eXtremeRate Soft Touch Grip Front Housing Shell Foggy Clear Green Custom Faceplate for Xbox One Elite Controller Model 1698 with Thumbstick Accent Rings - Controller NOT Included


  • Compatibility Models: Compatible with Xbox One Elite controller (Model 1698); Not compatible with standard Xbox One, Xbox One X & Xbox One S and Xbox One Elite series 2 controller
  • Fits Perfectly: Fit the best by far; Completely fits flush on all side; Sit properly on all the clips
  • Package Includes: 1* Xbox One Elite controller faceplate shell; 1* T8H screwdriver; 7* screws; 2* Accent rings. (Important: The Xbox One Elite controller, tools and other parts are not included)
  • Installation Skills Required: Required customers to take apart the xbox one elite controller to install this front housing shell; Required customers handy with controller modifications; Get installation video guide on Youtobe by searching “Extremerate Elite Shell”
  • Personalized Feature: The foggy clear green color looks great; Great smooth grip, soft in hand and feels good; Anti slip, sweat free for a long period game playing


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  • We know that your controller shell is more than just a plastic accessory.
  • It is your sidekick, your wing man, your battle buddy.
  • This is why we use only the best parts and most vibrant paints to ensure our controllers are of the highest quality.
  • Believe me, your friend will admire you after install this exclusive faceplate shell.

Elite controller faceplate

Read Before Purchase

  1. Please check the second picture of the listing. This product is only compatible with Xbox One Elite controller (Model 1698); It is not compatible with standard Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox One Elite series 2 controller.
  2. This is a faceplate shell case for Xbox One Elite controller. The Xbox One Elite controller, the bottom shell, buttons and other parts are not included.
  3. Required customers to take apart the Xbox One Elite controller to replace your original shell; Required customers handy with controller modifications. Get installation video guide on Youtobe by searching "Extremerate Elite Shell".
  4. The texture is not a rubberized finish. Instead, it is semi-slick, matte soft plastic.
  5. The shell is clear but not 100% transparent.

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Product Feature

  • Made of durable non-toxic ABS plastic. Odour free.
  • Completely fits flush on all side; Sit properly on all the clips.
  • Personalize your controller. It is a beautiful change up from a boring normal black without spending a ton of money.

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Package Includes

  • 1* Front shell for Xbox One Elite Controller
  • 2* Accent rings
  • 1* T8H screwdriver
  • 7* Screws
  • Note:The controller and other parts are not included!

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Product information Color:Foggy Clear Green ASIN B07CMLVPFV

Pros fells great softer and more grippy than the og xbox one elite faceplate

Looks great

Comes with tools even tho it says it doesnt

Cons doesnt sit flat with the controller like the orginal buttons are a little recessed but not to the point of being unusable the switch that allows you to switch profiles is recessed almost to the surface making it hard to use

Right side of face plate pushes down on B button to the point it cannot be pressed down. I have to pull the plate up from the right side edge so that it’s not pressing down hard in the B button. I couldn’t find anything to to wedge anything in their to stop it from pushing down. Soo I just stuffed cardboard in between the face plate right edge and the controller to keep a gap and this keeping the B button loose. Why continue to sell this if they know what’s wrong with it????

Update 12/31. It’s completely unusable. Tried playing Gears of War 4 online. It’s crazy uncomfortable to play with. I live the look and style. I doubt I can get a refund for this. Sigh... never again.

I still bought this after seeing all the bad reviews regarding the gap once this front shell is screwed into the back shell.

This fade is just undeniably catchy to the eye, and it actually looked better than I expected once I received it. The red on each side has a sheen which almost makes it seem metallic. Great feel, great look, I can get over the rest, but let's discuss that as well.

This side-gap between the front and back shells is completely obvious when there's light shining at it. The plastic which should be behind the scenes is bright red where one expects to see either a flush finish, or be blacked out at the very least.

Check the pictures for this shell versus an unmodified XBox One controller.

I may dremel the standoff on the top-left of the back of the shell to bring it down to flush, also I may just toss some electrical tape down the gap before clicking in the back pads on each side.

I have modded standard Xbox One controllers so I thought maybe putting this faceplate on my elite would give my Xbox One Elite controller a little character.

The installation is a breeze, just like with a standard controller ... though I use my own tools the tool provided will work for most people, I have just found those freebies tools hurt my fingers after modding a few times.

The comfort is exactly what I expect from a soft touch shell. It feels and looks great.

Quality of Use is extremely poor, unfortunately. The XY AB buttons felt as if they were now almost inset buttons, this would interfere with game play. Then there was the profile switch, with this faceplate the profile switch is looser than some teeth I lost when I was a kid. The profile switch wiggled north and south, east and west in its slot. I checked both faceplates the official and this replacement and didn't see anything glaringly obvious.

Ultimately, I made this purchase to dress up my elite, but the quality made it feel like a standard Xbox One controller with a pretty face, loose buttons and poor build quality. I switched back to the stock face and everything is nice and tight.

Right now I can't recommend this product. Maybe I got a bad fit, but attempting a trial and error pursuit through a virtual store front isn't ideal for modding.

To the Vendor: Get these features looked into ... and get these face plates closer in spec to the stock faceplate and I will definitely purchase again.

The shell is beautiful and has the same feel as the stock one. But it's just ok after I put it on and realized the my A, X, start, select, and setup switch did not protrude all the way through. The A and X bottons were unable to be pressed at all. I have scuf grips on my elite controller so after having to take the shell off to file the holes my left scuf grip hook that holds the top on broke... all because the fit was off. That my friends is the problem. The grips stay on but after time my OCD will kick in and it will be a problem. For the price I guess it's not bad but there is minor fitting to be done. You can see in the picture the A button not coming through before the filing.

Looks gorgeous and fit is perfect. I was worried about buttons sticking or my headset adapter being a tight fit, which I've experienced with custom face plates before (sometimes the painting process makes them ever so slightly thicker.) I am happy to report that this is not remotely an issue. Not only does it fit great, it feels great in the hand. Unlike some glossy face plates that have kind of a "stickiness" about them, this face plate is smooth and feels high-quality.

I also appreciated that the face plate came with a new torx screwdriver, replacement screws, and a set of black rings (for around the thumbsticks). I would have been perfectly happy without these things, but it is still nice that they are included for those who don't have boxes of spare parts laying around (like I do).

Honestly, my expectations weren't all that high for the $12 or $13 that I paid, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised.

Best thing I ordered on Amazon so far. I am really happy with my purchase. Nice vivid orange better than the picture. The controllers really stand out. I also bought the normal xbox one controller shell in same color so now they match. Unfortunately this one does not come with side grips in the same color which i would have bought, the one for standard controller does. The silky paint is also very nice to touch and won't slip in your hand. I would and probably will buy another one if this one breaks. And another thing, mine does fit flush but it is all a matter of screwing the ,well, screws straight and not at an angle. Easily rectifiable.

Hi all,
I saw this faceplate on amazon and for the price I thought I'd give it a go.
I am soo glad I did, easy to fit, looks great and brightens up and adds a bit more personalisation to your elite controller. All edges fit snugly and there is no lifting or problems with parts not being molded right. This company tests each faceplate so at least you have a bit of piece of mind that they should be good to go. I fitted mine in 3 mins, if you are totally new to changing parts there are plenty of YouTube tutorials. I also purchased gold rings for the thumstick openings and I think it's looks amazing.
I hope this helps someone.
Take it easy

Thrilled with this product!
Never done anything like taking a controller apart before, this was a first time and took the space of 5-minutes if that.
They provide a Youtube tutorial, which is amazing and super simple, quite honestly (idiot proof).
The black plate is the original before picture, and the new one looks like a new controller and better looking!
Highly recommended for anyone who wants a new looking controller without the cost of a new one.

I should preface this review with that, for the price, this is an absolute steal for changing up your Elite controller, and far cheaper than alternatives.

The product looks/feels great, and has a quality feel finish to it - slightly smoother than the default plate. It's extremely easy to attach, and fits snugly to the controller. Edit: Have to say, it's not as flush as the original - the start and back buttons are a little depressed - nothing major but noticeable.

I gave it 4/5 stars, as there is very slight cosmetic damage (see picture), and much, much smaller on the negatives is there is a bit of a shadow from the "teeth" which grip the plastic housing around the thumbsticks (see photo). However, that is almost guaranteed to be because the product is white rather than black, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

All in all, for the price, I'd highly recommend this - I have the Sunset Overdrive edition Xbox One, and had been contemplating buying a custom white Elite controller (for over £150) just to get it matching. This is the much better, and saner, option.

I'll probably update this review in the future, after I've accrued some significant playtime on it.

EDIT: After playing for a few days, the white has already started to yellow...and I made sure to use hand sanitiser before playing every time. Big shame.

Installed this when I got the standard problems with Right and Left Bumpers on the Elite Controller1, was really easy to install when the more complicated bumper replacement was done.