Skylanders SWAP Force: Turbo Jet Vac Character


  • Includes: Skylanders SWAP Force Turbo Jet Vac S2 Character, Trading Card, and Sticker Sheet
  • This Skylanders SWAP Force character requires the Portal of Power (included in the SWAP Force Starter Pack) to be used in-game.
  • All Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, Skylanders Giants, and Skylanders SWAP Force figures work with Skylanders Trap Team.



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Style:Turbo Jet Vac

Refurbished figure

Product information Style:Turbo Jet Vac ASIN B00FE0E64W Release date March 20, 2014

I love this game, it is fun for kids, adults and teens! Hours of fun playing this game!

I have to say my 2 favorite skylanders are now roller brawl and smolderdash. Both of them are fast and strong. Smolderdash is slightly ahead because she reminds me of the Statue of Liberty (pretty sure she was designed like that on purpose), her skills are by far the most fun I have ever seen from all the skylanders I have (59). If you do not have smolderdash or roller brawl I suggest adding them to your collection as they will not disappoint, I currently have LightCore smolderdash but plan on getting the other at some point simply because I want to check out her other upgrade path and not have to reset the figure. Neither will disappoint they were my first 2 skylanders to 20 =D

Got it for my boyfriends collection. He liked it.

The product itself seems fine but the package was opened and product fell out. I had to tape the sides up so it didn't look damaged. The Amazon box was fine and no damage so it must've put in the box already opened.

This was a Christmas gift for my nephew and he loved it!

The SWAP Force Wind-up Character was exactly as pictured. I purchased it for my Grandson.

Perfect condition!

Disappointed because you can tell the package had been opened before. If I had time, I would send this back. It looks like I pulled this out of the bottom of the bargain bin at a store.

tel que décrit


Arrived quickly. Works perfect.


awesome, but son loves it!!!!

Great no problems with me