PBD TV Antenna Coaxial Grounding Block 4G LTE Filter Surge Protector


  • Grounding Block: To protect your house and your TV installation.
  • 3G 4G LTE Filter: Improves over the air signals by filtering out mobile LTE signal interference (3G and 4G) which can cause intermittent TV signal disruption including weak signals
  • Easy Installation.
  • What You Get: We stand behind our product 100% with One Year Guarantee, 45 Days Money Back and Friendly, Easy-to-reach Support



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PBD TV Antenna Coaxial Grounding Block 4G LTE Filter Surge Protector


To protect your house and your TV installation, your antenna system must be properly grounded.

1, Clamp a#10 copper or #8 aluminum grounding wire to the base of the antenna mast. Using stand-offs every 1.2m to 1.8m /4 to 6 feet, run the wire down the building in as straight a line as possible.

2, Attach a 300-Ohm static discharge unit (lightning arrestor) or a 75-Ohm grounding block to the antenna’s lead-in cable as close as possible to the point where the cable enters the house.

3, Attach the grounding wire to the lead-in cable’s grounding unit and run the wire to the central building ground.

Acceptable central building ground points may include:

Grounded interior metal cold water pipe within 1.5m/ 5 feet of the point where it enters the building Grounded metallic service raceway

Grounded electrical service equipment enclosure

2.4m / 8foot grounding rod driven into the ground (only if bonded to the central building ground by #6 or heavier bonding wire)

Other acceptable electrodes that comply with the sections 250 and 810 of the National Electrical Code (NEC)

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