Surge Switchpad Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch - Blue - Nintendo Switch


  • Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable to hold for long hours of continuous gaming.
  • Built-in 550mA high-quality lithium battery provides up to 20 hours of battery life when playing continuously
  • Supports vibration feedback when playing certain Nintendo games.
  • Designed to give you an edge over the competition.
  • Compatible with motion sensing games such as The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, etc



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Enhance gameplay with the SURGE SwitchPad Pro Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch. The classic controller style and lightweight design ensures continued comfort during extended gaming sessions, while built-in dual rumble motors provide an immersive gaming experience. Plus, the programmable Turbo button will give you an edge over the competition by allowing you to change any face buttons or triggers on the controller to have Turbo functionality.

Product information Color:Blue ASIN B07L44K4RK Release date October 18, 2018

This is not a Pro Controller. That being said, it comes very close in terms of quality and overall performance.

Surge Switchpad DIFFERENCES vs Nintendo Pro Controller:
1. Thicker, and a bit bigger on other dimensions as well.
2. Grip angle is slightly different. Not a bad angle, though.* (asterisk)
3. R, L, ZR, and ZL triggers are slightly mushy. They are very responsive, though, and functionally are perfectly fine. It just doesn't feel quite as satisfying to press as the Pro Controller. They are marked R1, L1, R2, and L2 respectively on this controller.
4. Color and branding (obviously).
5. Plus, Minus, Home, and Capture keys are in different locations. These keys are infrequently used in most games, so this is not a big deal.
6. Turbo and Macro keys. I never use these, but I can see someone wanting to use them. They are there if you feel like it, and they do not get in the way of normal use.
7. HOME BUTTON MUST BE HELD TO WAKE THIS CONTROLLER UP. Waking this controller up is not quite as quick as a pro controller.
* And now for the asterisk... I find it a bit uncomfortable to press the ZR and ZL (R2 and L2) keys on this controller. I kind of have to stretch my pointer fingers upward to get a good press on them. However, I do find this issue is completely alleviated if I shift my grip back a little. This is also going to depend on your specific hands, so this may not be an issue for most.

Surge Switchpad SIMILARITIES vs Nintendo Pro Controller:
1. Very responsive. Button presses, joy-stick movements, and motion controls are every bit as responsive as the Pro Controller.
2. Motion controls and joystick movements are very accurate.
2. Comfortable grip.
3. Good battery life.
4. USB-C charging.

Overall, this is a great controller. It is not as good as a Pro Controller, but I don't think that is the point. This costs half as much as a Pro Controller, and performs so close that most won't really notice the difference. I am very impressed with this controller for the money! I probably will be picking up the blue one, too, if it ever comes back in stock!

It felt like it was built cheap, but that wasn't a bad thing. Being that it was made cheaper, it was smaller, which I did like. The buttons were responsive, for awhile. Unfortunately, the control inputs were less and less responsive. If you pressed too many buttons at the same time, it would register one input, but not all.
I did message customer support, but they weren't able to resolve my issue. However, they were prompt in their responses, and I would have given this product more stars for customer service alone. Sadly, I had t return the product for a refund, and since Amazon wouldn't allow for an exchange of the controller. I may have received a defective unit, but I wasn't willing to investigate.
In conclusion, if Surge Gaming was to send me a unit, I would give it another review, and if it performed well, I would update this review. I think my unit could have been bad, out of the box... And that is entirely possible. If Surge Gaming checks the unit over and addresses this, I would be very thankful. Customer service alone gets 4 stars. But I can't recommend this controller I received.

Was impressed with the product for the little time I had it. Good rumble, included turbo button, reasonable price, etc.
HOWEVER, recently the controller just stopped working suddenly. I tried hooking it up via usb-c to my computer as i've done before to see if it registers the controller, and it didn't (besides detecting some malfunctioning device was connected).
None of the LEDs on the controller were working which set off some red flags, but there was a very strong heat eminating from the controller! I have never felt any controller heat up this much, and it wasn't typical as it would never do this when actually in use. This seems like it is a potential fire hazard or something, yeah?

I CANNOT pair this device with my Nintendo Switch. That is the only reason I bought it. If you can show me a way to pair it to my Switch, I will be a happy camper. If not, I will be sending it back. I have watched about 20 videos on this and have followed the directions. This, after following the directions on the Customer pamphlet that came with it. NONE of these attempts have worked. Either I am not doing something wrong, or you device is worthless to me. Please help me with this situation. Thanx!!

These controllers are no joke super sturdy great haptic feedback vibration nice features on turbo buttons. Good value.
My only you can not wake up switch with this controller like you can with original switch pro controller as I own both
However I would not hesitate to buy this again great controller!!

When I first got Pokemon Shield, I played it in handheld mode a ton - I played it so much, my left hand wound up sore for days. I knew I had to get a traditional controller if I wanted to continue playing my switch. I saw videos about this controller on YouTube and I thought the price was right, so I went for it and I'm glad I did. It has a nice heft that gives it a premium feel and none of the plastics feel cheap. I've gotten great battery life out of it and I haven't had any issues with connectivity. The only zonk I can think of is the internal LED light: the buttons are clear, so the internal LED shines through them. Sometimes when you're playing in a dark room, the LED shines through the buttons and goes right in your eye. I think either making it so the LED only shines through a specific part of the controller or making the buttons opaque would fix this issue.

I Hesitated To buy this controller because some people said they got a defective one. But I thought the four programmable buttons on the back and also having motion control support was a tempting for $39.99

And the fact that it’s Amazon prime. Free returns and free delivery can’t hurt to buy one and hope for a good controller.

I was not disappointed.

Plastics is kind of cheap but not cheap cheap.
Respectable for third party controller.

Motion control is dead on if not better than joycons.

Rumble is ok not as HD is Nintendo brands.

Stick are perfect no complaints.

Battery life is decent.

The two Big programmable buttons on the back are good easy to press

The 2 Small programmable buttons are harder to press and I just gave up on trying to make them part of my game plan

The Macro function doesn’t work with the joysticks only D pad and buttons. And you can’t macro two buttons at the same time. Only one input at a time .

Turbo is fine works as needed

Cannot turn the Nintendo switch console on with this controller.

Bought these for my kids so we can all play together. It works very well.

As with ALL off-brand gaming controllers, it has a few things that will be different. The joysticks on the controllers can be a bit loose, so it won't be AS accurate. If you are not a hardcore gamer, that part won't matter to you. They are easy to set up and use and everything. One thing I did notice is when we were playing Minecraft, my controller went off(I stopped playing for 15 mins, so it was just sitting there), that's usually a good thing as it saves battery life, however when I tried to put my controller back on, it screwed up the game and I had to get out of the whole game, put the controllers on properly(clicking the L buttons, etc), then go back in. It can be a hassle sometimes, but otherwise it's a good controller.

I recommend these a lot as they are cheaper, especially when they go on sale. :)

Great controller with all the features of the pro controller except the NFC for amibos.
-usb c (cable included)
-great rumble
-motion control
-4 additional mappable buttons on the back
-can be link to a pc using bluetooth (same configuration as the pro controller on steam)
This is my second one, I refund my first one because it was defective. The one that I have work really well.

My kid loves this joypad and its the only one he will use now. It has vibration and so far all joysticks still work great!

UPDATE: Have this joypad for 9 months and the analog controllers are "Ghosting" a lot and thus makes this controller useless. I have it a 2-star instead of 1-star as everything else works but not not the analogs sticks. If you do not know what ghosting is, it is when you leave the sticks but your joypad does not stay centred making it impossible to control your character as the analog is off centre. Try running straight when the analog is ghosting to the left :(.

This is by far the best cheap controller I've used so far. I didn't want to spend another $80 for more pro controllers and saw a video for this controller. I bought when it was on sale so ($30) and dont regret it. All the functions work well (haven't used the turbo function much) but everything else works and the vibration is strong on these. I get around the claimed time when fully charged. Lastly it is better than using joy cons and cheaper.

Controller looks like good quality, but the range is terrible. At 12ft. From the console it just disconnects and turns off. Buy the "Gameon double shock" version instead, its $5 less and works great at long range.

Controller is great if you don’t mind pressing the A button 4 times before it responds. Felt cheap out of the box, kind of as expected based off the price point. Was taking a risk buying a cheapo and regretted it. Filled a return the same day as receiving it.

Mucho Mejor de lo que esperaba, me encanta la sensación en los botones y a pesar de su apariencia no se siente de material tan barato, aveces presiono los botones programables por accidente ya que tiene 4 pero es solo un mínimo inconveniente.

Surprisingly good. I got it used like new for 19$. Ive been playing zelda, smash, CTR and other games on it with no lag. Battery life is great and it has usb c.

the rumble is crazy over the top. besides that its good build quality.

When connected works like a charm. However constantly disconnects from the switch while playing. Do not recommend.

La connection facile, la suffisant fonction, pas cher du tout

Works perfect with the switch

The right thumbstick sticks, plastic feels cheap. I should have bought an xbox360 controller and a switch adapter instead of this.

Ergonomic design for exceptional gameplay