Bloody B845 Light Strike (LK) Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – RGB LED Backlit – LK Blue Switch – Left Handed Keyboard


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  • Award Winning Light Strike (LK) Optical Mechanical switches with 0.2ms response time – Blue Switch with tactile feedback and an audible click – Clicky type. Typewriter style sound and feel. 1.8mm Actuation point and total travel distance of 3mm. Actuation force of 55g.
  • Customizable RGB LED backlighting – Vivid RGB backlighting with 16.8 million colors and virtually unlimited lighting customization.
  • Anodized Brushed Aluminum Panel – Cutting-edge gunmetal tech finish for incredible look and durability. Double Shot ABS keycaps. Detachable Alloy Wrist wrest with rubberized top.
  • Left Handed Keyboard – Ideal for left and right handed users as well as for gamers. Ergonomic solution for right handed users.
  • Anti-Ghost & Fully Programmable – 100% Anti-ghosting and full n-Key rollover over USB and fully programmable with advance macros.



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The B845 with Light Strike (LK) technology provides the ultimate combo of satisfying key-feel with precise and accurate execution - all housed in a sleek, aluminum alloy frame.

  • Full Size Layout with N-Key Roll Over & Anti-Ghosting
  • Left Handed Num-Pad Design
  • Removable Aluminum Wrist Rest
  • Brushed Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Reinforced Space Bar Stabilizer for Consistent Key Feel
  • 8 Non-Slip Silicon Gaming Caps Contoured for Textured Grip
Conquer with Confidence
Gaming is Bloody. We make sure your gear withstands the battle
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy Panel gives a cutting-edge design with a stronger resistance to corrosion
  • Engineered Artery System provides drainage channels to ensure accidental spills won't leave you out of the fight
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover ensures even the most complex key combinations always execute instantly


The B845 shifts your gaming gear into another dimension: the left handed one!

Moving the Num-Pad to the left side of the keyboard, the B845 provides ergonomic benefits for left- and right-handed players alike:

Left-handed: Num-Pad is easier to access and can be used as additional macro/gaming keys without increasing the keyboard frame size.
Right-handed: Create closer spacing for right handed mouse users, similar to a ten-key-less design that eliminates long-term shoulder strain and creating more space to game.

The Digitally Enhanced Keyboard with Lightning Fast Precision.

An exclusive, revolutionary switch design blends the speed and precision of optical technology with a premium tactile stroke. LK provides the ultimate combo of satisfying key-feel with precise and accurate execution - all housed in a sleek aluminum alloy frame

Left Handed Num-Pad Design

Moving the Num-Pad to the left side of the keyboard, the B845R provides ergonomic benefits for left- and right-handed players alike.

Detachable Aluminum Wrist Rest

Detachable ergonomic wrist-rest was engineered to deliver total comfort and its ability to quickly stow away for portability

Intelligent RGB Illumination

Choose from over 16.8 million colors for per-key back lighting and create your own color layout to easily find the keys to victory.

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Blue Switch - Tactile & Clicky

Introducing Light Strike (LK) Optical Switch Technology
Zero Digital Latency. 0.2 Key Response, 3 mm Key Travel

When the game is on the line, every millisecond and millimeter counts.
Reducing the travel distance of the switch by 25% (compared to a typical 4 mm) means the LK switch gives gamers a calculated shallow stroke to increase the reactive return rate of the key. In turn, this reduces additional “wasted” key-travel after actuation and gives users a definite advantage in truly being one step ahead of their opponent.

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Product information Size:Left Numpad  |  Color:B845 Package Dimensions 20.51 x 7.99 x 2.01 inches Item Weight 3.24 pounds Manufacturer Bloody ASIN B073X996W6 Item model number B845

I LOVE this. I tormented over what new keyboard to get. I love my IBM Model M. I wanted something smaller, and still be the same. The Lightstrike is actually very very cool. The only other optic keyboard is linear, not pure binary, ... so NO. The feel of this is more like an old IBM Selectric, more than my IBM Model M, and that can't be an accident. Somebody out there loves us !! <3 I don't know if I can change the colors, I don't care, it looks cool out of the box. And, being light, the switches will never get sticky, or shouldn't. It might fail someday some other way. I'll just buy another one. I almost bought a $200 keyboard from Massdrop. I'm much happier with this one. Thank you.

So overall the bundle is awesome.

Pros: The keyboard is very nice and pleasing. The sound is not annoying like other blue switches and the keycap design is nice. It even come with more keycaps for you to replace which is an awesome bonus!

The headset is amazing. I configured it on my laptop so the surround sound is accurate. In case you don't want to configure, the headset does include a free gaming tune controller that tunes it for gaming by increasing footstep sounds and decreasing background music or sound.

Cons: The microphone is not the best too. The bundle comes with the M660P headset, not to be confused with the other one that has a mic that seems to retract. The mic here is like the ones on wired headphones where you have to speak into the volume control button. This mic will only sound high if it's close to your mouth so while you game, you either have to shout to make it work or stop and place the mic by your mouth. It also picks up all the noise so if you are in a loud environment, well....

Overall the bundle is a great value for your money. Oh yeah and the bundle although it says gold version, it's not, it's a black version with a black headset and keyboard. Hopefully this review helps in 2020
Update: turns out to turn on the LED you have to connect it to some sort of power. I connected it to my power extender hub and it turned on but you are also supposed to connect it to your device so it's connected to two things at once. As long as you have great cable management, this bundle is definitely a 5star!

Nice price for a beautiful keyboard. I'm not superhuman enough to notice a difference in speed since my last keyboard, but I'm glad I pulled the trigger on this one. The wire is braided and patterned to match the keyboard, construction feels solid especially due to the metal plate under the keys and the led lighting is easy on the eyes.
I don't recall if the product page mentions it but it comes with some orange keys and a key removing tool if you wanted to highlight the most used gaming keys (WASD, E R F, and a letter that looks like it could be a Q or a G haha, the letters have a style on this keyboard).

Great keyboard otherwise! Sucks that I essentially threw away 10 dollars though.

This is a heavy duty extremely well made keyboard. That layer below the keys is a laser cut piece of steel, probably stainless. At first I was thrown off a bit by the loud end of each key punch, but it's not cheap, just a little cheap sounding. These are perhaps necessary to activate the fiber optic switch really fast, that makes this the best gaming keyboard possible.
Finally I have my number pad on the left where I can use it. Finally a keyboard that'll take a very long time to wear out. The FN key held down with F12 will cycle the color effects. I haven't done any customization yet though. The color cycles just a few options. One is all orange, then rainbow cycle, then blinking lights, then a variable brightness effect as if it's breathing off and on, then a steady lit rainbow where I keep it. That's fine, whatever. What concerns me are the annoyances which are;
1; the Windows key is accidentally pressed too often. It needs to be much harder to depress. It'll pop windows up out of the blue while I'm typing. Takes some getting used to.
2; I know it's lit, but still I'd like to be able to find keys with my fingers. I'm constantly typing with fingers on g and k instead of f and j. What it needs are rough feel keys for f, j, shift, escape, and 6 on the top row.
That's it. It's corded, not cordless, so I don't have to worry about someone remotely picking up my keystrokes or the cellular damage caused by bluetooth frequency radiation.

What I'd do to make it better;
1; electroform the metal plate so it comes up into each key. This would channel the clicking sound inside it and prevent spilled drinks from getting in so easily.
2; use tempered glass key covers. This would eliminate the first problem I know I'll have with it. The key's black areas will wear through and begin letting light out. (I'll have to coat them with something before it gets bad).
3; add a quick launch for the windows calculator. Maybe I can program that in already, not sure.
4; that palm rest... it's okay but could be gel, and most of all I did not like how carefully I had to install it. It should just snap off and on somehow. It'll be great if you don't screw it up by stripping threads. It stays on great once properly attached.
5; My hands are heavy. Mens are in general. It would be great to have an adjustment for keystroke sensitivity by turning an allen screw to create more resistance for all keys simultaneously. This keyboard is no place you can rest your hands. Very sensitive. Good for most of the time.

I received a tattered product box, feel so bad.
Fortunately, the keyboard is very satisfactory, fast and accurate key sense.
There is a slight ringing noise, but It is best switch of all i've used.
Taiwan No.1 then cherry.

Fast and slick - gaming is enhanced with this new kepyoard

Arrived broken nice keycaps

Lo estoy probando y me parece un teclado bueno, sin embargo me enviaron el color negro cuando yo pedi el dorado.