2 Acuvar All in One Screen Cleaning Sprays with Microfiber and Phone Stand. Cleans and Disinfects Smartphones, Tablets, LCD, LED Laptop, TV Screens, and More (Orange)


  • All in one Design, combines a cleaning solution, microfiber wipe and smartphone Stand into one slim and portable item.
  • Helps clean your device with precision and without damaging sensitive components.
  • Microfiber wipe side is soft and leaves screen surfaces streak free
  • Phone stand is made out of resistant plastic that will hold up your device in a comfortable viewing angle for extended watching sessions
  • Cleaning Agent and Microfiber wipe can clean any device from Smartphones and Tablets to TVs and Laptops



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Acuvar All In One Screen Cleaning Spray with Microfiber and Phone Stand

All in one design, combining cleaning and disinfecting function with a phone stand function.
The slim and solid design of the Spray Bottle and Stand make it extremely convenient to carry
and to travel with. The protective outer shell doubles as a phone stand that will keep your device
at a comfortable viewing angle to enjoy your favorite content without holding your phone.
The cleaning spray mists the right amount of cleaning fluid to wipe off with the soft microfiber
side of the bottle. It cleans and dyslectics effortlessly and without streaks.

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