Skylanders Giants Battle LED Arena Plus Legendary Skylanders Poster


  • The Out-of-this-World Skylanders Giants Battle Arena Play and Display Stand
  • LED Lights for Magical Glow; Cord Pass-through for the FULL DISPLAY EFFECT


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The Skylanders Giants Battle Arena Play and Display Stand will keep up to 16 figures (NOT INCLUDED) and Portal of Power (NOT INCLUDED) ready for any adventure. The Stand has detailed decor to showcase all elemental powers. Has LED Lights for Magical glowing action. Go to Power A site to register your product.

Product information ASIN B009TILS50

Bought this for the grandkids.
They play with it for hours.

Good product

My son loved it. Can't find in stores anymore.

we love it!!

my granddauther oves them They are fun to play with.They are interesting characters.she loves loves loves loves loves them Thankyoul

This was a gift for my grandson. From looking at the picture of his face when he unwrapped it, it was a BIG hit.

Yes it is!!!
A plastic LED lit resting place for Skylanders figures. In the low light, it really does look decent.
But what it does secretly makes it nice to pick up. First, it is marked with the element symbols, making it easy to switch to the proper one during game play (such as "earth characters are stronger in this area" play). Quickly reach for that one standing on the holder over that symbol. Second, I priced out shelfs,bags,boxes etc. YHAT Were Either pricy, or tacky. This is very pricey at 40 but you can pick it up much less, for $$ now.
Lastly the portals are on it, so it is very easy to change to another quickly.
Then you just put off the light switch, and turn off your game system till next time.
I have Giant , and Swap-Force portals. Made for Giants, portal cavity is small for Swap team. Works okay though.

I got this Battle Arena for 40% off at a certain giraffe themed brick and mortar store when I was buying my son the Skylanders Micro Xbox Controller (see my other review of that awesome controller). It's overpriced, but is more fun and functional to use than you think.

The portal of power rests in the center of the arena, and the plug for the portal is tucked away nicely into a channel molded for the cord in the arena base. I was at first disappointed that it runs on three AAA batteries instead of using some sort of "pass through" USB power from the Portal and Console. However the LEDs don't seem to soak up that much juice and it has lasted at least 12 hours so far without changing the batteries.

The light up feature is pretty cool. Each of the elements lights up their respective color, and then the elemental symbols illuminate all around the base ring of the arena where the figures rest, and these symbols all morph colors in a very cool effect. All together, the arena + portal looks very cool at night, and to my 5 year old son, it all looks absolutely magical. The arena is now part of our "Skylanders Playset" and I will have a very sad little boy if the thing ever breaks.

Skylanders itself is already "magical" to him (how putting the toys on the portal lets you play them in the game), so this battle arena just blows him away. He plays with the toys and acts out scenes with them even when not actually playing the video game, and the battle arena is often a staging ground for these adventures.

Another benefit of the arena is that it sort of serves as an end table and a place to put other elemental Skylanders. We play on the couch and don't have a coffee table in front of us (no room because of the Microsoft Kinect), and have been using another Power A accessory, the Skylanders Castle Tower case to elevate the portal and make it easier to switch. We placed the battle arena here on top of the Castle Tower and now it's a great little staging area to quickly swap a giant in when we need to break a gate.

Check out my pictures of our set up and a short video of the morphing color effect.