Vampyr (NSW) - Nintendo Switch


  • Be the Vampyr - Fight and manipulate with supernatural abilities
  • Feed to survive - be the savior and the stalker
  • Shape London - a web of inter-connected citizens reacts to your decisions


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Platform:Nintendo Switch

London, 1918. You are newly-turned Vampyr Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a Doctor, you must find a cure to save the city's flu-ravaged citizens. As a Vampyr, you are cursed to feed on those you vowed to heal. Will you embrace the monster within? Survive and fight against Vampyr hunters, undead skals, and other supernatural creatures. Use your unholy powers to manipulate and delve into the lives of those around you, to decide who will be your next victim. Struggle to live with your decisions. Your actions will save or doom London.

Product information Platform:Nintendo Switch ASIN B07TQ9PRW4 Release date October 29, 2019

Ok, ignoring the fact that dude up there obviously missed out on the whole "specs vs. portability" debate when it comes to the Switch, this wasn't a bad port. I fell in love with this game on PC, which is much better graphically but it's a Switch, I didn't expect a mirrored image. Overall, the game plays exactly the same, the portability is a nice touch and so are the different play modes. I took one star away really because I didn't expect the huge load times or just loading screens between talking to different NPCs. Hopefully this can be fixed in a software patch.

I started playing this game on xbox gamepass and the story immediately hook me. So I decided to buy this game for my Nintendo Switch.
But I regret it, the game looks heavily downgraded. In handheld it looks ok, but docked looks like ass.

Buy this game on ps4 or xbox

Beat this on ps4 but being a stay at home dad with three young kids I
Barely get to plat games 30 minutes a day this is still a great game and since my son is on Xbox playing roblox
And daughter playing Minecraft on ps4 I get to play the most convenient system for me . This is a 9 out of 10 for me the same game graphics were not this games high point on the ps4. Have to update has a game crashing glitch half way through save corruption and had to restart entire game

I had never played this game before in any platform. The graphics are good, the story develops very slowly, and was overall boring. I love vampire stories, mythology, etc. but that start point was not enough to keep my attention. I gave up on the game after a few hours of playing it.

Much better than expected

Really good story and concept. But the graphics could be touched up alot. It kept closing out the software and aloooot of load time.

Immerse game that plays well on the switch. I just wish the world was completely open. It's only semi open, allowing for some variation, but mostly you have to stay on task.

let me start off my saying this game is great. I love the story and the characters and the game play is superb. With that being said I can't 100% recommend this game on the switch. I love my switch and don't really care about about graphics and play on hand held most the time... but if you do care about thats stuff I recommend buying in on ps4 or Xbox

Sus pantallas de carga son extremadamente tediosas y el combate es excesivamente simplista, aún así la historia es sorpresivamente entretenida y los conceptos de jugabilidad que ocupa me parecen interesantes. Un juego excelente para aquellos que pueden dejar pasar ciertos fallos.

happen quickly and the game is really good