SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Ambidextrous Design - Split-Trigger Buttons - RGB Lighting, Black


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  • Custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor
  • Legendary SteelSeries Sensei ambidextrous design for claw and palm grip styles
  • Exclusive split trigger left/right buttons deliver guaranteed 50 million click durability
  • 2 zone, multi color Prism RGB illumination for customizable lighting; Save all your performance and lighting settings directly to the Sensei 310
  • Compatible operating system is windows, mac, and linux; Usb port required; Software is steelseries engine 3.10.12 plus, for windows 7 or newer and mac osx 10.8 or newer



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Sensei 310 signals the rebirth of an esports legend. Featuring the new custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical sensor and exclusive split trigger buttons, you'll have the power of ultra low latency, rapid response tracking and the performance of lightning quick clicks. Based on the legendary SteelSeries Sensei mouse, the extreme comfort of Sensei ensures balance and speed with all grip styles. Plus, Prism RGB illumination with lighting sync, eight programmable buttons, on board memory, and a light and durable construction combine to deliver the perfect esports mouse.

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand SteelSeries Series 62432 Item model number 62432 Hardware Platform PC Operating System Linux Item Weight 3.52 ounces Product Dimensions 4.93 x 2.77 x 1.53 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 4.93 x 2.77 x 1.53 inches Color Black Manufacturer SteelSeries APS ASIN B073WGB8G6 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available August 1, 2017

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Honestly, so far, the best ambidextrous/left-handed mouse I've used in years.

I've gone through Razer mice, and found both that the thumb buttons weren't quite in the right place for me, making them difficult to actually use in game, and lately, I have to say their quality/durability has fallen off. First Razer mouse I used, an original copperhead, is actually still functional but very worn and looks it. Last Razer mouse, Orochi, lasted less than 2 months before a main button stopped working.

After that, tried EVGA, just because the price was amazing. I got 2 Torx 3X Laser mice. Same problem with thumb button, needed to somewhat turn mouse to use thumb buttons, making them less than convenient and undependable in game. Also, very quickly, inside of 2 months, the rubber on the mouse wheel loosened, making the wheel close to completely non-functional. Also, for my hand, somewhat small, the whole mouse seemed somewhat long and flat.

I then tried the logitech G300 mouse, but found the mouse a strange shape, very high, with the left and right buttons 'grooved' so low it was impossible to hit those buttons and the middle mouse button/wheel at the same time, which I do for some games. I also could not use the 'thumb' buttons and right mouse button at the same time, as the 'thumb' buttons faced straight up and were designed to be pressed by the same finger that pressed the right mouse button - index finger in my case as I'm left-handed. Again, I use that combination of thumb and right mouse button in some games, so the Logitech mouse was a no-go for games.

Finally I tried this mouse, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse. It feels so good, just perfect in my hand. the thumb buttons are in the right place to use w/o twisting the mouse, and I may even be able to use the 2 buttons on the other side. As I am not pressing them accidently, I think I can leave them active and use them, a first for an ambidextrous mouse in my experience. The materials feel good, the switches seem solid so far, and the software is great once you get used to it. It even has a cloud feature, so I can keep the settings the same for the mouse I use /w my laptop, and the one I use /w my desktop.

The only other mouse I'd consider is the second newest Logitech wired/wireless one, G900, (I don't need Lightspeed charging of G903), but the G900 Still costs over $100, more than 2x the cost of the Sensei 310.

Again, for me, so far, 2 months in, this is best ambidextrous/left-handed mouse I've ever used - just great design overall.

I read the reviews on the click issue where it gets stuck (does double click sometimes) but I gave it a chance since most mouses will eventually will get that issue either way. I replaced my razor mouse which I had for 4+ years , great mouse but then I got the double click mouse of death. This Sensei 310 I had the double click issue within the FIRST WEEK, it didn't even last me a month. If you're a gamer then you are extra sensitive on feeling if your mouse is acting differently, this mouse started off small on the changes. Eventually I was certain it was doing the same issue I had before. It was a shame since this mouse was a cool design and hoped the quality was good based on the company's reputation.

I tried the Sensei 310 due to the fact I got used to using the ambidextrous buttons on both sides of the mouse ever since the Xai model. After a week of medium usage, I was plagued with the issue others stated in reviews of the intermittent double clicks. It was completely fine the first 5 days or so, then lightly set in until it became completely unusable because you can't do a right-click hold without it spazzing out and clicking 5-10 times in a 3 second press. I ordered a replacement through Amazon, and the next mouse felt great, no issues for about 6 days. Then the same exact issue on the right click button was back on the brand new replacement device. Two devices down and I'm hesitant to try a third.

I've been purchasing SteelSeries for many many years dating back to the Xai, Sensei, Sensei Wireless, Raw, to most recent Rival 600. My Rival is also having bad QC issues of the adhesive coming out from the rubberized grips, and that device is also randomly shutting doing a hard shutoff, only fix is to unplug and replug the device in. This happens maybe once or twice within a 6 hour gaming session.

I can't play competitive matches with that mouse at this point, because it's actually caused losses in high paced/high rated matches... I have started an RMA process on that one in hopes they can help me out with that device. I don't know what's going on, but literally the last 4 devices have had extremely bad QC issues rendering them all unplayable at competitive levels. The Sensei Wireless I had worked great for shortly after a year then literally had a meltdown outside of warranty. I'm hitting a point where I'm just going through money on all these devices, and nothing is lasting?

What's going on over there? I really wish I could get a true working Sensei styled mouse (ambidextrous, usable buttons both sides) with a modern laser. Unfortunately the Zowie FK1 doesn't support usable buttons on both sides at the same time.

The profile and overall shape of the mouse are ideal for me. The activation force and tactile feedback of all the buttons are excellent as well. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel has an intermittent problem that develops when gaming in which it becomes hypersensitive to the touch of my hand. When this happens just a slight pressure on the wheel causes it to activate (e.g., switch weapons) even though the wheel hasn't moved another notch. Consequently, to be conservative while gaming, I have to make sure not to assign any function to the scroll wheel. Since this problem is intermittent, I suspect that using the middle mouse button repeatedly puts the wheel out of position (perhaps) and results in this behavior. It's too bad, because except for this problem, it would be my favorite mouse to use.

 Die ersten zwei Wochen war ich sehr zufrieden aber ab der dritten Woche fing die linke Maustaste an zu wackeln was mich etwas stutzig machte. Ein paar tage später hat der Klick ein knarzendes Gefühl bekommen und das Wackeln wurde noch etwas schlimmer. Die Maus wurde ungefähr 8 Stunden Pro Woche für Spielen, Internet Surfen und sonstiges genutzt. Wenn die Maus nach 20-25 Stunden Benutzung schon solche Mängel aufweißt, wie soll das dann in einem halben Jahr aussehen? Ich hoffe einfach das ich ein schlechtes Modell erwischt habe und das es euch nicht so ergeht.

Nochmals die selbe Maus bestellt in der Hoffnung das es keine Probleme geben wird. Die zweite Maus ist sogar noch schlimmer sie hat das selbe Problem wie oben beschrieben nur dass es schon nach ein paar Tagen eingetreten ist, dazu kommt noch dass sie einen weiteren Mangel hat. Die rechte Maustaste macht ein lautes klack Geräusch beim loslassen und man fühlt wie die ganze maus Vibriert. Hört es euch einfach mal im Video an. Der Steelseries Kundenservice sagt auch nur ich solle die Maus doch zurückschicken. Also ich kann vom Kauf nur abraten.

Brilliant Mouse - Sensei 310.

Needed an upgrade for my Sensei Wireless and had struggled a while to find a suitable replacement (Sensei Wireless Sensor started to lose its accuracy)

I tried the Rival 600 due to its amazing looks and design but found it too big and I couldn't get used to the shape.

I then realised there was another generation of Sensei!! The Sensei 310

The mouse fits perfectly in your hand and is pretty much a replication of the Sensei mouse/ the closest thing to the old gen Sensei.

Mouse clicks are soft and responsive, design is of high quality and feel.

Mouse Scroll wheel is smooth and responsive, no heavy drag.

Played Fortnite, Overwatch, Dota and found the mouse brilliant in all areas. The Sensor Accuracy is brilliant, the slightest movements are picked up providing that perfect aim!!

I have smallish hands and wanted something of similar size to the previous Sensei. I spent AGES checking mouse sizes etc to make sure i got the perfect fit!


I originally purchased this mouse from a 3rd party vendor supplied by Amazon.

The mouse arrived and had a serious rattle issue around the middle mouse button and LMB/RMB. The buttons also did not "click" as they should when pressed.

I returned the mouse and purchased the new mouse this time from AMAZON (Cost £1 more but more importantly, by buying from amazon direct it means if there is an issue amazon will send a replacement next day, if you buy from a 3rd party amazon cant send you a new item next day, you have to return the item and wait for a refund)

The mouse bought from amazon arrived and was PERFECT. No rattles and the mouse buttons were responsive and smoother.

Not sure if the vendor had an older Gen of the Sensei 310, The rattle was a known issue and was fixed (Found a thread on the Steelseries Reddit)

I did note the mouse bought from the Vendor has an international steelseries sticker on the side, Containing Japanese and other APAC languages. I can't remember now if there was english on there. I believe it just re iterated the name of the product and possibly support details.

The mouse from Amazon had no international sticker so not sure if the mouse sold by the Vendor was imported from somewhere else to be sold in the UK, may explain why this mouse issue that was fixed 4 months ago was still present in the mouse i bought?!

The 2x Rival 600's (One for brother) i bought from amazon previously also had no international sticker ?! So this could be the case.

Would Highly recommend this mouse for anyone looking to upgrade from a Sensei or even to a new mouse.

The Sensor is Super Responsive and is of High Quality, offering steelseries 1to1 Tracking. (This mouse boasts steelseries best sensor to date )

Quality and Feel are brilliant for the price.

Vengo del primer SteelSeries Sensei que hicieron, y me duró unos 7 años aproximadamente. Ese tenía mejores acabados, una pantalla LED debajo para seleccionar el perfil que quisieras, procesador ARM, el cable estaba protegido con tela para que durara más, y un largo etcétera.

Este ratón tiene tacto a plástico malo, es muy ligero, los acabados son malillos, el cable no tiene ningún tipo de protección. Parece que ya no es lo que era, desconozco si los demás productos de SteelSeries han bajado de calidad, pero cuando ose rompa este ratón quizás y muy a mi pesar, me cambiaré de marca, ya que con este producto he quedado muy decepcionado. Y no se tratan de productos baratos...

Si mi opinión te ha resultado de utilidad, por favor índicalo. Gracias!

This is my first ambidextrous mouse and the first time I'm using a mouse in my dominant (left) hand. The difference in comfort and finesse of my control is staggering even though I have absolutely no experience using a mouse left-handed, I would highly recommend that any lefties give it a try.

There is not much choice out there for ambidextrous mice, but no matter as this is a solid product and is one I would consider even if I were right handed.


- Tracking is spot on, this thing is beautiful to use on a large gaming mat (incidentally I have the Steel Series gaming pad which I would also recommend!)
- Comfortable dimensions for either palm or claw grip
- Two programmable thumb buttons on each side are handy and have a pleasant rubbery texture that makes them easy to locate
- Scroll-wheel response feels amazing, it has a pleasant clicky feel without being too stiff
- It looks sexy. I think it's a shame all of the pics seem to show it with a yellow/orange-lit logo, the colours change constantly or can be programmed with software. It looks much better with green/blue, which works really well with the shape of the logo and black body (save for the thumb-buttons which are grey)
- Plug and play, no messing about


- No finger/thumb rest, not a huge problem as it's a decent size, but I miss having these
- Non-braided cables, just a normal fixed wire which cannot be changed without soldering
- A little lightweight for my preference, and no option to customise with weights
- Palm-rest surface feels a little cheap

Essentially, other than the last point, my cons just come down to a lack of customisation to my preferences, overall it's a good product and I'm happy at the price-point of £59.99.

Was soll ich sagen.. Für mich der perfekte Nachfolger für meine "halb" defekte SteelSeries Sensei RAW (Mausrad fing an zu spinnen). Alle anderen Gaming Mäuse kommen für mich nicht in Frage.
Hier stimmt für mich persönlich einfach alles: Gewicht, Form, Aussehen und Qualität.
Klare Empfehlung für alle die Mäuse wie folgende bevorzugen: Steelseries Sensei RAW, Razer Diamondback, allgemein recht flache und schlichte Gamingmäuse

Bought from Amazon Warehouse. Arrived as described in good working order. First impressions when I opened the box were that it's quite a large mouse and when you first use it it does seem large (compared to the couple of other mice i use at work etc). After a few days of use, the size is, in-fact, good for my hand size and i'm finding it comfortable to use. The lead is plenty long enough.

You'll need to install the steelseries software to make the most of the mouse. It'll help you disable some windows settings and instantly make the mouse pointer move much better. The two main buttons on the top feel nice. I haven't setup the side buttons yet for any games, for a right handed user the buttons on the left side are well placed. The buttons on the right side are a little harder to get to. I'd guess the opposite will be true for a left handed user. By default, the button on the top can be used to switch between two, definable, DPI profiles. This is actually a cool feature for some games. I've set it up to slow the mouse down allowing for more accurate aiming.

The RGB is nice and subtle and can be controlled using the steelseries software. The logo at the back glows and the area underneath the wheel.

Happy so far.

These mice are so delicate. After a short period of time the buttons on the mouse have started to malfunction and activate when your finger barely hovers over it. SteelSeries support are abysmal and choose to close tickets without giving information why. Absolute bollocks company, stay well clear. Bought 2 of the same mouse in the last 6 months and both suffered the same issues.

I'm coming from razer mamba wireless mice 16000 DPI model 2012 and 2015. They were very uncomfortable because they had bad design. I hope razer to change their mice design to lower profile on the fingertips height.

Way better with the steelseries sensei 310. The steelseries claw grip sensei 310 is more comfortable for daily use. My palm dimensions are 19,5cm Χ 10cm. The search is over! Totally recommended for the value for money.

As a lefty, I have always struggled with mice and therefore did not buy this on impulse. I spent quite some time reading and watching reviews for left-handed mice for day to day use before a bought this. I am happy to report that I am getting along very well it. The shape, button layout, and ability to customise make it really great to use and the setup software just takes all this to the next level.

Apparemment c'est un fait connu, au bout de 2 mois, la souris se met à faire des doubles clics lors d'un simple clic.
C'est donc très pénible sur le coté bureautique. Et en jeu ... Ben c'est pas possible.
Je vais voir pour un RMA, mais apparemment lorsque le plastique ne cède pas en premier, c'est ce genre de défaut qui arrivent.

Previously used a Rival 300 and was happy with how long it lasted compared to a Logitech mouse I used.
Decided it was time to upgrade my mouse and was attracted by this and the Sensei Ten, although the latter was out of my price range.
In comparison to the Rival 300, the optical sensor feels much more responsive, the buttons are lighter to click which adds to the responsiveness.
However, Steelseries is still using rubber grips which can deteriorate somewhat easily so that is one part of the mouse that needs to be used with care.
Overall, the Sensei 310 is a great mouse which feels more durable and responsive than past models. If they keep delivering, it would be my go-to brand.

I upgraded from a travel mouse to the Sensei and can say that after two years of constant use, it's a very solid product. It tracks perfectly and the settings software is simple and very customisable. There is a little bit of side to side wobble on the main clicker buttons, but nothing really noticeable in day to day use. The left hand side button, at least as far as my mouse grip is concerned, sits directly under my thumb, which means that I will occasionally click it when scrolling right. This is annoying as it is default mapped as the back button when browsing online. A great mouse, not quite my ideal fit.

I am very happy for purchasing this mouse. I always have trouble buying a proper gaming mouse, since most of them are huge and I have tiny hands. However the comfort factor with this one is incredibly and it's very reliable as well. It does it's job and hasn't let me down so far. The buttons are in the right places, very easy to use.

This mouse is a hell of comfort and precision. I've had a Sensei for over 4 years and it is still working like a charm. I bought this for gaming and planning to take the Sensei to work. I do believe in Steelseries products.

Ive had many mice over the years, and being honest one of the best was the old Microsoft inteli optical with the side buttons. This steelseries mouse has the same feel to it as that old MS mouse but with the benefits of today's tech. the movement response is great and extremely precise. Love this mouse! Well worth the price!