Apex Legends Lifeline Edition - PC


  • Lifeline Edition Includes:
  • Legendary "Guardian Angel" Lifeline skin and "Chooser of the Slain" Flatline weapon skin
  • Exclusive "Winged Guardian" banner
  • Exclusive "Angel Struck" badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins


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Platform:PC  |  Edition:Lifeline

On the fringes of known space, you’ll find the Apex Games – a battle royale where teams of misfits and outlaws fight for the title of Apex Champion. Win, and they call you a Legend.

Apex Legends Lifeline Edition includes:

Legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline Skin

Legendary Chooser of the Slain Flatline Skin

Exclusive Winged Guardian Banner

Exclusive Angel Struck Badge

1,000 Apex Coins


A Roster of Legendary Characters – Master a growing roster of powerful Legends, each with their own unique personality, strengths and abilities that are easy to pick up but challenging to truly master.

Build Your Crew – Choose your Legend and combine their unique skills together with other players to form the ultimate crew.

Strategic Battle Royale – Use your abilities–and your wits–to make strategic calls on the fly, adapting your crew's strengths to meet new challenges as the match evolves.

Sweet, Sweet Loot – Drop in and loot up with a host of powerful weapons, diverse attachments and useful armor to protect you in battle. After the fight, collect a wealth of cosmetic options for personalizing your character and weapons, and unlock new ways to show off during the match.

Requires Apex Legends on applicable platform (sold separately) and all game updates. THE EA TERMS OF SALE GOVERN YOUR USE OF APEX COINS. Other conditions and restrictions apply.



Product information Platform:PC  |  Edition:Lifeline ASIN B07XPRP91J Release date October 18, 2019

A little excessive that it comes in a game case (its just a piece of paper with a redemption code on it) but I guess its great for physical collectors. Got it on sale at $10 which is a great value for what you get incl. 1000 Apex coins (using this for the battle pass) and a set of Lifeline cosmetics (skin, banner frame, banner badge and finally a sick flatline skin.

Redemption was painlessly done on Origin and all the items included were reflected on my account through an exclusive screen (pictured in my review) when I launched the game thereafter.

Awesome package including lifeline legendary skin and flatline slain skin, both beautiful designs. Apex coins was added to my account with absolutely no delay. Physical box looking great in my place.

Purchased right before season 4 since I needed to buy the battle pass anyways. For $15 or $5 more then buying the battle pass through origin, I received the extra lifeline skins and flatline skin. Used the included 1000 coins for the current battle pass. Delivered within 24 hrs. Easy to redeem through the origin launcher.

Only complaint, (more of a suggestion), there should be a small print out with instructions on how to redeem the code inside. Other than that it works as it should.

Gave this as a gift and they enjoyed it thoroughly. Amazing skins as well as extra credits to spend on whatever they want. Plus as Apex being their favorite game, they can actually have a "physical copy" to add to their collection now.

Obviously worth the money because apex is awesome and the skin is great

Great skin for both Lifeline and the Flatline weapon. It comes with a Lifeline banner and a decent chunk of credits too. Great pack!

I actually get a lot of complements in game for the Lifeline Skin.

My son-in-law is a professional gamer and he says this is a great present for Xmas.

Received the case. Opened it. Saw the voucher and redeemed it on Origin. Got everything. Worked perfectly.

Great item fast delivery