Lycamobile $23 plan pre-loaded sim card with 2 month service


  • Please Buy from "Lycamobile Authorized Dealer" with confidence and best price from seller List.
  • Unlimited Talk & Text to 75+ Countries.Unlimited free calls to Lycamobile numbers worldwide
  • Easy activation: dial 622 and enter zip to activate! Works with any unlocked GSM and T-Mobile Phones. This card support new activation only.
  • Porting in or transferring number will remove the month plan credit. If you want to port in your existing number, please search listing# B078VJ3KSL on Amazon.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data - First 1GB at up to 4G LTE then the rest unlimited data at regular speed.


Brand: MagicEB

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This sim card is trio size cut and comes with 2x $23 Plan Credit. You may just insert it into your phone, power on, dial 622 and enter your zip or any valid US zip. Lycamobile will assign a new number in 1 minutes. You are all set! No need special activation process, no your information collected or registration, no contract! Enjoy the unlimited plan now! This card support new activation only. Porting in or transferring number will remove the month plan credit. For General Terms and Conditions, please visit Lycamobile official website: Buy from Lycamobile Authorized Dealer on Amazon with Peace of Mind.

Product information Product Dimensions 3.35 x 2.17 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 0.81 ounces ASIN B073FQRHSY

Good deal, pay 1 month and get 2 mohths service.
Tips: after activate SIM, need to call the number to explain you bought this package and credit of two months will be added to your service.

I needed this sim so I can connect with my freinds and family. The coverage is an issue for this network. I am planning to switch to other network with better coverage. The voice gets robotic many times and I can listen clearly to what the other person is saying on phone.
The good thing about this is that it is very cheap for international calls. I feel happy with the cheaper call rates abroad, but I have more people to call hear rather so need good quality network.

Very good service with Lycamobile Authorized Dealer - Amazon Marketplace! thank you!

I ordered this SIM , and when after activation I came to know that the SIM card in not pre loaded .
Had to return it back,it wasted my time .I had to order it from some other seller .

Bought the sim as they advertised free international call to Selected countries but every 15 minutes of the call the line gets disconnected and I have to call again Same process after 15 minutes again , just imagine if you are having serious conversation with someone over the phone and the line just keep disconnected every 15 minutes.. its annoying And I changed my service to Verizon keeping the same number within in a konth

Experienced significant connectivity issues. Lot of times, had to restart phone to get coverage even though other phones with T mobile network nearby have worked perfectly fine.

after activating,the sim card still out of work,it waste my time and makes me inconvenient outside .I have to return it

A previous lycamobile sum I had purchased for my dad actually worked well with decent coverage. So, when the validity expired I bought a new sim and no matter how much I tried it just isn’t working. Won’t be buying again.

It looks like great deal but make sure If the handset supports this simcard ? I was not told about Motorola incompatibility and I could get only 2g data. Also the signals are not available in areas away from city. The Delhi based seller's Support people simply stopped answering me when I would call from USA for any help.

Lycamobile SIM card worked very well on my travel to Texas...the network was good and 4g was fast...also unlimited calling to India was very helpful...surely recommend this SIM card...60 days of plan worked well and renewed after 30days

It was an amazing experience. I had no issue with this simcard during my stay in USA. Thanks a lot for your after sales service.
In my next trip I shall definitely purchase it again.Keep it up like this forever.

Good connectivity in almost all part of USA

This worked fine for the whole of my trip