Corsair VOID Elite Surround Premium Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound - Discord Certified - Works with PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch - Carbon


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  • Hear everything from the lightest footstep to the most thundering explosion thanks to premium, custom-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium Audio drivers with an expanded frequency range of 20hz-30, 000Hz . Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Constructed for enduring comfort through long gaming sessions with breathable microfiber mesh fabric and plush memory foam earpads
  • An omnidirectional microphone with a flip-up mute function picks up your voice with exceptional clarity
  • Built to last through years of gaming with durable construction and aluminum Yokes
  • Immerse yourself in 7.1 surround sound on PC, creating a multi-channel Audio experience that puts you right in the middle of your game


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Color:Carbon  |  Style:Elite  |  Pattern Name:Headset

Immerse yourself in the action with the CORSAIR VOID ELITE SURROUND, equipped with custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers delivering 7.1 surround sound on PC. Microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam earpads provide lasting comfort. An omnidirectional microphone ensures that you’re heard with exceptional vocal clarity, thoroughly tested and Discord-certified for clear communication and outstanding sound. The VOID ELITE SURROUND’s durable construction will last through years of gaming, and its 3.5mm connection offers the versatility to play on nearly any platform. Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software ties everything together, enabling full control over equalizer settings, 7.1 surround sound, and more.

Product information Color:Carbon  |  Style:Elite  |  Pattern Name:Headset Product Dimensions 9.1 x 4.3 x 9.6 inches Item Weight 14.1 ounces ASIN B07XF2TGFX Item model number CA-9011205-NA Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

This is a review for the wired version. The headset itself is very conformable. The width is good. The mic is decent. The 7.1 Dolby surround sound is a game changer here.
After you download the Corsair utilities online, TURN ON the surround sound option! It's worth it!
If you are a prime member, please go to the movie called "Shutter Island" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and skip to 4:18 mark. At that time mark, there is a deep orchestrated sound track that lasts for a while. There is where you can test the difference between stereo and Dolby surround sound. You will know the difference!
5/5 for me.
Update: on the second day, the microphone stopped working. Friends on team speak could not here me.

Best headset I have ever bought. Crisp quality, excellent mic. My one and only issue is that these do not stay on my head. I am only assuming they were not designed to fit a regular sized woman (which I am), and any time I move they shift and slide forcing me to keep my head in a very specific location and angle. It is beyond uncomfortable. I literally cannot look down or else they fall off my head like it was covered in butter. The ear room is also huge and leaves the backs of my ears always hitting the edges of the headphones (due to the sliding). If i shake my head even slightly, they slip off. I have gotten cricks in my neck trying to keep this thing on my head. I hate that they are so uncomfortable because they truly do have the best quality mic and sound ever. If you are a big man with a big head, then these are for you. However if you don’t have a big head like me, don’t buy these.

I like this headset a lot. I bought it for use with my pc/ps4/iphone and it works for all 3 very well.

The headset itself uses a single 3.5mm jack for power and audio in/out, so I purchased a 3.5mm in/out splitter to use with my desktop, but it turns out I didn't need it because the headset itself comes with a usb to 3.5mm adapter that allows for true dolby surround sound. This means that true surround sound is unfortunately only possible with pc, not ps4 or xbox. Instead they get stereo sound.

The build itself feels high quality and sturdy, even the parts that are plastic. However, it is very loose. This isn't just because my head is small, the headset does not provide much clamping force to hold it on the head and it slides easily. Additionally, the headband adjusts too easily for my preference so that it will loosen when in use occasionally. The boom mic is a kind of stiff rubber material, so it is "flexible" but not really very easy to pose as it just reverts back to being straight. Also, mine has a slight kink which is visually somewhat annoying but does not affect function.

The "memory foam" headrest is extremely soft foam, much softer than I was expecting. It does not provide much in the way of support but does ensure that your head isn't touching pure plastic. Similarly, the ear cuffs themselves do not feel as high quality as I had expected. They are not particuarly squishy, and when pressure is applied to them they make an audible click sound that sounds like something in the speaker is bearing the force.

As far as performance, I was very impressed. I am no audio expert, but I felt that the sound was good. I can clearly hear both game sounds and chat, and my friends can hear me easily over the mic. When playing music, the headset does well to overcome and reduce ambient noise. I was able to listen to music while mowing my lawn without blowing my ears out.

The cord is long enough to comfortably play at a pc, but not so long as to be rediculous when using with a phone or tablet. On both ends it is supported with a soft plastic structure to help avoid damage in these areas. I also appreciate having volume controls and mic mute on the headset itself instead of the cord so I don't have to fish for the dongle on feet of cord when I want to turn the volume up or down. Also, the volume scroll wheel is difficult to accidentally hit and change the volume, something my ears are thankful for. The mic mute is a toggle, with no clear indicator that can be a problem but I usually just leave it on all the time anyway.

Overall, this headset is great for multipurpose use or dedicated to pc. It is high quality and was designed to last with a lot of quality of life perks that other headphones have been lacking. Comfort is nothing to write home about, but it is fine for average use and I had no discomfort after 1hour+ gaming sessions. Purchased late may 2018, will update when they break but so far going strong.

I've had this headset for two days now. So I cant speak on its durability. So, it is adjustable, and as someone with big ears, this headset is super comfortable. No pain on my ears at all. Sound quality wise, I'm no audiophile but I have thoroughly enjoyed the sound quality, and it had picked up the very minor sounds in games and in movies. I've watched a movie using this on PC and ps4 and the quality of sound is great. As far as functionality, it was plug and play and worked on PC but I'd download the corsair software for firmware updates. Also let's you adjust the lighting but I personally dont care about that. On ps4 it is plug and play, but be advised the volume rocker works unless you adjust the headset volume in the device settings using the controller. Unplugging and plugging it back in restored the volume rocker functionality. A minor inconvenience. DOES NOT WORK ON XBOX ONE VIA USB. Not sure if adapters would make it work but via USB it does not work on xbox one. Have not tested on my Nintendo switch yet.

Pros: It looks cool, fast shipping, good packaging

Cons: I purchased this for my Xbox one. The first thing I noticed was the poor construction right out of the box. The head padding was put on very crooked. This resulted in a compromise in comfort. The plastic digs into my head. Also, the sound is very bad. There is no bass and it is very tinny. The sound quality is comparable to those free headphones you get on an airplane. The poor sound and poor padding gave me a headache after 10 minutes of use. My cheap $10 headset had more bass than this thing. I really wanted to like these based on how cool they look, but in the end of the day I had to be true to myself and return this product.

I only just got these things today and I already have several complaints. For one the microphone is crappy. All my friends say it sounds worse than my previous which was pretty cheap, and the cable often comes loose from the connector at the end which causes an awful screeching on their end. I can only hear a quiet buzzing but it causes a very noticeable reaction from my friends.
Now it isn't all bad, the sound quality in the headphones themselves is good, better than my old headset by a mile, and they muffle background sound a decent bit so not complaining there. Just don't even think of using this thing for it's microphone, it will disappoint sorely.

amigos si verdaderamente quieren unos headset son estos calidad sonido diseño comodidad es el sueño de todo gamers yo los compre para xbox one y tanto para jugar como escuchar musica bien amazon por vendernos productos de mucha calidad

Llevo probandolos un par de semanas y son increíblemente cómodos de llevar en cima, estos son los que tienen jack para poner en los controles de Xbox o en los teléfonos, igual trae un adaptador USB que te permite usarlo para pc, no te lastima los oídos y aunque pases horas con ellos puestos realmente no te causan ningún dolor como otros ni te dejan sudando, las almohadillas son tipo tela lo cual se agradece mucho, todo se siente de calidad, lo único que NO me gustó fue que el botón para silenciar el micrófono, no se, la sensación no me gusta, se siente una gran diferencia entre estos y los que son para PC, los de PC se sienten de mucha más calidad, la ruedita de bajar volumen y subirlo tambien se sieten así, pero en general son hermosos.

Como siempre en Amazon, llegó mucho antes de lo esperado.

El sonido es excelente para el precio y la gama. Aunque le faltan un poco de bajos.

El volumen máximo no es tan algo, pero sinceramente no lo he usado a más 50% desde que los compre.

El hecho de que las almohadillas sean enteras de microfibra deja pasar sonidos del exterior.

No se si sea solo mi caso, pero cuando conecto con el adaptador usb y abro la aplicación icue para controlar el 7.1, el micrófono se desactiva automáticamente. Desidi desinstalarla y y mantener el adaptador prendido y ya esta.

Compré estos audífonos para usarlo en conferencias (juntas) en mi trabajo. Después de 8 meses de uso (intensivo, alrededor de 7 hrs de Lunes a Viernes) creo que no valen lo que cuestan.

Lo compré por algunas razones, primero que nada, arranqué por error el cable de mis Hyperx Cloud Stinger - los mejores que he tenido en comodidad y calidad de sonido - control de silencio y volúmen en los audífonos, una supuesta capacidad de reproducir sonido 7.1 canales (el cual al igual que muchos otros audífonos es miy malo ya que no puedes escuchar los famosos 7 canales, es básicamente una versión estéreo con una pizca de bajos a un volúmen super bajo), y finalmente, probar una marca diferente.

Con respecto al control de volumen, hace aproximadamente 4 meses (7 meses después de que los compré) empecé a notar que cuando ajustas el volumen pierdes el sonido estéreo, e incluso volúmen aún colocandolo en el máximo. Solo se requieren unos toques ligeros (como si usaras la pantalla de tu celular) para recuperar el nivel de audio y ambos canales, pero, ¿por qué habría que hacerlo?.

La calidad de la música es muy mala, ya que hay filtración de ruido ya que no quedan pegados a los oídos.

El bloqueo de ruido es regular, ya que aunque se filtra cierto nivel de ruido, sí puedes tener una conferencia sin problemas.

Son algo incómodos en cuanto al material de las orejeras, ya que es áspero y caliente.

En resumen, no los volvería a comprar, hay mejores opciones por menos precio.

Los mejores en sonido, calidad de materiales, micrófono con cancelación de ruido, sólo que en mi caso pesan mucho (420 gramos) que luego de 2-3 hrs de uso continuo para audio/videoconferencia me causan fatiga del cuello. Al inclinar la cabeza hacia adelante o atrás se deslizaban sobre las orejas, quizá porque adicional uso lentes.