Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch - 10000mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case - Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch by Emperor of Gadgets®


  • Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch takes no disturbance during gaming and lightweight design allows to easily travel. Built-in Type-C cable and Type-C port provide high-speed charging and recharging simultaneously.
  • Detachable back mount design lets you easy slide to detach or lock for charging. 10000 mAh high capacity Switch Battery Case extends 10 hours gaming time.
  • The Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch supports maximum 5V/3A charging current to all smartphones and tablets.
  • The Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case has smart plug-in and plug-out identification, current line compensation and up to 92% conversion efficiency. Smart recharging current adjustment to work with all types of charging adapters.
  • Enclusive multiprotect technology ensure total protection for you and your devices. Against short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and high temperature. You can feel free to play Nintendo switch games while charging.


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Color:For Nintendo Switch

Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch - 10000mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case - Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch by Emperor of Gadgets

Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case Technical specification: 

Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery 

Capacity: 10000mAh 

Input/Output: DC 5V3A 

Charging interface: Type-C 


Net weight: 227g 

Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS

Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch Security Features: 

High Temperature protection 

Short-circuit protection 

Over-voltage input protection 

Over-current output protection 

Over-Charge protection 

Smart-current matching 

Automatic-plug it & plug out idendification 

Current line compensation

Package Contents: 

1* Power Bank for Nintendo Games Switch 

1* Back Mount Clip 

1* Padding Plate 

1* Type-C Cable 

1* English Manual


Do not try to disassemble the Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case. 

Do not throw Power Bank for Nintendo Switch into the fire. 

Do not use Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch in high temperature(>50℃)or put it in water. 

Please use proper adapter, if have any deformities or corrosion, please stop using.

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Product information Color:For Nintendo Switch Package Dimensions 6.1 x 3.2 x 1.9 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces Manufacturer Emperor of Gadgets ASIN B078C543N9 Item model number NS01 Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

I bought this for my sons Nintindo Switch and it works perfectly. Does not take long to charge and keeps a charge for 4-5 hours of continuous use. He also uses the charger for his phone which is nice. The charger clips right on the back of the Switch and has a card already attached so it stays connected to the charger. I would buy this product again for sure.

If you own a Switch, you NEED this! This product can charge my switch 3 whole times. Absolutely amazing! I can go for days without charging my switch. The only downfall is the heaviness of the device, but as long as my battery is charged I could care less!

This power bank works great! I get at least an extra five hours of game time on my switch of which I used during a recent vacation. The fact that it clips to the switch and has a USB-C cable already attached makes it very fluid and easy to use. I must say, the first one I got had some problems, but the customer service was extremely responsive and eager to help. I received a replacement within a week of reaching out. Definitely recommend this product and this seller.

This product has been great for me. I'm not a big traveler, but I also do not like taking up my TV by docking my switch. This portable battery has been great for allowing me to play for 8+ hours in handheld mode undisturbed. If you are like me, you might find playing your switch with the adapter plugged in to be cumbersome, but this battery easily allows up to 9-10 hours (depending on the game) of game play without additional charging. I also love that when i am on the go, I can use the additional USB port to charge my phone (like a regular power-bank). Even without a switch this device has saved me so many times. It does take a little getting used to when using the charger in handheld mode, but after the first hour, it became unnoticeable. I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for extended switch battery life.

UPDATED: I'll update to 5 stars, because I reached out to the company and they advised they are mailing a new one to me.

Bought this for my son's switch Dec2018. It is now May2019 and I cannot get it to charge. After leaving it charging for 2 hours - it just moved up to 2 lights changing and the battery pack gets hot. Used to work great.

It worked once now it will not charge. I bought for a it for a 6 hour flight. I charged it the day before I left workerd great on the flight but after that it does not work. I have tried charging it and it just will not charge. Very disappointed in this product

It's clear now after receiving two separate items that the charge on these is crap and very short-lived. The first one stopped going beyond a half charge within a handful of uses. My second one now takes an eternity just to get 3/4 charged.

I have other batteries I tend to use for my phone, ipad, even camera gear. What I didn't like is having a large cord out when I was in the car or on the plane. The clip on factor is what really makes this the perfect battery, it's balanced nice in the hand and keeps things organized.

Good as it gives so much extra battery life. Only downside is, it's a bit heavy.

Encaja a la perfección en el Nintendo Switch y se puede usar como power bank para celulares que da aproximadamente 3 cargas.