.

If you would like to see a more in-depth video review, search YouTube for “JoshTechBytes Mionix Avior 7000 Review”.

I have included some pictures from multiple angles, as well as a shot with my other mice for comparison.

Fantastic mouse, I got this to replace my G502 and I honestly think it's a better mouse. It's more comfortable and it feels more controlled when aiming than the G502 ever did.

Only slight issue is I do tend to press the right side mouse buttons but I haven't bound those to anything so it doesn't really matter, when I get used to them it wont bother me but atm the moment I do get distracted when it happens.

Now the reason I have given this 4 star even though i dont like it is because this is still a very nice mouse, just not for me so will be returning it.

The mouse does feel comfortable, i like the material Mionix went with however those buttons on the right side if you have =< medium size hands might get in the way (if your a righty). I have 17.5cm hands and i thought it would be fine but to my disappointment they were just too annoying and was always pressing them (I also use a kinda palm/claw grip style). It has a lower profile in comparison to other mice.

Another feature is that the left+right mouse buttons are really light to press down. Ive used the Sharkoon drakonia and currently the SteelSeries Rival and these buttons on the Mionix are really sensitive to weight. My friend who uses the Deathadder also said they were incredibly light to press. I found myself on a few occassions running to a bomb site on CS GO with my knife out and accidentally knifing my teammate!! ha. So if your heavy handed or like to rest your hand firmly on the mouse you might have the same issue.

The sensor is flawless, just the same sensor all the optical mice for this price range are using.

One more annoying feature which I couldnt figure out how to fix was that you couldnt use both buttons on the side of the mouse (left side) at the same time. I like to bind these two on the side of any mouse to Shift and Control. When i was shifting in CS GO, if i wanted to crouch quick (toggled btw) and then uncrouch to continue walking all the while holding shift, you cant. To crouch while holding the bound shift button, the mouse would first deactivate your shift button on the first press (so you are now running), then you would have to press control again to crouch. Likewise for vice versa. (I hope this made sense).

If you can get around these issues then by all means its a great mouse. Cable is nice, I like how bendy and flexible it is. Software is also easy to use.

When changing profiles the mouse stops tracking for ~2 or 3 seconds. May not seem like much, but if you need to change profiles mid-game it's actually quite atrocious. My previous mouse (a cyborg rat 7) didn't have downtime whilst changing profiles and I've gotten used to changing them migdame, but it's impossible with the MIONIX Avior 7000.

Additionally, even to someone with small hands, the top right button is very easy to press accidentally. I have it unbound since I am constantly pressing it on accident just by gripping the mouse.

Edit: about a year later after I purchased it the middle mouse button has become unresponsive.

I am finally coming back to desktop experience and have decided to get something comfortable. It's a bit large for my taste - so I hope I will get used to it. Buttons are hard to click accidentally and the mouse wheel is pleasant. Love the lights (I am generally not a fan of light pollution) - helps one to find it in darkness, they are blue yet diffuse so don't become the sole beacon of the room.

perfect mouse, states its a gaming mouse but I bought this due to working from home due to current situation and I couldn't have chose a better mouse

Best mouse I’ve ever had, but sometimes can glitch out if you calibrate it to a surface and then use it on another

Exactly what I wanted and more.

Un mouse con una meccanica ed ottica del genere a questo prezzo? Ma chi se ne frega del colore (che cmq può anche risultare stiloso)!!! Tracking infatti perfetto e tasti e rotella che trasmettono subito peso ed affidabilità.

Nach langer Suche , habe ich nun endlich eine Maus gefunden die mir zusagt. Als linkshändiger hat man ja nicht gerade eine große Auswahl und wenn man dann noch eine optische Maus möchte, bleibt da nicht viel. Hauptsächlich zocke ich FPS Games.
Zur Maus: Sie liegt gut in der Hand, ist jedoch für meine Hand etwas zu groß, aber das sind nur Millimeter. Ich denke daran werde ich mich noch gewöhnen (Vorher hatte ich eine eher kleine Maus)
Sehr gut Verarbeitet. Beim Mausrad merkt man jede Drehung sehr gut und man kann gut die Dreh-klicks zählen. Man dreht im Eifer des Gefechtes auch nicht zu weit, da es sehr gut einrastet, also nicht zu labberig ist. Die Oberfläche der Maus ist griffig und fühlt sich sehr angenehm an. Die Gleitflächen an der Unterseite sind aus Teflon und harmonieren Perfekt mit meinem dünnen Stoffmauspad, auch der Sensor kommt perfekt damit zurecht.
Die Software lässt keine Wünsche offen und man kann alles einstellen. Wichtig für mich ist das ich die Beschleunigung und Angle Snapping ausstellen kann.
Man kann alle Tasten umbelegen und die dpi kann man in 50er Schritten verstellen. Auch super, das die ganzen Einstellungen in der Maus gespeichert werden und man nicht zwangsläufig auf die Software angewiesen ist.
Im Spielbetrieb ist es eine wahre Freude, so eine präzise Maus hatte ich noch nie, sie macht was sie soll.
Und die Sache mit dem horizontalen scrollen wurde auch behoben, jedenfalls funktioniert es bei mir. Auch wird die Software und Firmware stetig gepacht.

Kann ich nur empfehlen


Bei mir wackeln die Seitentasten nicht einen Millimeter.
...Und anders als behauptet wird, man kann die dpi und / oder Profile auf Tastendruck durchschalten. Ich weiß ja nicht was diese Leute für eine Maus haben oder ob sie nicht mit der guten Software klarkommen, aber man kann alles programmieren wie man will. Jede Taste kann man umprogrammieren, jedes erdenkliche Profil frei programmieren und durchschalten und auch die dpi kann man durchschalten.
Nach drei Monaten kann ich sie immer noch uneingeschränkt Empfehlen. Leider hatte ich nach zwei Monaten zweimal das gleiche Problem und zwar habe ich CS:GO gezockt und etwas doll auf die rechte Maustaste gedrückt. Daraufhin hat diese sich verkantet und ich hatte sozusagen Dauerfeuer (bzw ich hörte nicht mehr auf zu messern). Einmal dran gewackelt und es war wieder alles beim Alten. Seitdem trat der Fehler nicht mehr auf. Ich werde das im Auge behalten und wenn es wieder mehr wird, schicke ich sie zurück. Ansonsten super Maus...

Edit die zweite:
Nach zwei Jahren im Einsatz keinerlei Probleme, das Problem das sich meine rechte Maustaste verkantet trat nicht wieder auf.
Meine Kumpels die alle Rechtshänder sind kommen auf Anhieb mit der Maus klar.
Top Gaming-Maus.

Edit 3: Auch nach fast 4 Jahren im Dauereinsatz keine Probleme oder Abnutzung. Für mittlerweile 20€ geschenkt, damals musste ich noch 55€ im Angebot bezahlen.

Comprato a prezzo irrisorio (26 euro) rispetto al prezzo di listino di 69 euro, si è rivelato fin da subito quasi perfetto per il mio tipo di utilizzo, cioè il gaming. Il sensore ottico è uno fra i migliori, se non il migliore, di quelli disponibili sul mercato, sopra di esso ci sono solo i nuovi sensori di tipo laser dal costo leggermente più elevato. E' dotato di 6 tasti programmabili più altri 2 per la regolazione del DPI, fino a un massimo di 7000. Obbligatorio scaricare il software di gestione di Mionix, sia per regolare l'illuminazione RGB sia i vari tasti, profili, dpi e quant'altro.

Passiamo alle considerazioni pratiche: il suddetto mouse risulta comodo per tutti i tipi di prese, ma in particolare per la clawgrip e anche la fingergrip, un pò meno per la palm. Il sensore è precisissimo, quasi sembra un estensione della propria mano: dove vuoi mirare il mouse mira esattamente nel punto voluto da te! Essendo un sensore ottico ad alta precisione non è adatto però su superfici lucide (sulla mia scrivania di legno lucido infatti è praticamente inutilizzabile), necessita quindi l'acquisto di un tappetino in tessuto; io ho preso il Mionix Sargas e mi sto trovando benissimo.
L'unico neo che ho trovato sono i tasti laterali posti a destra che per me sono scomodossimi da premere, pertanto non li utilizzo mai. Il click della rotellina e gli scatti di essa potrebbero essere migliorabili.
L'illuminazione RGB del logo e rotellina (controllabili separatamente), è sobria ed elegante, per niente tamarra o di cattivo gusto.