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  • V-Rally 4 features over 50 car models, including the most famous in rallying and extreme motor sports, for you to test drive, collect, upgrade, customize and, above all, master
  • Developed by Kylotonn Racing Games, a studio specializing in racing simulations, V-Rally 4 has all the latest physics and graphics developments of the KT Engine
  • As the trip is worth nothing unless it is shared, v-rally 4 has a Career mode and an innovative online mode to transform your experience and progress


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The legendary off-road racing game returns! Enjoy an extreme experience while becoming an expert in a demanding simulation. Take on the challenges of rallies, rallycross, drifts, buggies and hill climbs, and set off on a spectacular journey across every continent. Dominate dangerous roads, hostile conditions, and environments, constantly striving for more speed. Let adrenaline boost your reflexes at the wheel of the most legendary off-road vehicles in each category, and take on the most difficult routes in fabulous surroundings. Rally: from Kenya to Sequoia Park, dominate the most difficult routes in conditions that are often extreme, at the wheel of modern and historic vehicles. V-Rally Cross: intense 8-way races on dirt and tarmac tracks. Extreme-Khana: drift, precision and speed are key: traps are scattered over the roads, putting your driving and showmanship skills to the test! Buggy: become an expert at driving through hilly terrain, and adopt the special reflexes particular physics needed to win these fierce races. Hillclimb: reach the peaks at the wheel of these powerful, twitchy monsters.

Product information Style:Nintendo Switch ASIN B07C8G1YL5 Release date February 19, 2019

…..of course not. What is. Still the best Rally racer I have played outside of the Dirt series and liking it a whole lot better than WRC.
Great locations. Nice graphics. Cars sound great. Dirt and particle effects decent. Not the biggest fan of the camera angles at times thus the 4 instead of 5 star. Well worth it for Rally fans.

I'm a casual gamer and just don't have a lot of time to play as much as I wanted but still love my Switch and Play games.
I just got V-Rally 4 today from Amazon, I got it for $30(at one point a few months ago they reduced it from $60 so I jumped on it and pre-ordered it) but its currently at $60.
I LOVE the Dirt series and have played them on the PS4, but the switch lets me pick up gaming whenever I can fit time so I was so looking forward to V-Rally as a replacement racer on the GO.
This game does not disappoint(Note I have only put a few hours),it is way better than any other racing simulator games(Bikes and Cars) on the Switch that I have played. . This game has a unique level up element you can say in a way. You get sponsors, you hire agents, mechanics and engineers to get better repairs and better parts.
Graphics are not on par with Dirt but they are definitely great for what the Switch can handle. Elements such as water splashing when you drive over them, dust picking ups and your car getting dirty adds realism(YES on the Switch). The surrounding don't look flat like Gears Club. The devs actually did really well with the different stages and courses, the Japan races for example are such a treat, like driving through the towns on tight streets and seeing the red leaf trees is awesome. I do wish there was actual visual body damage, the only actual visuals are headlights not turning on. You still get damage when you crash that affects your performance.
I do not miss the trigger buttons(if you owned a PS Vita in the past and played racing games its the same feeling). Controls are very responsive.
This is real racing. You get the usual Rally races where you race alone and try to finish in the fastest time. But you also get races against other cars.

If you are a racing game fan this is for you. Especially if you are into Dirt series game or any rally game.

I have never bought a rally game before that I never wanted to play the rally races. This is a game you should never buy for the switch. I’m playing with the pro controller and unlike the one or PS4 controllers when you press the triggers and depending on how hard you press dictates how fast or slow you go with the pro controller it’s all the way go or all the way brake and it makes the rally races so hard. I also can just not believe the game doesn’t have any Subaru’s. Save yourself some money and do not buy this game at 60 it would barely be worth it at 30. I have to start the game over cause with me selecting a rally car in the beginning and with the winnings I get which are nothing I’m never gonna get anywhere in the game. So if you do get this start with v-rally cross. I would really like to know if the developer even tried the game on switch after they ported it. The difficulty and tracks are so inconsistent it’s incredible. Played a race on a course and got first also stayed on the track the whole time then tried the same track with the same car on one of the champions and I couldn’t get out of last place and also was all over the course. Games like this make me want to just stop buying games and find a new hobby. Do not buy this game on switch it’s not worth it. I have played less than w hours and I’m already selling the game.

For whatever reason this game has gotten middling reviews across all platforms, which might make sense if you're on PC and could just play DiRT but on Switch it really stands out. It's a great rally game with honestly pretty nice graphics. I've not been distracted by them at all and there are some lovely moments. The performance is good, to my eye minimal to no frame drops, it has immersive audio, and makes great use of the HD rumble.

Of course it's not as polished as DiRT but for a rally game you can play anywhere this is well worth the price.

I really enjoy a good Rally game. I have Dirt Rally (my favorite) and WRC7 (not as good, but still good) on PC that I really like, but was playing Switch and was thinking how great it'd be to have a Rally game for it. At first glance I thought V-Rally 4 looked bad. Then I looked into it more, and thought maybe it could be good. Well, I got it and thankfully it's better than I expected. I'm a realistic person, so I knew it wouldn't look as good as it does on PC (or even PS4/Xbox One), but I must say this game looks better in motion, and looks better than screenshots and vids that I've seen. The controls are good, but not having analog triggers hurts some... but it's definitely doable. I'd still say the game controls well (if you're not used to Rally games you'll struggle at first). The game itself has good presentation, good pacing, and it's setup really nicely. It's got different modes of Rally racing, so it's not just you by yourself on a Rally course. I've only played single player and in handheld mode, and I've been really enjoying it.

I really wanted this game to be fun, but it's just way too hard to be enjoyable. Graphics and choice of cars are great for rally and car fans, but its just frustrating using the switch controller. You find yourself constantly overcompensating for overly sensitive steering and zigzagging all over the place. I'm sure after hours of practice someone could get skilled, but for those people who want an out of the box fun and enjoyable experience, don't waste your time.

the steering is too hard and no fun. graphics is good but it is the opposite of Mario kart. my kids hate this game and asked me to return it.. if Amazon allows me to trade in..I would immediately trade it.

It’s almost as if the developers never attempted to complete their game. The controls are so bad, mainly the steering sensitivity, even dialed down as far as you can you basically play this game like a PC racing game and tap the stick rather than turn fluidly. I could get past it for awhile but as the courses get more difficult it becomes to much of a chore to be fun anymore. Throwing this one in the bin.

I pre-ordered this title mostly fueled by nostalgia for the original V-Rally on the first PlayStation. So far a few weeks in I'm finding it enjoyable, but with quite a tough learning curve. This is definitely at the simulation end of the spectrum for racers, and as with real-life rallying, the margins for error are very small. It could be a case of perhaps updating some of the sensitivity controls for the Switch, but I've found some cars so incredibly twitchy its hard to keep them pointing in the right direction - and that's just in the initial introductions to some of the classes.

Having said that, the graphics are decent for the Switch - and once you start to get the hang of the controls and piece together your first near-perfect rally stage it is rewarding.

I haven't delved too deeply into the career mode yet - I'll see how it holds up over time.

So really a 4.5 star game to me - could be a steep learning curve taking off that little bit...or it could be me getting old and just not being as good at videogames as I used to be!

Buen regreso de la saga V rally con una gran selección de automóviles, circuitos desafiantes y una dificultad aceptable para los menos experimentados

Lo malo es el downgrade hacia nintendo Switch y la pobre optimización de los gráficos; se suele presentar mucho el efecto pop in, un mal dibujado de sombras y el daño en los autos es propio de un juego arcade

Fun challenging game, I got pretty frusturated trying to drift on dirt paths. Glad I bought this game as it runs pretty good, there are many maps and different difficulties to play with, cars are gear customizable to suit the enviornment. You are also able to play with another player splitting the screen and using kne joy con each.

El juego llego en tiempo y forma, el tamaño es pequeño y muy practico para guardarlo en mi estuche de Nintendo, disfruto de cada juego que compro, lo recomiendo.

bon produit tel que décrit

Fun game, a few inconsistencies but good fun all the same

Gracias Amazon. Gracias Nintendo

Really good

Pour un cadeau de Noël

Was a pretty good