PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch - Princess Zelda


  • Features motion controls and Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • White Princess Zelda design with blue metallic D pad
  • LEDs for player number, button mapping, and low battery warning
  • Includes 2 AA batteries for up to 30 hours of gameplay
  • 2 year limited warranty



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Color:Princess Zelda

Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games like a pro with this officially licensed PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller. Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller features a white Princess Zelda design, motion controls, Advanced Gaming Buttons, blue metallic D-pad and standard ergonomic layout. Enjoy up to 30 hours of gameplay with new alkaline batteries (other variables affect play-time) or add your own rechargeable batteries.

Product information Color:Princess Zelda ASIN B07N94JQS8 Release date April 30, 2019

This controller is pretty legit. I pre-ordered it and I'm very happy with it. Every button works and feels good. The controller is very light so it feels cheap but it works without a doubt. Id give it 5 stars but I'm hesitant due to the fact that ALL switch controllers including the joycons are know for ghosting anolog sticks and my PowerA wired controller is showing signs of ghosting. I'm hoping this controller has upgraded sticks but we will see. If there is no ghosting then this controller WAAAAAY better than Nintendo's Pro Controller
UPDATE: I've been heavily gaming with this controller and it's held up so far. No ghosting in the sticks, and the buttons have no sign of wear. Definitely worth the money!

**UPDATE** MAY 2019
-My controller just died after 7 months of use. I didn't even get a full year out of it. Just shut off and never turned back on even with a fresh set of batteries. Smh...

I bought this controller primarily (but not only) to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I realize that PowerA also has a GameCube inspired controller, but opted for this one instead since it would feel weird playing other Switch games with the GC button layout and I didn't want to have the one Pro Controller i intend to buy be one designed for ONE specific game.

First off, the look and feel is great. The controller has a clean, sleek, minimal design that matches that of the Switch and it's house brand accessories. It plays well with games like Mario Odyssey and Graceful Explosion Machine (the only other Switch games I own and was able to test this out on.) Smash is a different story. The main drawback is with the primary (left) joystick. It just doesn't work well for dedicated players when you need it to. The reason being is that It sticks up far too much from the base of the controller, giving you a very "loose" feel regarding character movement. In other words, it makes directional movements far too sensitive. This might work good for shooters, but who plays FPS on the Switch? Maybe I'm one of the few who've experienced this, but nearly every match I play I get a directional button mishap or mistimed smash because of this controller. If anyone is used to playing Smash w/the GC controller, you will definitely have an adjustment to make with how you play, or just go with a different controller completely.

Another minor complaint is that the controller doesn't feel solid in your hands. Perhaps because of its light weight (which I assume is because there is neither Amiibo or vibration support. i.e. less parts). I feel the bottom side could have a small concave indentation were the tips of your fingers meet the base of the "bars" of the controller. Instead, there are two programmable buttons positioned here, which honestly most people will never use and ends up diminishing the overall feel of the controller in your hands. Width feels great however and from that aspect feels like it was designed for adults. Compared to the Joy-Con controllers in a docking unit, which is still "too small" for me and many other adult gamers. Now, These aren't necessarily deal breakers for me as I intend to use this as my primary Pro Controller for the system going fwd, but for Smash specifically there are some design flaws that will become an ongoing annoyance for non-casual players and perhaps a deal breaker for others.

I'm a 15 year old that plays way too many video games. Got this controller about three months ago for the advanced gaming buttons on the back, which actually work quite well, are very easy to program, but are awkward to reach and press. For the first month I was rather in denial, the controller feels extremely cheap, very very low quality plastic, only about a month in I found myself wishing I just forked over the extra 20 bucks for the real deal. I decided to keep going with it because the buttons on the back were very handy, but I was just constantly disappointed. The buttons click super loud and are obnoxious to deal with, the weight is not balanced whatsoever, making it feel very uncomfortable, the joysticks feel unresponsive, and the product as a whole feels clunky and awkward.
Anyways, ignoring these slight disadvantages, the controller lasted me about two months, now it is very unresponsive, with the buttons and joystick inputs barely working, the joysticks have gotten extremely loose and are starting to drift my character in a way I did not input.
Overall, very disappointed. You can tell that PowerA was out to save every last penny with these controllers. The only good thing about this controller is the buttons on the back which are actually not realistically usable because of their troublesome position. Everything else about it looks cheap, feels cheap, and is not durable whatsoever.
Just put in the extra 20$

For the price, it’s a very cheap product. You can’t charge it and the plastic is cheap. I’m very disappointed in this because I was very excited to finally get an animal crossing themed controller. For the same price on my ps4 I can get a really nice controller. I guess I’ll keep it though because my lizard likes to sit on it

I was a bit skeptical that such a cool looking controller would be decent but I was pleasantly surprised (I bough the Mario version). I tried it on Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter just to see the responsiveness and it passed with flying colors. The extra buttons seem well placed and easy to use but I haven't tried them out yet. Seems like you could hit them by accident but again, I haven't actually set them up. Controller is easy to set up BTW. Just one button needed to sync unlike some other controllers.

So why four stars? Well it is AA battery powered, so not rechargeable. Not a huge deal and I kind of like being able to just add batteries instead of waiting for it to charge. But it is an extra expense you have to deal with. Batteries lasted pretty good so far. I ahve about 8 hours of play on it and it still works fine. Also, a point off for no rumble function. Not a huge deal for me but worth mentioning. And finally, it's not red all over. Would have been really cool but it's still decent looking with the black back panel. Overall, very nice controller and I will prob order the zelda one soon.

Left joystick is not at center by default. It is slightly pointing down. Thus even if it is not touched, it registers as downward movement. Will be returning.

I bought this controller because it’s cheaper then the Pro controller, and I didn’t need NFC and rumble.
This controller feels confortable to play for long period of time, motion control works too, the pairing is automative, and the controller wakes the Switch up.
However, the left stick becomes reliable after one week of normal playing. I think it is because the left stick’s gotten used the most. The movement is jumping around. Open up the controller to have a look inside, to my horror, the manufacturing of the board is very low quality with many dry solder joints. This is why so many complaints on Amazon.com and .co.uk, for this controller after only very short time.
Returning this controller and getting the Pro controller instead.

I bought one of these for a Switch I use at home to play games like Zelda and Diablo.

Having kids, I decided I needed an extra controller for the kids.

These new controllers are much cheaper than the PRO controller, so I thought I would give it a go.

Build Quality
Its OK, but not as good as a PRO controller, feels plasticy, buttons feel cheaper.

In Use
Played Diablo for a whole day with it, my fingers on the joystick on the left for moving means my finger hurt after a while, its uncomfy for extended play :( A real issue if you play games a lot.

No recharging either, its AA batteries only

So Its OK as a controller, but for a slight bit more the PRO controller offers, more comfort, rechargeable, built in rumble, built in AMIBOO reader, and in my opinion significantly better build quality

Aunque es más grande qué los joycons conectados a su soporte, éste control se siente ligero y parece que tiene mejor conectividad que los mismos Joycon (hasta ahora no he tenido el problema de que pierda la conexión, como ha ocurrido con los joycon).

Me gustá que funcione a base de pilas y sea inalambrico, ya que tengo gatos y así no corre el peligro de que los gatos jalen el cable. Las pilas recargables de larga duración de Amazon son un uben compañero.

Tiene un par de botones que pueden ser programados, lamentablemente sólo puede mapear otros botones y no acciones complejas o la presión sobre el D pad.

Carece de HD rumble y de connectividad con los amiibo.

*** Actualización ***
Presenta problemas de drift después de sólo un par meses de uso. Mejor busquen otra opción.

I love my Nintendo Switch, however as an adult I find the joy cons, either on their own or with the joy pad accessory that comes with the switch, a little small for any game that's more than just a casual style game. This often meant I got cramps when playing for long periods.

I decided to get myself a controller, then I saw the price of the Nintendo official switch Pro controller. Don't get me wrong, I've heard its a fantastic controller, but I didn't want to spend that much money.

I looked at some wired controllers but I wasn't a fan of long wires stretching across my living room. Then I found this beast, a beautiful wireless controller at a fraction of the cost. It looks amazing (I have the Legend of Zelda controller) and feels really great in the hand. It's lightweight so it won't hurt during extended gaming sessions and, whilst some people dislike having to use AA batteries, I find it's brilliant as you can just swap out for another pair of rechargeable batteries and continue playing. The programmable trigger buttons under the pad can make certain actions in games a LOT easier so they are a great bonus. All in all, I'm incredibly happy with my purchase.

Cheaper than the official Nintendo Pro Controller
Great Motion Control
Programmable trigger buttons
Much easier to hold for larger hands
Looks amazing

No rumble feature
No amibo feature

Cannot be charged via USB, takes AA batteries (I personally prefer this as I have two pairs of AA rechargeable batteries on a constant charging loop, when one runs out, I switch them and charge the batteries that just died).

J'utilise cette manette depuis 1 an comme 1ere manette, plutôt pas mal à l'usage, les palettes sont un vrai plus pour certains jeux.
Mais voilà quelques jours que le joystick gauche a pris du jeu et ne revient pas au centre tout seul... Impossible de tourner comme il faut, cela m'apprendra à vouloir gagner 15€ par rapport à la manette officielle...
Je déconseille l'achat de cette manette en tant que 1ere manette, elle ne peut convenir que pour les sessions occasionnelle entre amis...

I found this controller to be more comfortable than the 2xJoycon in the grip included with a switch and highly responsive overall. If you can't afford a pro-controller this will do 95% of the job and is about half the price!

I was going to give this 4 stars because it's not a pro-controller but considering it is about half the price and does nearly everything the same to a high standard I can't help but recommend this with 5 stars. Yes its technically inferior to the pro-controller but the lack of 2 features (Rumble and NFC) don't effect its performance for playing games, plus you could get 2 of these for the same price as 1 pro-controller.

Economic - you can get 2 of these (the Zelda ones were cheaper) for the price of a Pro Controller. (If money is a big factor you can get a wired/USB controller for about £25)

Wireless - runs on 2xAA batteries and lasts 30 hours

Comfort - Much more comfortable than the 2x joycons in the grip, the +,-, home and snapshot buttons are slightly raised compared to the pro controller which makes them easier to use in my opinion. The pro-controller's buttons have a different profile (slightly more sunken in) so your preference may vary too.

Appearance - available in a variety of styles, the zelda one is particularly nice. Some of the USB versions aren't available in wireless and vice-versa. In contrast the pro-controller is just available in black.

Weight - comparable to the 2x joycons but a lot lighter than the pro controller, could feel a bit flimsy although it seems robust enough. I suspect the weight difference is mainly due to lack of rumble motors.

Ergonomics - Not as 'grippy' as the pro controller. The case is all moulded plastic compared to the pro controllers rubberised grips. I've not had any problems but your mileage may vary.

Features - No rumble or NFC (this keeps the cost down though) I suspect the lack of rumble also keeps the weight down too.

Responsive - the controller is highly responsive to inputs, however having used a pro-controller as well it feels a bit more precise with the analogue sticks than the A-power one.

Overall: I'd prefer if it was a little heavier feeling

Love the design, but if it doesn't work, it would be pointless.

So it's a good job that it works great I was worried that it felt a bit slippery when I first used it, but it soon felt fine.

Paired up without any problems, though you need switch firmware 6.0 or later.

It doesn't have any form of rumble nor does it have nfc capability. What it does have is two additional buttons which can have most other buttons assigned to them.

Overall it feels really good. Not quite as good as the Nintendo Pro controller, but nearly.

I just wish that the d-pad was some other colour. I don't like the gold.

 It’s a cheap feeling controller. I personally don’t mind because i’m not an intense player, and it works for the amount of time i play as well as the type of games i play. It is wireless but it does require two AA batteries which is fine, just not the most optimal. The buttons are quite clicky and loud, they feel good but aren’t as smooth and quiet as the actual pro controller. The R and L buttons rattle if you shake the controller, so if you’re playing something that utilizes the motion of the controller it can be annoying to hear the rattling when you shake it. Overall it’s an OK controller, it’s cute and it works, but if you’re looking for something that feels expensive and well made you’re better off skipping this one!

Felt cheap from the jump but functioned well enough at first. Purchased as a spare controller alongside my own Pro controller for the Mrs to use on the odd occasion we play together so it got extremely light use, 20-30 sessions since Christmas day.

Noticed on the 12th of April that the left stick had developed drift (characters ducking/moving left when the stick wasn't being moved).

Reading through a handful of reviews I can see that it appears to be common on these controllers which can be attributed to any number of issues in build quality & parts used.

To summarise it's built cheaply using cheap materials & for £40 it's really not that much cheaper than a Pro, I would recommend stumping up that little bit extra & going for one of those because this will develop a fault, I'm 99% certain of that.

Returning in the next couple of days thank you to Amazon's exemplary customer service.