Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller Switch, Compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC, Rechargeable, Motion Controls, Rumble, Turbo (Black)


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  • √Work with Nintendo Switch and PC. Please remember to download software like" joystick mapper" when you play it on your Macs. (can't be used for game cube system)
  • √Works on all Nintendo switch games,perfect for Super smash Bros: It can replace Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play games. Motion controls, Rumble, All system Buttons,Turbo function are added.
  • √Rechargeable with a usb type-C cable: come with rechargeable internal battery and you don't have to spend extra for AA battery. A usb type-C cable is includded for charging and takes around 2 hours to make a full charge for the controller.
  • √Important!!! For the first time of connecting the controller with your Nintendo Switch console, please make sure to use the usb-C cable to connect; then you can feel free to connect by bluetooth in the following time.
  • √Reliable Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and extended one-year Warranty.We provide warm and professional service.



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wireless NGC controller


  • A Third-party Controller.
  • Switch System buttons (+, -, Home, Capture).
  • Turbon Button.
  • Left/Right shoulder buttons and triggers (L/R/LB/RB).
  • Left stick and C-stick all click in.
  • GameCube style ABXY button layout.
  • Precise D-pad, crisp and responsive.
  • USB type-C connector, easy to remove or connected.
  • With Motion controls,Rumble,Turbo functions.





Work on PC

Work on Switch

Work on PS3

Work on Android

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It is a great nostalgic controller. It will remind you of your student years playing old school games all night long. The L, LB, R, and RB buttons have been added to have parity with Switch Pro controllers. Wireless make you very comfortable to play games in your living room. Turbo function added is very helpful for some Gamecube games in situations where you must press a certain button over and over again. Press the Turbo button one time to makes it as if you are mashing a button repeatedly, such as the A Button. Press second time to stop the Turbo.

usb-c connector

USB Type-C connector, rechargeable internal battery

Rather than using two AAs,you are able to just plug it in when you're done playing and not worry about it. The USB-C cable is easy to remove and charge.

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Important FAQ

Q: Why does it not work?

A: Please do correct system setting, make sure to active "Pro Controller Wired Communication" on.

Q: Why Nintendo Switch system software update not compatible with controller anymore?

A: Remember to restore factory setting for switch console each time Nintendo Switch system is updated.

Q: Does it support trigger analog?

A: It support trigger anolog in PC/Andoird/Xinput mode,it doesn’t support trigger anolog in Switch-pro mode.

Q: Does the usb dongle have to be connect to the switch dock?

A: no dock, it can be connected by a usb-c otg adapter (included in the pacakge).

Q: Why doesn't turn on my switch by pressing the home button. Have to turn it on manually.

A: Press home button of the controller to start the controller; Press power button of the swtich to start the switch. They are two different things.

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Product information Color:Black Package Dimensions 6.1 x 6 x 3.2 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces Manufacturer Exlene ASIN B07K9QWGDG Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

The controller itself seems to be made with some pretty good materials. All the buttons are snappy and well-designed so they don't rattle around loosely but don't feel too stiff., and the controller is relatively light and comfy to hold. The charging cable is also made of a braided filament which is really nice. Overall the responsiveness and functionality of it are great, I haven't felt a major problem in the hours that I've managed to try it. I will update my review if anything comes up on in the future regarding that. All in all, I would definitely recommend the controller to my friends and family and give this controller a solid 4 out of 5 stars, simply due to a few issues I found which I've detailed down below that keep the controller from being perfect.

There's two things that were a problem from the beginning but weren't big issues after a bit of play.

1. The charging USB-C braided cable included with the controller can be very difficult to remove once placed on the controller. For some reason I'm not aware of, it seems to stick very much to the port, and excessive force might cause deterioration and damages if you're not careful. (Tested several times, the normal USB-C cable provided with the Switch itself comes on and off smoothly and cleanly as well as any other charging cables I tried like the one from my phone) But again, I haven't had the controller for long. It can very well be that it takes a while to wear in to a comfortable degree. So far, it's only an issue with the provided USB-C cable included with the controller.

Edit: This issue went away after two days. The braided cord provided now plugs in and unplugs with ease. Sincerely doubt any damages came to harm the controller, updating my review to five stars as there is now no intermittent issues.

2. This is an issue that went away in a very short time, took a bit to weather in. The C-stick on the Gamecube Controller seemed very stiff and would stick when moving it to the left. After a minute or two of meddling with it, it worked perfectly.

On a final note, I want to say the although this isn't a conventional Bluetooth 5.0 controller, I like it far better than other bluetooth controllers because I always seem to have issues with Bluetooth whether I use it on my Switch or my PC. Even the Pro Controller will have me unpairing and pairing the controller AGAIN after it shuts down due to inactivity or being out of battery on my PC and Switch. With this controller, it's as easy as plug and play.

The con of that statement is that it's not a Bluetooth 5.0 controller. This means you won't be able to use it with your undocked, portable tablet-mode Switch unless you use a USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter that supports the Switch. With a power bank taking up that USB-C slot whenever I have my switch undocked, it's impossible for me to play it with it then, but that's just a small sacrifice as I get to enjoy it for more applications than just docked Nintendo Switch play.

Oh, and an integrated rechargeable lithium battery that you can recharge by basically plugging the controller in like a normal pro-controller? Thank god, this is 2019 already. I really didn't want to use batteries like all those other wireless type controllers.

Ignore that one bad review of the person who couldn't follow directions. It is a wireless controller but it does not use the Switch's native Bluetooth function to operate. It comes with a little USB dongle you put in a USB port then you turn on the "wired controller" feature in the controller settings menu as it acts as a wired controller even though it is wireless.

That said. It has a great feel. Great battery life. I haven't had to charge it yet. The extra buttons help so that you can use it outside of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

It's at a decent price and rechargeable. The triggers feel different than a standard GC controller but you'll get used to that. If you want