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The DS4 Wireless Controller features familiar PlayStation controls, and incorporates several innovative features to usher in a new era of interactive experiences. Its definitive analog sticks and trigger buttons have been improved for greater feel and sensitivity. A multi touch, clickable touch pad expands gameplay possibilities, while the incorporated light bar in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera allows for easy player identification and screen adjustment when playing with friends in the same room. The addition of the SHARE button makes utilizing the social capabilities of the PlayStation system as easy as the push of a button. The DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller is more than a controller; it's your physical connection to a new era of gaming.

Product information ASIN B07FQ74V4Z Release date August 5, 2018

It doesn't look quite how the pictures do on Amazon, which is real disappointing. But, I still like how it looks. I just thought it would have a whiter looking tint to it like the picture does, instead of the white tint, it's just clear. Everything else is fine, works perfect. It's a bit more expensive as well, no idea why.

i bought this controller to replace my original controller. I play C.O.D and need the left joystick to run and jump, however on my old controller it got stuck and the character wouldnt be able move or even run so i could only jump around all slow. it got annoying in my game play getting constantly killed. so i said ima buy a new one. checked many reviews on amazon people claiming here and there these controllers are fake, buy here not there, over there not there, etc... i decided this one because it had the SONY as the vendor. DISSAPOINTED i inform you this controller DID NOT WORK!! BE WARNED!! DO NOT BUY!!! i bought this jan 17, today is february 27. at first the controller was ok like it intended, but once again 1 month in and i am with the same issue of the left joystick not working correctly. everything else works fine just that darn left joystick and my player CANNOT RUN ONCE AGAIN and it barely moves. also the L1 , R1 buttons seems to lag a lot more specially during online play than on my original. THE KICKER IS the last return date was on February 17. can you believe it 10 days after the final return date this controller malfunctions... im stuck with a useless 50 dollar hardware that doesnt work as intended and i cant even return it. WARNING DO NOT BUY!!! WARNING DO NOT BUY!!! risk of not working after 30 days. DO NOT BUY

Worked perfectly for 2 months then it wouldn't take a charge. Is now pretty worthless as a wireless controller and only works if you have the USB wire plugged in to power it. I swapped the battery out and the charge port but didn't fix the problem.
I have a feeling these companies buy these lot numbers in bulk knowing they have defects and sell them at a discount in hopes that they will work long enough to get past refund date and that's what happened to me. Amazon third parties are becoming the TJmaxx of the internet... I like these new shorts but would be better if I could only get the zipper up.

Crystal Controller worked for less than 1 week. Once the battery died it was never able to hold a charge again. Tried multiple chargers and resetting the controller after leaving it to charge at least 1 hour each time. Sony Customer Support confirmed that there is no way short of opening the controller up to confirm if it is real/fake. Sony does not have serial numbers or model numbers available to compare against. With all the other reviews about battery failures I believe this is a fake. A very convincing fake. Don't buy controllers from Amazon/Ebay the real ones are mixed in with counterfeits that are nearly impossible to tell apart. Sony said I would have to mail the controller in and if they found out it was a fake they would just mail it back to me unfixed.

I bought the Crystal DualShock 4 version. The controller itself feels great to hold and operate like all other DualShock 4 controllers, but the top plate is translucent! This controller gives a strong 90s-electronic feel that any 90s gamer would appreciate. This controller is extra cool in the dark when the light bar illuminates the top part of the controller. The light does not bleed through the front of the controller, however. You can feel like you're back on your parent's couch in 1999 playing your PS1 again, just attach a 2 meter cable to your PlayStation from your controller to be extra authentic!

This DualShock wireless is a great controller... we bought several and this was one of the best.

Here is the link... https://amzn.to/37POjGf

This will last you, but of course, if you're throwing it all over, then ...

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Ojo: No es edición limitada. Es relativamente fácil de encontrar y funciona como cualquier otro control oficial de PS4.

Pese a que la parte trasera y los mangos laterales son blancos, ya llevo meses usándolo y no he notado que se oscurezca o se amarille. Claro, también procuro no usarlo con las manos sucias y limpiarlo de vez en cuando.

Es por eso que lo recomiendo.

Quality is amazing, as if its brand new.

Este tipo de diseños siempre me han llamado la atención y decidí comprarlo por el buen precio del blackfriday, lo único malo y cabe mencionar es que comparándolo con el dual que trae la consola se nota que en calidad es un poco bajo los joystick mas duros, los botones mas rasposos y la cruceta mas rígida pero función perfectamente y se siente cómodo en tus manos cumple como lo que es un dualshock 4, lo recompesa el diseño que es alucinante

Puedo recomendar la opción de comprar controles para PS4 por amazon debido a su buen precio y promociones en muchas de las ocasiones. Lamentablemente la calidad del producto, no es muy buena, ya que parece que ahora los controles de PS4 son "desechables" ya que tienen una poca durabilidad. A lo largo de 4 años he comprado más de 10 controles, por que las en juegos las palancas comienzan a dirigir hacia a un lado. Todo esto debido al uso, obviamente.

Muy bueno, en materiales y funcionamiento, había comprado el control de 8bitdo pero tiene pequeños detalles que no me terminaron de convencer, la precisión del joystick no es buena y el control pad se siente de mala calidad, en cambio el dualshock 4 lo supera.