Turtle Beach Recon Chat Headset for PlayStation 5, PS4 Pro and PS4


  • Versatile Compatibility - The Turtle Beach Recon Chat headset works great with the all new PlayStation 5, PS4 Pro and PS4, as well as with Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S controllers with the 3.5mm jack and mobile/tablet devices with a 3.5mm connection
  • Unique open ear cup: Hear game audio from the TV or home entertainment system in both ears, while hearing chat audio through the headset
  • Glasses friendly: Comfortably wear both your glasses and headset thanks to Turtle Beach's innovative specs fit glasses avoidance zone
  • Reversible over ear design: Wear the headset on the right or left ear, whichever is more comfortable
  • Convenient in line controls: Convenient in line controls place chat volume and mic mute right at your fingertips


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Time to replace the chat headset that came with your console? Then it’s time to get more for your money with the Turtle Beach Recon Chat headset for PlayStation consoles. The Recon Chat is lightweight and reversible, and features Turtle Beach’s SpecsFit glasses friendly over-ear design with a unique open ear-cup that lets you hear game audio from the TV or home entertainment system. A high-sensitivity mic ensures your every command is heard loud and clear while the large 40mm speaker delivers chat audio from other players. The Recon Chat easily connects to both PlayStation 5 and PS4 controllers via the 3.5mm jack, and in-line controls conveniently place Mic Mute and Chat Volume at your fingertips.

Product information Color:Black ASIN B06WP1XHBH Release date May 15, 2017

This is a verified purchase. I made an initial purchase, and when the first pair gave me problems, I received a replacement. I gave it a single star because, amongst the problems I had with the headset, it was still comfortable to wear. I have small ears, so most over-ear headsets hurt my ears after wearing them for long gaming sessions. Finding a decent headset that "rests" on my ears is incredibly difficult. So, after putting this headset on for the first time and feeling no discomfort, I was relieved. I thought I had finally found the perfect headset for me.

The problem started after plugging this headset into my PS4 controller. I went into Party Chat, and the first question my team asked me was, "Why is your headset buzzing?" I said, "It is? Hold on." I went into my device settings to adjust my microphone level and headset volume levels. I asked if they were still hearing any buzzing and they affirmed there was still a "buzzing" and "humming" noise whenever I spoke. I did a test. I plugged in my basic headset that comes with all PS4 consoles. I asked if they heard any feedback or static. They said, "Nope. You're clear." I plugged the Turtle Beach Headset back in and, before I could ask, they said, "Yep, there's the buzzing again!" I entered "Game Chat" to see if maybe it was a party chat issue. I didn't even have a chance to say one word before EVERYONE in game chat screamed, "DUDE! YOUR MIC! OH MY GOD IT HURTS!"... Embarrassing, to say the least. I tried plugging the headset directly into my PS4 Console via USB, and there was still feedback. So, I knew it was a headset malfunction.

Thinking that maybe the pair I received was just defective, I ordered and received a replacement pair. After plugging the replacement headset in, my team said, "You're buzzing again." At this point I'm frustrated. Turtle Beach is known for creating and providing the best gaming headsets in its class. So, when I order a pair that's advertised to be specifically for PS4 and PS4 Pro, but doesn't completely and entirely plug into the PS4 controller (photo included), you can imagine my frustration. When it's advertised to provide "Crystal Clear Chat", but causes audio feedback, static, humming, and buzzing, you can imagine my frustration.

Bottom Line: This headset does NOT work well with PS4. If you plan to listen to your team, but not speak at all, EVER, then this headset is perfect. But that's not what the headset is intended for, is it? It says, "CHAT Gaming Headset" which involves some form of speaking. I would not recommend this headset to anyone. If you're looking to buy, be prepared to return. I just did.

The sound from the speaker is very crisp and clear. I like the open cup design of the speaker side so I can keep the game sounds on my sound system in my livingroom. I like the glasses-friendly cup design of the speaker. That's a great feature.No one has complained they can't hear me, so the mic must be better than the last headset I had, because I have a pretty quiet voice. There is a little black foam padding on the non-speaker side, but it's kinda' firm for my liking. The band across the top of your head is sometimes so tight that it gives me a headache and I have to take it off to get a break once in a while. As far as the headband, I'm not sure what I can do... it seems like it got bent in a small circle being in the small box that it came in. Maybe I can find a box about the same width as my head and store the headset on that box while I'm not using it. Maybe that would stretch out the plastic headband and make it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I regularly play for 2 to 3 hours when playing online with friends. The headband tightness starts to bother me after probably 1.5 hours, then I have to take breaks here n there after that.

I heard these were some of the better headsets on the market. Everybody was always telling me about the Turtle Beach headsets being what you need to get. When I used it, everybody complained about the buzzing and humming and static and that they couldn't hear me speaking. I do not recommend this one at all. Maybe it had a short somewhere, or maybe it's just junk. Either way, I can't recommend this at all.

For the money, it's definitely worth it. It's pretty comfortable, and people hear me without a bunch of fuzz or echos. My voice is clear. If you want a headset to play games that you want to hear, I don't really recommend this because it's a quiet headset, and it isn't good quality. I use it when I'm playing multiplayer games, which as long as I can hear my guns firing, that's all I really need. Other than that, I want to hear my players. However, on the Playstation 4, there are different settings that you need to adjust for the best mix.

So in general, it's a good product for your money.

It looks like a great headset, come in a nice box all wrapped up and professional looking...but once you plug them in you get this buzzing noise, no amount of messing with the volume controls both on the mic and on the ps4 will help it's just there. I seen someone else had this issue but I had hopes that it was just his headset because of the other 5 to 3 star ratings. Comfort is there to a minimum I feel the earpiece pushes to hard on the outside of the ear and the sound output is to low so you need to turn everything almost to max settings. I think I will just go to Walmart and pick up a headset, it's where I got my other one that I absolutely loved...was just looking for a cheep fix. Not saying don't buy just don't expect the quality of the more expensive turtle beach headsets, may have the name but that means nothing.

I had the older version, this one so far is way better.
The design is better.
It's glasses friendly, it has a space for your glasses to be.
It's more comfortable on the ear.
Sound is much better and louder.
The quality of it is great.

If you're looking for a one ear headset for video games chatting then this is a great choice.

Works pretty good. I use it for pc gaming and I wanted the single-ear style like this so I could hear if my toddler wakes up & needs something. And since I play while my daughter sleeps we usually are whispering / speaking softly at least, and people can usually hear us ok, so I assume if you are talking at a normal volume you would have even better results. I don't wear my glasses while playing so I can't say weather or not the gap makes it more comfortable (though I assume it would), but I do notice that having the gap makes the sound coming from the headphones a little more noticeable to other people in the room (if that makes since). Not a huge deal since I don't have the sound turned up too loud, just an observation.

If it wasn't for my hatred of over ear headphones I wouldn't be using this product. The microphone gives off a constant tumble dryer sound to any unfortunate to be in a party with you.
The cable is okay in length but it's cheap stiff cable so more likely to brake and very annoying especially with the plug being a right angled one and not a straight one. This means it's either going straight up or straight down. Any movement between makes the cable go into your sticks or over your hands which is thoroughly annoying.
The adjustable strap thing can go to hell. I would love to see the golith's head that can fit the thing when at maximum width.. And what seems to be the size they targeted at. Makes no sense. Making the ridged monstrosity smaller turns the whole thing and makes it not right. It squishes your head and after an hours gaming makes
your skull feel funny..
The plastic earpiece although blessidly off the ear somehow still manages to make it hurt (but the sound through it is good).
Two stars insted of one as I'm hoping in time that the cable becomes less annoying as the folds smooth out and the plastic weakens in the 'strap' thing.

Genuinely pleased with it!!! The voices are loud and clear, the way it's made you genuinely can still hear your surround sound and voices with no issue, my buddies hear me crystal clear, genuinely a great product.

Cheap, million times better than the standard one you get with the ps4 (not hard I know)


people keep reviewing this item as having poor game sound.

I have to defend it, IT'S NOT FOR GAME SOUNDS

it's solely for the mic and hearing your team mates voices, if you want a gaming head set to hear your ps4 exclusively through it, DON'T BUY A MONO HEAD SET!!

If you want a genuine great replacement for your ps4 mono mic head set, this is a great option

It didn’t even last one online session before it started to cut out and only be usable if held a particular way not good if using it during a squad mission! I read the reviews but like I’m sure people will also do I thought ‘oh it’s turtle beach it will be fine’ how wrong I was. Currently in process off getting a refund.

Had these headsets for 6-months, had two pairs and they both failed on the headphone jack. But while they were working they were good quality, sound was clear. they have a mute and volume control, as gaming headsets take a lot of punishment 6-months is actually quite good. and so I would recommend them knowing I will have to replace them, eventually.

I have used this product for about a month now, I find it a joy to put on because it's very comfortable. I wear glasses and it's really comfortable with them.
The sound quality of the speaker is exceptional. It's clear. It's not the best, but for the pricetag it's very good.
The mic quality as far as I can tell it's very good, it's doesn't pick up much background noise so it's clear for others to hear you. The earpiece is comfortable enough to use for long periods of time.

Comes neatly packed, with a 3.5 Audiojack cable already attached. You just have to attach the earpiece to the hand band, which is a easy clip on and then it is good to go, very easy. Would recommend