Digimon World: Next Order (PS4)


  • NEW RAISING FEATURES! Raise, train, feed and discipline in real-time to form strong bonds with your Digimon companions. Every interaction and action matters.
  • EVOLVED AI BATTLE SYSTEM. Strong bonds with your partners is key - train your Digimon to excel in AI battles on their own. Cooperation and synchronization between your partners and their feelings will increase your chances of winning. Shout commands and cheer them to victory!
  • ExE EVOLUTIONS. If your Digimon bonds are strong enough, trigger the ExE Evolution to merge them into a new stronger monster!


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YOUR FATED RETURN TO THE DIGITAL WORLD!The Digimon World series returns with Digimon World: Next Order! An all-new adventure & story awaits!The Digital World is in despair and on the verge of collapsing… they need your help! Explore and traverse this exciting universe to solve a digi-mystery infecting some of the Digimon. Recruit faithful Digimon companions and meet friends along the way to battle by your side through this epic journey.The Digital World is waiting for you…For the first time ever in the series, explore the Digital World with not one, but TWO Digimon partners!Choose between a male or female protagonistRecruit and Battle over 215 Digimon!

Product information ASIN B01MYW71T6 Release date January 27, 2017

Bought it as a gift and once the birthday came around and tried to let my son play it. The game wouldn't load, because the disc was scratched.

I purchased this as a Christmas gift. I don't know if my nephew will like it. He asked for it.

 As I mentioned in the headline, this game is a nostalgia trip for players who played the original Digimon World on the Playstation 1 as this boasts a much more refined system for commanding both of your digimon partners to use 4 attacks, their signature move and their high tension ability that can increase one preferred stat of the Digimons choice ranging from healing over time, recovering half mp + raising the max value, increase attack stat to maximum and then gradually returns to normal etc.

This game also features over 200 available digimon to raise, including fan favorites Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon. For me, the best part about this game is the music as it will make you remember the intense battles that you once had in Digimon World 1 and you will think to yourself 'Did i make a mistake fighting this digimon?'

The training mechanic is still the same from the original, using the gym to train your baby digimon to Rookie level and then to Champion etc. However, a new addition to the game is tamer points, this allows the player to level up the playable character to learn skills that can help gaining additional training points when fighting digimon in the over world or help their partners retain stats when they are reverted back to digi-eggs.

Network battles are also available as well, up to 3 digimon can be used to battle other players 3 times a day (real time) to gain network points to purchase rare items in the points shop. However, it is recommended that you wait until you are able to fully max out all of your digimons stats before doing this, as you will likely be paired against players who have Ultra level digimon that will wipe the floor with your digimon that you chose to use as a network team.

Overall this game is a must buy as you will have a lot of fun exploring the Digital World and raising your 2 partner digimon.

I loved the original digimon world on ps1!
And this game is exactly that and SO much more.
Gameplay is smooth, better combat (can give clear commands early on etc unlike original), graphics are great and the best thing... so many more digimon partners! So many more options! From more digimon series, over 200+ digimon! If you loved the original you'll love this!

awesome game am just in love it with it bring so many good nostalgic memory from the first game digimon world i would say most player will love this or an if you dont love it then you wont complain its be goooood

Its digimon and it works well for the franchise its story is rather short though fun and does engage however if your not up for raising your digimon after a certain time ( they die after a few days and are reborn) then do not buy this game

An updated blast from the past! There are so many elements in the story and game-play that echo the original Digimon World and I love it! Full of your old school favourite Digimon, an immersive adventure pet simulator that just keeps giving, just completed the main after 50+ hours of game play and just making a start on post game. Money well spent!