Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix - Nintendo Switch Standard Edition


  • In nickelodeon Kart racers 2: grand Prix, you can select from 30 playable characters and 70 companion characters
  • Assemble your ultimate Pit Crew across your favorite nickelodeon series, including jojo siwa, spongebob and more.
  • Speed your way across a variety of slime-filled tracks in a fun series of races where you can win highly coveted cups and over 80 upgrades for your Kart!


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Nickelodeon Kart racers is back and we've brought you the whole gang and more!

Product information ASIN B08BS6BNHP Release date October 6, 2020

AMAZING!!! This game is a big improvement over the first game. Better controls, slightly more tolerable CPU racers, more characters, and tons and tons of references on the race circuits! This is a must have for those who love Nickelodeon and Mario Kart!

I've been playing this game for more than 15 hours and I'm still unlocking content and enjoying it. The improvements in comparison with the first NKR game are huge. Definitely the best addition to the franchise is the crew system. Having so many customization options based on so many characters you can choose from really gives the game their own personality and makes me feel that I still have many things to discover. Driving mechanics were improved so now almost every character feels different from another and ,although almost all the power ups are inspired in Mario Kart items, the crew chiefs change the racing experience in a great way. If you are into karting games or you are a Nickelodeon fan, this game is definitely for you!

Great racing game. Old switch style kart racing graphics. The control layout not typical for switch. Wish the controls were more like Mariocart. Kids also Liked the comments on loading screen. This may only get a month of play time unless the amount of people for online play increases.

This is my favorite racing game for Nintendo switch. I kinda was worried because the first game didn't get much like however this game was awesome there not might be as much characters courses or game play modes as Mario kart 8 but I like this game better.

The controls were incredibly awkward. You have little to no indication on if you'll be hit by an item. Items aren't easily understood, very difficult to know what they actually do. Drifting mechanics aren't necessary, and even then are very bad and shouldn't be used in most situations.

Do not recommend this game unless you're under the age of like 8. Even then I think they would have a better time with Mario Kart.

It's such an awesome video game

Very good kart racing game. Sorry but I do get tired of MK sometimes after playing all itterations for years. I'd hate to add up all those hours....
This game controls well....I used a wired controller and played on the tv. You cant reconfigure buttons or use gamecube controllers. It wont take long to get used to it though.
Colors are vivid, tracks are good and good length. They also are not too wide or too narrow. But the magic of course is the characters! I was quick to unlock Heffer because he is my favorite. In this game you also unlock crew members and chiefs. They actually let you customize the gameplay....Muddy Mudskipper lets you go through slime really fast. You get to make different combos to make a really unique ride. I dont know how many combinations there are but its a LOT. Different ones can do things such as act as a magnet to suck up coins, add extra boosts, extra items, etc. This alone should keep the game fresh and fun for a long time.

The cars do feel different. You can change the wheels, engine and tail pipes to change vehicle stats such as speed, drift, handling, etc. Parts are unlocked to be bought with your coins collected and won. You can really change up the looks of a vehicle with paint schemes and they arent limited to specific characters so Spongebob can have Ninja Turtle paint on his vehicle. I dont think weight matters like it does in MK.

I ran through the cups in medium, all manual control in about 4 hours, taking short breaks, placing first fairly easily. The credits roll when you place 1st in all cups in any speed. But parents, dont let a kid fool you and say they beat the game and are done with it if the credits roll....I have also done several challanges and a boss "fight" and have only unlocked or accomplished 18% of the game on about 5.5 total hours playtime.

Theres a battle arena that would be awesome with other players in the room but you can play it alone. it as polished as MK? No. The music is lacking....i would like to have had show theme songs. Sound effects are great....slime sounds slimey! The game looks fine--really good most of the time. I did experience some disappointing lag at times and they need to patch that. Its bad when it happens and theres no excuse for it. Thats the only gripe i have.

I think this is good for fans of kart racing games, its not perfect but its similar to MK but ....I think its 28 different tracks and even though thats a lot less than MK, its unique tracks make it a decent game. I cant attest to online play....i tried several times and didnt get a other words, no one to race. Of course, this game just came out though.
This is a good game for kids, a family or people like me who love the older Nick chatacters and Spongebob. There are newer characters as well. Its FUN and thers a lot of humor in the pit crew items. Fun--That is the most important to me.

Easy 8 out of 10

Love this game, takes me back to my childhood in an awesome way. It’s also something I can play with my 5yo and introduce her to my cartoon days. Has been wanting to rewatch a hunch of old school toons with her. Definitely a great game.