Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel Universal with Pedals for Playstation 4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS3


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  • Racing wheel for PlayStation 4, ps4 slim, ps4 pro, Xbox one, ps3 with paddles for shifting & pedals
  • Wired wheel with 180 degree rotation
  • Equipped with 5 suction cups
  • Compatible with every games: Gran turismo sport, Forza motor sport 7, drive club, project cars 2
  • With the universal racing wheel live an immersive racing experience for the price of a controller


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Racing wheel for PlayStation 4/ps4 slim/ps4 pro/Xbox one/ps3 with paddles for shifting and pedals with 2 pedals - wired wheel with 180° rotation. - Equipped with 5 suction cups. - Plugs directly into the controller and console. The universal racing wheel is compatible with all the games of the market: Gran turismo sport - Forza motor sport 7 - drive club - project cars - Forza horizon - gta v - farming simulator - with the universal racing wheel live an immersive racing experience for the price of a controller.

Product information Product Dimensions 11.42 x 9.84 x 9.84 inches Item Weight 3.75 pounds Manufacturer SUBY8 Language: English ASIN B0764GXV44 Item model number SA5426

 Got it to play on my PC. Absolutely LOVE it. Suction cups stick perfectly to my desk, windows drivers made it work instantly after plugging it in. All buttons work flawlessly. The rubber grip on the wheel itself is nice and comfortable, and it was very affordable. My only real gripe would be that its very small, but that is to be expected.
Tested Games: Wreckfest, Grand Theft Auto 5 both worked perfectly with no setup.
I attached a short video showing it in action. Amazing product.

I bought this largely based on the existing reviews and the Amazon recommendation. I'm disappointed though, because the description and related info for the product don't make it clear that it's a controller based wheel (I didn't realize this was a thing), rather than a true wheel. As a result, it seems like no matter how it's adjusted, the steering is a little sloppy (I'm using it with F1 2018 on Xbox).

Other issues:
- Pedal size. If you are an adult wanting to use this, good luck. The pedals are small and close together. The pedal unit slips on hard surface floors as well.
- Suction cups. Pretty worthless, extremely poor grip. I ended up having to rig something together to get it to stay in place after a frustrating initial experience of having it continually break free.
- General setup. Wires everywhere, lol. From steering wheel to console, pedals to wheel, wheel to controller.

That being said, I realize it's an entry level wheel and it is what it is. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably splurge on something a bit more expensive, but hopefully less frustrating.

I was a little bit hesitated on this purchase . But once I learn how to set it up as of what Buttons I need change I have really really injoyed it! The only thing that I can say I don’t like which is not a big deal being the Price I paid is that you have to reset butons every time you play a game which only takes few seconds to do . Now I bought a little stand table and drilled some holes in the table to mount the steering wheel and pedals to It because the steering wheel has suction cups that really don’t hold that well But if you or someone who is good on make stuff can make a thing like I did that will not let anything move. And it works awesome! Love the 3 stages of how sensitive you won’t the steering wheel to react you could go from easy to hard and it makes other driving games more Easy or challenge depending on what you want but overall for the price and I’ll say it was the best purchase I have made.

Works great with all our Xbox 360 and Xbox one racing games. We have dirt 3. grid 2.forza horizon 1 2 and 3. Forza motorsport 6.Need 4 speed payback. Only thing that could be better are the gas and break pedals. They are a little small and close together. And the USB cable from the controller to the steering wheel could be longer but we had some longer ones laying around and used those.Other than that it is an amazing set up which is completely worth the $54.00 price. I would recommend this to anyone who can't afford a ridiculously overpriced wheel and pedals.

I got this for my PC to use with American Truck Simulator. For the price, I think it's a pretty good deal, the suction cups on the bottom work pretty good, they slip from time to time but keep in mind this is only a little over 50 bucks. This ain't a 300-1000 dollar racing wheel. The only negative I will say I have to complain about if the programmable buttons. The description says there are 6 programmable buttons, unfortunately 2 of them do the exact same thing as the pedals, and 2 do the exact same thing as the paddle shifters on the back of the wheel. So it kinda takes you down to 2 programmable bottoms. Which was a bit of a downside. But I'll learn to deal with it. If you're on a budget and need a steering wheel to your pc or game console I do recommend this one. Especially for kids since it's a bit small but adults can use it as well, just takes time to get use to size. And for those who have any interest in truck driving I highly recommend American Truck Simulator. It's very addicting and fun to play.

Works great! Has a little snag in the wheel when I turn it left but really isn't noticeable during gameplay. I like how it works with all my systems, including my PC (in 2 different modes! X-Input and HID) The X-Input works great with games designed for Windows post Xbox 360, and HID works great for every other game, legacy or otherwise. I've uploaded the manual (English) for those who may have lost it, as it's not available on the website. My only gripe was not spending the extra 40$ to buy the good version of this from Subsonic- but to be honest I'll end up buying it anyway and just having 2.

Oh, and those foot pedals aren't as big as you think- you'll be taking your shoes off to use these as they're so small I couldn't tell which pedal my foot was pressing. Velcro helped stabilize everything to my little desk. Speaking of little, this would be great for children. Seriously, the box everything came in wasn't even big enough to hold a basketball.

** For those using this on Gran Turismo Sport, note that the wheel emulates the gamepad- and as such uses "smoothing" on the input to make it easier to use the gamepad to drive. In the options during gameplay there is a way to adjust gamepad driving sensitivity, make sure and set that to 7.

Awesome, this works great with my PS4.

I love this. I bought this so my 3 year old son could play CARS Driven To Win on my Xbox One S and it's perfect. Tried it myself on PS4 with Grand Turismo and on my PC with PS1 emulator. Works great.

TL/DR: It is not good enough to really play any racing game or driving sim well, especially if playing against others using controllers, and not pleasant or fun enough to use so as to make up for this.

One star may seem harsh, but this wheel really isn't worth having (at any price), unless maybe for kids/grand kids so young that they will just enjoy playing with the wheel (ie, if when playing a racing game with a controller they just bump around the track and come last, then it would probably be more fun doing that with this wheel).
If wanting a wheel that can actually be used to play games well then this is worthless and will do nothing but frustrate until it is given up on. It isn't nearly responsive enough to play any kind of driving simulator (Euro Truck etc) that requires delicate steering, you'll be zig zagging about the road unable to do small enough steering adjustments to follow the road smoothly. This wouldn't be so bad if you could smoothly move the wheel from a right turn into a left turn, but the wheel rigidly clunks/pings back into neutral position making smooth steering impossible. As such even simpler kart style driving games, which might seem like fun with a cheap wheel, become chores to play and after a couple laps wrestling the wheel between left and right turns you'll just want to go back to the controller, both for far better control and because using the wheel is just annoying.

My son bought this for his Xbox one. when he plugged it into the controller there was no audio - so no way to play with others. there's no mention of the incompatibility with Xbox one just xbox ones s

5 stars may seem a bit much but its really spot on for what I needed it for. Plus after looking around a lot of the higher end wheels only work on Xbone OR PS4, not both. Which makes this even better as it works on all!

My son had a major accident and is unable to use his left arm and hand. He loves this and can now play his games again, which he couldn't do with a standard controller.

Is an OK starter set, but don't expect super efficient response for fast driving controls on xbox. Plays with Forza 4, although steering deadzones are almost an entire continent's worth of distance before the game responds.
Alright for the beans. Maybe kids would be impressed.