Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Polar Whirlwind (Special / Limited)


  • Limited Edition



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Refurbished figure

Product information ASIN B00D5GVO56

rare unit, has a nice ghost like paint job.


My son was thrilled to add this Skylander to his collection. It was in perfect condition and will provide him with many hours of enjoyment!

Cool looking have not played with yet.

polar whirldwind was a great addition to my skylanders collection.


I love Skylanders so much and this Skylander was the perfect addition to my collection, and she works better than I could have hoped.

I gave it a four, because I'm getting tired of exclusives (It limits your chances of finding one and they don't usually get enough in stalk.). Character wise, it is great for those who are collecting all the characters and the named variants! She is basically a re-paint of the "Series 2" version of Whirlwind. Like I said, if you are collecting them all and/or really like Whirlwind, then she is a perfect addition to your collection!